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I love trying out all kinds of myofascial release tools such as foam rollers and massage sticks, however, one of my all-time favourites is massage balls.

Out of all the massage tools I’ve tried, I’ve found that I’ve gotten the most relief from tight muscles using them.

I find them perfect for hitting deep knots and trigger points whilst at the same time providing a gentle massage for tight and tense areas.

Then I came across the Beastie Ball.

The XFIRM and ORIGINAL Beastie Ball

Just by looking at the Beastie Ball I knew I had to try it out one day.

Luckily the day has come and I’ve saved up enough money and bought all the related Beastie Ball products and accessories.

I’ve taken them all out for a whirl and this is my quick review of how it fairs and the results I got.

If you’re interested in buying a Beastie Ball and aren’t sure if it’s worth putting down your hard-earned money for one, then this review of the Beastie Ball will be of interest to you.

In this review, I’ll briefly discuss what the Beastie Ball is, how it works, the pros and cons, who should buy it, who should not buy it as well as cover the areas of the body it works best on.

What Is The Beastie Ball?

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The Beastie Ball is a massage ball from the same team that produced the Rumble Roller, which is a special foam roller designed to provide a deeper massage than a traditional flat-surfaced foam roller.

The Rumble Roller is known for its extremely aggressive style of trigger point release accomplished by deep and hard ridges on its surface.

The Rumble Roller is not for the faint-hearted as it can be pretty painful to use.

The good news (or for some bad news) is that the Rumble Roller team have made a massage ball that is equally as tough as their Rumble Roller product.

The Beastie Ball is described by Rumble Roller as:

The deepest, most aggressive, way-better-than-a lacrosse-ball, nasty knot-busting massage ball ever created.

To put it simply, the Beastie Ball is a massage ball that is a level up from a lacrosse ball in terms of trigger point release… and it’s going to hurt!

To use the Beastie Ball you would position it in such a way that the spikes rest on parts of your body that are tight and tender.

By holding the Beastie Ball onto these areas and applying adequate amounts of pressure, the tender areas should ‘release’ and leave you feeling better in those areas of the body once you’re done.

The beauty of the Beastie Ball is that its spikes can not only dig deeper, but you can also gain more precision than a standard flat lacrosse ball.

The spikes and firmness of the Beastie Ball are what sets it apart from a traditional massage ball.

In addition, it comes with a base to prevent it from rolling around like other balls.

Beastie Ball Review: First Impressions

The Beastie Ball & Stand

Now we know the basics of the Beastie Ball, we can now delve more into the actual product and review.

The Product: The Beastie Ball & Base

The Beastie Ball comes well packaged in its own small box with a short paper manual on best practices.

There are two models of the Beastie Ball. The X-Firm model (green in colour) and the Original (white in colour).

Also in the box is the Beastie Ball itself as well as a base that holds the Beastie Ball steady during the massage if needed.

The Beastie Ball has a somewhat ‘rubbery’ and ‘grippy’ feel to it as opposed to slippery hard plastic.

That being said, when pressing down on the spikes with my fingers there is absolutely no give to it at all.

The Beastie Ball can be detached from the base

On the other hand, the Original has a lot more ‘give’ to it and in some way has a gel-like feel to it.

Both versions of the Beastie Ball are easily detachable from the base and can be secured in place by the spikes of the Beastie Ball.

The Beastie Ball attaches to the base via its spikes

Quality & Durability

The Beastie Ball is very tough and about the same firmness as a lacrosse ball. The base is equally as tough and durable.

I would be very surprised if someone managed to break either the Beastie Ball or the base.

Therefore the Beastie Ball should last you a lifetime for sure.

My Experience: Testing the Beastie Ball Out

The ‘softer’ Original Beastie ball

The test covers both the Original and X-Firm Beastie Balls.

I would say that after a year or more the Beastie Ball is one of my favourite massage balls that I cannot go without.

It’s released many hard-to-reach trigger points and tight areas in my body that have caused me a ton of issues over the years.

I’m particularly talking about the pecs, traps and shoulders.

These are the primary areas where I’ve found this type of massage ball helps the most.

This does, however, come with a major caveat as I’ve made my own modification to the Beastie Ball which was a game-changer for me.

On the bottom of the base, I superglued little rubber pads so that I can use the Beastie Ball without it sliding around.

I typically, only use the Beastie Ball (in its base) against a wall.

While it’s against the wall, I’ll apply my own body weight and use it to massage out my traps, neck, pecs and my shoulders while the Beastie Ball is in its stand.

The beauty of the Beastie Ball is that it sticks out quite far when it’s combined with the base which allows it to penetrate deep into the muscles.

In addition, the pointy spikes allow you to really dig in deep to cushy muscles something which a lacrosse ball or a regular massage ball will not be able to do.

Using this method I’ve found the Beastie Ball far more effective than a trigger point massage stick (such as a Thera Cane or Body Back Buddy) for the upper body.

But as a reminder, the Beastie Ball only worked for me once I stuck the rubber pads at the bottom of the base otherwise it just slips around too much (on the bottom of the base, there are holes where you can put screws in and attach the Beastie Ball to a wall, but I don’t think this really is a sensible option).

Using it on other parts of the body I didn’t find the Beastie Ball that effective, at least for me.

For the quads and calves, a lacrosse ball works better for me as I prefer the rolling action of a ball.

You can’t really roll around on the Beastie Ball as it’s very uneven and bumpy.

However, one area I did find the Beastie Ball extremely effective is the sole of my feet. The spikes sink deep into your feet and you can pinpoint specific tight spots with the Ball.

There is also a Beastie Bar option which allows two side-by-side Beastie Balls to be mounted on the wall. However, I didn’t really find any benefit from this method.

Beastie bar can be screwed into the wall

Should You Buy The Beastie Ball?

RUMBLE ROLLER RumbleRoller BXA Xtra Firm Beastie...

I’d recommend the Beastie Ball to anyone who has a trouble area in their body, an area of muscle tightness that they chronically struggle with and that no other tool has been able to release (for me, this was the pecs, traps and front of my shoulders).

The Beastie Ball in combination with the stand will sink deep into fleshy areas and hit trigger points or tight muscles that not a lot of other tools will be able to hit.

I found the Beastie Ball better for fixing trouble areas rather than a general massage tool like a foam roller.

So if you’ve got no specific tight spot or trouble area, you may as well stick to a regular massage ball.

X-Firm or Original?

I’d recommend starting out with the original first. If you’re very sensitive the Original model will be plenty. And since the Beastie Ball isn’t that expensive you can always buy both and switch them around.

Personally, I seem to get more benefits from the Original as the spikes do move a little which move around a little when I put pressure so it feels like I’m getting a tiny massage.

If you don’t want the spikes to move at all then go with the X-Firm mode.

Overall Conclusions

Overall I highly recommend the Beastie Ball as a tool to hit troublesome trigger points.

Since using the Beastie Ball, it has helped me dramatically open up my chest area and relief a ton of chest/pec tightness when using it up against a wall.

When the Beastie Ball is used against a wall I feel no other tool is better.

On the negative side, I didn’t find it of much use if I didn’t use it against a wall.

Each person is different and has different needs so you may find it does work for you better using the Beastie Ball on the lower half of your body.

It will take time to get used to and understand how it works best for you.

To sum up, the Beastie Ball is and does what it is intended to do. It’s aggressive, goes deep and is effective in ‘knot busting’ more than any other myofascial release tool I have tried.

It is also small and light so you can take it with you when you travel. The quality is good too meaning it will last a long time.

The┬áBeastie Ball is incredibly simple but effective. It’s definitely one of the best tools for deep trigger point release I’ve tried and I highly recommend giving it a try!

Beastie Ball

RUMBLE ROLLER RumbleRoller BXA Xtra Firm Beastie...
Sharp points allow precision and accuracy
Sinks deep into the muscles
Comes with a base to stop it from rolling
Decent value
Two density options
It slides when you use it against a wall
Only useful when using it with a base

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