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Have you ever seen somebody lying on top of a tube at the gym and wondered, “what the heck are

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Pain is complex, but it’s something we can all identify with. Not only are there different types, causes and severity

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‘Foam rolling’ is now a standard term in health and fitness. Before only pro-athletes and professional physical therapists seemed to

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Your feet rarely get the credit they deserve for the massive role they play in allowing you to do what

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Imagine: at the end of a long day, sinking back into a plush, oversized reclining chair, putting your feet up

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If you have a forward head posture and your upper back is excessively hunched, you may have thoracic kyphosis, otherwise

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For years, we’ve been applying ice packs, and frozen peas to help alleviate swelling or soothe aches and pains. These

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Lower back pain is fast becoming an epidemic. These days we spend so much time sitting in front of technology

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Lately, there has been growing concerns as more and more people suffer from the negative effects of a sedentary life.

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