There are a lot of people who go about their day in a tight, weak, achy and inflexible body, and the worst thing of all is that they aren’t aware of how these things are affecting their day to day mood and productivity.

When your body is not in a good state it affects everything, particularly how much joy you can get out of everyday work and activities.

There is nothing worse than going on a vacation seeing all the sights and sounds but doing it all in a body you do not feel good in. Your shoulders may feel achy, your neck feels inflexible and your hips aren’t fluid enough. How good you feel in your body often affects how much joy you can get out of everyday experiences.

Not only that but having good posture has shown to improve mood and outlook on life.

If you want to improve your productivity, mood, optimism and joy in life then one simple way to do so is by working on your body.

By ‘working on your body’ we do not mean getting a six pack so you can feel good about yourself in front of people on the beach, but instead improving a number of things with a particular focus on:

  • Increasing flexibility by stretching and movement
  • Releasing tight muscles that are storing a lot of tension and pulling your body into uncomfortable and unnatural positions
  • Strengthening and/or activating muscles that are too weak and effecting proper functioning of the body

These are the main steps that Dr. Body Gadget focuses on.

We believe that by focusing on these things you can dramatically change your body and mood for the better. Best of all these improvements can be done from your home without breaking the bank, nor necessarily having to join a gym or get personal trainer.

Using products and tools (or what we call ‘Body Gadgets’) can help make the process of improving your posture and flexibility easier. We focus on reviewing the best tools to help you find the tools you need in order to meet these goals.

There are of course many other extremely important facets that contribute to good health and mood such as diet, nutrition, sleep, rest and proper self-care (both physical and mental), and from time to time we do write about these topics too.

Our goal is to make Dr. Body Gadget as helpful a resource as possible and help your body reach its potential.