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Percussion massagers are electric self-massage devices that can help take the place of a massage therapist when you need to release pain from trigger points or improve conditions like plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, arthritis, sciatica and chronic back pain.

There are a plethora of these kinds of devices that are available for home use however there is one that comes highly recommended by massage therapists and physical therapists, called the Pure Wave CM-07.

The Pure Wave test model

In this article, I’ll take an in-depth look at the Pure Wave CM-07 massager, what it is, what it’s meant to do and whether it’s worth all the fuss.

This review also includes a section where I put the Pure Wave CM-07 to the test.

If you’re shopping for a self-massage tool and considering a percussion massager like the Pure Wave CM-07, read on for the full scoop on this product.

What is The Pure Wave CM-07?

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The Pure Wave CM-07 is the most recent product on the market from Pure Wave, and it’s an upgrade from its CM-05 model.

Available in black or white, the Pure Wave CM-07, is an advanced tool for self-massage, it’s designed to help you get relief from muscle pain and chronic conditions, and it does this by releasing trigger points and knots.

The Pure Wave uses percussion therapy to release trigger points by applying rapid pressure to small, pinpointed areas.

The Pure Wave CM-07 does this by providing several different attachments that serve different areas of the body, and allowing you to switch between vibration and percussion modes at various intensity levels.

Pure Wave CM-07 Key Features

Let’s get into the various attachments, settings and unique aspects of the latest Pure Wave massager.


One of the great things about this electronic device is that it’s cordless, so all you need to do is charge it and then you can use it virtually anywhere, without getting yourself tangled up in an annoying cord.

Let it charge overnight and bring it on your travels, or use it anywhere in your home without having to be near an outlet.

Being able to use it during flights, road trips and long days at the office helps prevent muscle tension and poor circulation that develop from extended periods of sitting.

The device only takes 1 hour to charge for 180 minutes of continuous use. The fact that the Pure Wave CM-07 is cordless and is quick to charge gives it an advantage over its other competitors.

Dual Motors

Whereas most percussion massagers have just one node that provides a percussion massage, the Pure Wave CM-07 has 2 motors so you can choose between a heavier percussion action and a gentler vibration.

The percussion motor is great for heavy-duty massaging and releasing trigger points, whereas the vibration motor works gently on delicate areas like joints, as well as on your scalp and facial muscles.


The Pure Wave CM-07 comes with a 1-year warranty starting from the purchase date.

However, it’s important to read the user manual and operate the device accordingly, because using the product in a way not specified will void the warranty.

The Various Attachments

The Pure Wave CM-07 massage head attachments

The Purwave CM-07 comes with a variety of attachments.

These attachments either screw on or stick onto the end of the massager.

Each attachment has unique qualities designed to provide different results.

Trigger Point Stick

The trigger point stick is an attachment that allows you to target specific areas accurately so you can release trigger points along your neck, shoulder blades, pecs and other areas where tiny muscle knots occur.

It can help you treat acute conditions like plantar fasciitis or tennis elbow because it gives you a high level of accuracy in small areas.

To use the trigger point effectively, when you arrive at a trigger point, hold the trigger point stick on it for 30 seconds and then move to the next trigger point. You’ll physically feel the release and an inflow of blood to the area.

Air Cushion Attachment

The trigger point stick is great for applying accurate pressure, but if you need something with more “give” to soothe more delicate areas like your IT band or ligaments around your knees, elbows and in your neck, you can use the air cushion attachment.

It has a silicone head that allows air to go through it while the percussion motor runs.

This way, you can hammer these areas with pressure and break up tension without causing pain.

6-Head Stick

The 6-head stick is the most aggressive attachment for massaging large muscles like your calves, quads, glutes and hamstrings.

With 6 nodes, it shakes up your muscle tissue and loosens large areas quickly.

Scalp Stick

With the scalp stick attachment on the Pure Wave CM-07, there’s no need to invest in a scalp massager because it’s already built-in.

It’s a small disc-shaped attachment you can use at the base of your skull all the way up to the crown of your head to release muscle tension in your scalp.

It also stimulates hair follicles with its tiny nodes, which helps with hair growth and dandruff by keeping your scalp healthy and increasing microcirculation in its tissue.

Body Massage Oil Stick

Massage oils can add to the therapeutic value of a massage, and with the Pure Wave CM-07 there’s an attachment you can use to apply oil without hurting your device.

It’s smooth and disc-shaped and gives you the benefits of percussion therapy while smoothly gliding along your muscles.

Facial Massage Stick

The vibration motor has one attachment that can be added to its head, which is the facial massage stick, for gently massaging facial muscles.

The attachment has a metallic face and can be used to apply face cream.

The vibration allows therapeutic ingredients in facial creams and serums to penetrate the layers of your skin for better application. Plus, it’s mess-free for your hands.

This is the only attachment that is attached to the bottom of the Pure Wave massager rather than the top where the other heads should be connected.

Pure Wave CM-07: Hands-on Review

In this section, I get my hands on the Pure Wave CM-07 and put it to the test.

What’s in the Box?

The Pure Wave CM-07 comes in a compact box.

In it was the main unit, main charger, 6 attachments, a bag, stand and a short user manual.

Let’s get the unnecessary accessories out of the way.

First of all the bag is nothing to shout about as it’s quite low in quality (it’s somewhat like the type of bag a hotel will put your newspaper in and then hang on your door in the morning).

The stand isn’t much better in quality.

It’s constructed of cheap and light plastic and holds the massager in such a way that when inserted takes up a lot of room.

One other thing is that I couldn’t find enough space on the stand to hold all the attachments (unless I am using it wrong). 

The good news is these two things are irrelevant.

I doubt anyone is going to use the bag, and the stand holds the unit in such a cumbersome way you’re likely better off leaving the unit on the floor as it is.

Using the Pure Wave for the First Time

If you have never used a percussion massager before or had experience with the Pure Wave CM-07 it can be quite overwhelming.

Turning it on and varying the intensity is easy enough, but the number of massage heads and learning what each is supposed to do should be your main focus at the beginning.

So like any massage tool, I turned it on and just tried anything and ran it over my feet, calves, quads, back, neck, face and head.

Each time I would change the head to see which one worked or felt good.

The first thing that struck me was how ineffective it was for me.

I used the firmest attachment head I could find and ran it over my traps, quads and calves and felt it didn’t really shake up my muscles as much as I would have liked.

I found this was pretty much my experience during my testing period with the Pure Wave massager.

There is a big caveat worth mentioning, however.

Personally, I test a lot of massage tools so I have already massaged out many of my muscles with heavier-duty (and much more expensive) massagers such as the Theragun.

Therefore, the Pure Wave CM-07 was unlikely to do much for me anyway as it’s not meant to possess the type of power as a massage gun.

However, all was not lost.

There were two things I did enjoy about the Pure Wave CM-07 massager.

Firstly, I found it particularly useful in sensitive bony areas of the body.

I have always had a sore ankle since childhood which has always caused me trouble. I tried the air cushion attachment and used the Pure Wave CM-07 massager to gently massage around my ankle bone.

At first, it was uncomfortable, but over time, I ended up moving up to firmer attachments to massage the area.

Now, a few months later my ankle is pretty much pain-free thanks to the Pure Wave CM-07 massager.

The second thing I liked about the Pure Wave CM-07 is the scalp massager.

I admit having my scalped massaged by the Pure Wave CM-07 isn’t as dramatic as healing my sore ankle, but I did enjoy using and feeling the blood flow throughout my scalp.

In terms of quality, the unit is well-made and feels good to hold.

The vibration feels solid and it’s easy to turn up or turn the dial to increase the intensity.

Overall, it does feel like a quality device, however as already mentioned the accessories such as the bag and the stand are on the cheap side.

So, Should You Buy the Pure Wave CM-07?

PUREWAVE™ GEN II Advanced Percussion + Vibration Dual...

It really depends on what your needs are.

If you’re someone who uses all kinds of massage tools and has aggressively targeted your trigger points in the past then the Pure Wave CM-07 isn’t going to do much for you as it simply won’t be powerful enough.

If you want more power and a massager that is handheld, then you’re better off with a massage gun.

However, if you are very tender and sore all over your body and need something gentler the Pure Wave CM-07 is a great choice and you can always up the intensity if needed as the pain subsides over time.

This makes the Pure Wave CM-07 perfect as a first handheld massager for a beginner who is new to massaging or someone who simply wants to get the blood flowing through their muscles.

It provides a powerful vibration despite its slim and sleek design, and I was pleasantly surprised at how long the battery holds up on a single charge given its lightning-fast charge time.

In addition, it’s comfortable to hold and its increased length makes it easy to use on your own back and body without straining too hard.

All in all, the huge advantage you get with this massager is its versatility.

With so many different attachments, you can choose between a soft and hard massage, and there’s an attachment for every part of the body.

PureWave Massager

PUREWAVE™ GEN II Advanced Percussion + Vibration Dual...
Good for beginners to percussion massagers
Well made
Many attachment heads to use on different parts of the body
May not be powerful enough for people used to intense massagers
Expensive compared to other options

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