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I’m always on the hunt for the best massage tools, and the Roll Recovery R8 Plus is the latest addition to my collection.

This tool stands out with its innovative design – two rollers clamp onto either side of your limbs for a more targeted and intense massage experience.

I’ve used tools like foam rollers, massage balls, and massage guns, but I was reaching a plateau with their benefits so I was eager to see if the R8 Plus could live up to its promise of relieving my muscle tightness and improving my flexibility further.

This review will give you the inside scoop on my experience with the R8 Plus and the conclusions of whether it worked for me or not.

Keep reading to find out!

What is the Roll Recovery R8 Plus?

If you’re an athlete, runner or just someone constantly on the go, chances are you’ve experienced muscle fatigue and soreness.

This is where the Roll Recovery R8 Plus is here to help!

This cutting-edge massage tool targets your leg muscles, specifically your quads, hamstrings, shins and calves.

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The R8 Plus boasts two massage rollers that clamp on either side of your limb, which you can then roll up and down to provide targeted relief.

And the best part? You can adjust the pressure with a simple dial, making it perfect for a light or deep massage.

Want to make your experience even more personalized?

Simply switch out the rollers for a softer or firmer feel (additional rollers purchased separately).

Not only is the R8 Plus an FDA-registered medical device, but it also comes in three stylish colours: red, white, and black.

Unboxing the Roll Recovery R8 Plus

I could tell from the get-go that the R8 Plus is a well-made product, evident from the first glance at its sturdy and richly designed box.

Once having opened the box, you’ll find a short booklet, a tool key for changing the inserts, and a string bag for on-the-go use.

As for the R8 Plus itself, its construction is top-notch, and the heavier weight gives a reassuring sense of durability.

Overall, my initial impression of the R8 Plus and its packaging was a positive one, and it exceeded my expectations.

Using the Roll Recovery R8 Plus

The R8 Plus is a game changer when it comes to self-massage.

When I first got my hands on it, I was immediately impressed by its solid build.

Pulling apart the rollers to insert my calves was no easy feat, but that only made me more confident in its ability to deliver an intense massage.

And deliver it did!

The R8 Plus was able to reach new sore points and tight muscles that my massage gun and foam roller never could.

The R8 Plus adjustable tension control

The smaller rollers allowed me to target specific tight spots with precision and the adjustable tension control was a breeze to use, making it a versatile tool.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked on my shins, which have been a problem area for me, and it did wonders for my thigh area, specifically my quads and IT bands.

The compact size also allowed me to massage higher up toward the hips and towards the groin area, which was great.

Surprisingly, it worked well on my arms, particularly my triceps and the back of my shoulders.

I was able to use it on the highest tension setting, and it was perfect for my thigh area. The R8 Plus has quickly become an essential tool in my massage routine, and I highly recommend it.

Roll Recovery R8 final verdict

ROLL Recovery R8 Plus (Alpine White) - Deep Tissue...

The R8 Plus is an excellent tool for those looking to take their massage routine to the next level.

I found it incredibly useful both post-workout and as a way to massage previously unreached muscles in a new way.

The fact that it’s quiet and you don’t have to get on the floor to use it makes it perfect for quick and discreet massages.

The SuperDeep inserts allow for a more intense massage

Additionally, the option to purchase additional inserts (such as the SuperDeep inserts) allows the user to customize their massage experience further.

I hit many new trigger points with the R8 Plus that were previously inaccessible with a foam roller or too cumbersome to use a foam roller on.

While the rollers’ density and tension strength may not suit beginners, the R8 Plus is the ultimate on-the-go solution for fitness enthusiasts and runners.

Its compact design makes it a great alternative to bulky foam rollers and is easy to pack and bring with you.

While the R8 Plus is on the pricier side, it’s well-built, durable and sturdy, and most importantly, effective.

If you feel like a massage gun or foam roller isn’t doing enough or is too inconvenient to use, the R8 Plus is definitely worth considering.

Roll Recovery R8 Plus

ROLL Recovery R8 Plus (Alpine White) - Deep Tissue...
Effective on the quads, IT bands, calves and shins
Well-made and durable
Portable and convenient to use anywhere
A viable post-workout alternative to using a foam roller or massage gun
Adjustable tension to control the intensity
On the expensive side
Only effective on the legs (and to some degree the arms)
Some people may find it hard to pull the rollers apart to fit their limbs in
Beginners may be better off sticking to a foam roller as the R8 can be on the intense side

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