The Best Under Desk Footrests in 2024

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Foot comfort is often overlooked, yet it’s a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy posture and reducing fatigue, especially for those spending long hours at a desk or on their feet. A well-chosen footrest can transform your workday, offering comfort and promoting better circulation and support for your lower back. With an array of footrests available in the market, each boasting unique features and designs, selecting the right one can significantly enhance your daily comfort and productivity.

In this article, we delve into some of the best footrest options, carefully selected to cater to a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your feet warm, a footrest with adjustable height, or a model that offers therapeutic benefits, our guide will help you navigate these choices and find the perfect match for your specific requirements.

The Top 10 Picks

Here’s a comprehensive list of the top footrests on the market, each meticulously reviewed to help you find the ideal choice for your comfort and ergonomic needs.

HUANUO Foot Rest

HUANUO Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, Adjustable...

The HUANUO Foot Rest is a versatile and ergonomic solution for those seeking comfort and support while working at a desk. With its ability to improve posture and circulation, this footrest offers a blend of functionality and convenience.

Crafted from high-density memory foam, the footrest provides a firm yet comfortable support for your feet. The foam’s elasticity ensures it moulds to the shape of your feet, offering personalized comfort without losing its form over time. The durable foam construction also means that even with regular pressure, the footrest retains its shape, ensuring long-lasting use.

One of the standout features of the HUANUO Foot Rest is its adjustable design. It comes with a detachable base, allowing you to choose between two height settings: 4 inches without the base and 6 inches with the base attached via Velcro. This flexibility makes it easy to find the most comfortable position for your feet and legs, whether you’re sitting at a desk or using it on the floor.

Additionally, the footrest can be flipped over to serve as a rocker, providing an active sitting experience that can further aid in circulation and foot comfort. This multifunctionality enhances its appeal, especially for those sitting for extended periods.

The detachable base has a grippy surface for hard surfaces

The footrest includes two covers – one with massaging microbeads and another with breathable mesh – catering to different preferences and seasons. These covers are easily removable and washable, adding to the convenience of maintaining hygiene.

Despite its many benefits, the HUANUO Foot Rest has a couple of limitations. Its two height options may not satisfy everyone, as there’s no option for incremental height adjustments. Also, while the foam is high-quality and dense, offering substantial support, some users may prefer a softer foam for a more cushioned feel under their feet.

Overall, the HUANUO Foot Rest is a practical and durable choice for anyone in need of a basic yet effective footrest. Its ergonomic design, adjustable heights, and quality materials make it a valuable addition to any workspace or travel kit. The footrest’s stable, non-slip base and decent pricing further establish it as a solid investment for enhanced comfort and posture support.

High-density memory foam provides firm and comfortable support
Adjustable height with a detachable base (4 inches or 6 inches)
Comes with two interchangeable covers – microbead and mesh
Durable foam retains its shape over time
Reasonably priced for its quality and features
Limited to only two height adjustments
The dense foam may not be soft enough for some users’ preferences

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Tilt Adjustable Footrest

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Tilt Adjustable Footrest, Foot Rest...

The EUREKA ERGONOMIC Tilt Adjustable Footrest combines sleek design with functional ergonomics, making it an ideal addition to any office setting. Its professional look, characterized by a sturdy metal frame, sets it apart from the typical plastic footrests, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace.

One of the key features of this footrest is its adjustable tilt, allowing you to change the angle between 0 and 20 degrees easily. This flexibility supports various sitting positions, promoting better posture and circulation. The tilt mechanism is designed to stay in place under gentle pressure, providing stability and comfort while allowing for slight adjustments as needed.

The footrest’s flat texture design serves a dual purpose. It offers a massage-like experience, relieving pressure on your feet throughout the day. The large pedal surface ensures ample space for foot movement, enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue. Additionally, the rubber mat on the top surface provides a grippy, comfortable feel, making it suitable for use even when barefoot.

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In terms of durability and safety, the EUREKA footrest excels with its scratch-resistant rubber feet, which protect both the floor and the footrest itself. The footrest’s construction adheres to stringent chemical emissions standards, reflecting a commitment to environmental health and creating a healthier indoor space.

However, this premium build comes at a higher price point compared to other footrests in the market. Additionally, its relatively low height off the ground may not suit everyone’s needs, particularly for those seeking a more elevated foot position.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the EUREKA ERGONOMIC Tilt Adjustable Footrest stands out as a top choice for those seeking a premium, office-appropriate footrest. Its quality finish, ergonomic design, and professional appearance make it a worthwhile investment for enhancing comfort and efficiency in the workplace.

Adjustable tilt (0 to 20 degrees) for ergonomic comfort
Professional, sleek design with a sturdy metal frame
Premium build
Rubber mat on top surface for a comfortable, barefoot-friendly experience
Scratch-resistant rubber feet protect floors and ensure stability
Higher price point compared to other footrests
Relatively low height off the ground may not suit everyone’s preferences

Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest

Everlasting Comfort Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk -...

The Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest stands out as a popular choice for those prioritizing comfort in their workspace. Designed with premium comfort foam memory foam, this footstool offers a cloud-like experience, perfectly soothing tired and aching feet. Its dense memory foam construction ensures unrivaled comfort, making it an ideal companion for long workdays.

Ergonomically designed, the teardrop shape of the footrest effectively alleviates pain and discomfort in the feet, legs, lower back, knees, and hips. This design not only reduces pressure caused by hard floors but also enhances circulation and supports proper posture. Its optimal support and elevation are crucial for improved comfort and health during prolonged sitting periods.

The footrest also boasts a dual-purpose functionality. It can be used traditionally as a stationary footrest or flipped over for a gentle rocking motion, which is perfect for keeping your legs active. This versatility adds to its appeal, making it suitable for various sitting arrangements.

Adding to its comfort is the soft, velvety cover which feels great with or without shoes. Its non-slip bottom ensures the footrest stays in place, providing consistent support. The dimensions of 17″ x 5″ x 10″ make it a perfect fit under any desk or table, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into any workspace.

While the Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest scores high on comfort, some users might find it too soft, lacking the firmness they prefer in a footrest. Additionally, it comes in only one height without an adjustable base, which might not suit everyone’s needs.

Overall, the Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest is an excellent choice for those who value comfort above all else in a footrest. Its softness and ergonomic design make it particularly appealing for use barefoot. Though it may be too plush for some and lacks height adjustability, its quality, comfort, and simplicity make it a strong contender for anyone looking to enhance their sitting experience.

Premium comfort foam memory foam provides exceptional comfort
Ergonomic teardrop design aids in effective pain relief
Dual functionality as a stationary footrest or leg rocker
Soft, velvety cover with a non-slip bottom for stability
Simple and user-friendly, offering a hassle-free experience
Some users may find it too soft, lacking the desired firmness
Only one height setting available, with no adjustable base

Restology Labs Double Footrest

Restology Labs | Adjustable Width, Double Footrest for...

The Restology Labs Double Footrest sets itself apart with its extra-wide design and customizable placement, addressing the common limitations of traditional footrests. Its innovative two-piece design allows for an expansive width of up to 24 inches, far surpassing the standard 17-18 inches offered by most footrests. This feature is particularly beneficial for those seeking a wider resting area for their feet. Additionally, the ability to separate and individually position each piece with Velcro offers unparalleled flexibility, catering to the natural placement of each foot.

Engineered to alleviate back pain and support the lower body, the Restology Labs Double Footrest takes a proactive approach to ergonomics. It effectively reduces pressure on the back and hips, positioning the feet and legs to enhance blood flow and alleviate back and sciatica pain. The ergonomic design promotes a natural foot position, offering relief from the constraints of smaller footrest areas.

Crafted with premium high-density foam, the footrest strikes the perfect balance between plushness and support. Its soft cover feels luxurious against bare feet and is durable enough to withstand use with shoes. The anti-slip material on the bottom ensures the footrest stays in place.

Despite its comfort and adjustability, the Restology Labs Double Footrest has a few potential downsides. The foam may be too soft for those who prefer firmer support, as it allows the feet to sink in more than some might like. Additionally, the overall build quality, including the stitching, may not feel as premium as other brands.

In summary, the Restology Labs Double Footrest is an excellent option for anyone seeking a wide and customizable footrest. Its extra width and ability to adjust the position for each foot set it apart from other products in the market. While the softness of the foam and the build quality might not appeal to everyone, its unique features make it a strong contender for those who prioritize width and customizable comfort in their footrest.

Extra-wide design, extending up to 24 inches
Separable two-piece design for individual foot placement
Height adjustable
High-density foam provides a balance of plushness and support
Removable, machine-washable cover
Foam may be too soft for some users, allowing excessive sinking
Build quality may not feel as premium as other brands

HUANUO Adjustable Footrest

HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest, Foot Rest for...

The HUANUO Adjustable Footrest is a standout choice for those seeking versatility in their office accessories. Its key feature is its impressive adjustability, offering both tilt options up to 30 degrees and three distinct height settings (4.3″, 5.5″, and 6.7″). This range of adjustments ensures that users can find the perfect position for comfort and ergonomic support.

Beyond its adjustability, the footrest comes equipped with a massage-textured surface. The non-skid, large surface area (18″ x 13″) is adorned with geometric circular bumps, designed to reduce stress and enhance comfort during long work hours. This feature is especially beneficial when used barefoot or with socks, providing a soothing massaging effect on the soles of the feet.

The HUANUO Footrest is pre-assembled for immediate use, emphasizing convenience and ease of use. The footrest’s design allows for easy cleaning, a practical addition for those who might use it with shoes on.

However, despite these benefits, the footrest’s build quality is a notable drawback. Its light and plastic-like feel may raise concerns about durability and longevity, particularly for users seeking a more robust and long-lasting footrest.

In summary, the HUANUO Adjustable Footrest is a highly adjustable and user-friendly option, ideal for those in need of a versatile footrest at an affordable price. Its range of height and tilt adjustments, coupled with a massaging surface, makes it a practical choice for enhancing comfort at your desk. While it may not boast the sturdiest build, its functionality and adjustability make it a valuable addition to any workspace, especially for those on a budget.

Highly adjustable with three height settings and up to 30 degrees of tilt
Massage-textured surface for enhanced comfort and stress reduction
Lightweight and portable, suitable for office and home use
Affordable, offering good value for its features
Build quality feels light and plasticky, raising durability concerns
May not be the best choice for those seeking a more durable, long-lasting footrest

Snailax Heated Footrest

Snailax Foot Rest Under Desk at Work, Heated Under Desk...

The Snailax Heated Footrest offers an innovative and luxurious approach to foot comfort, blending ergonomic design with advanced features. This footrest is a standout choice for those seeking not just elevation and support but also therapeutic benefits.

The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and support for your feet, making it an excellent option for alleviating pain and enhancing relaxation. Its upgrade to a double-layer adjustable height allows for customization to your preferred level, ensuring your feet and legs are positioned ideally for relaxation and pain relief.

A distinguishing feature of the Snailax footrest is its vibrating foot massager. This addition can stimulate foot and leg tissues, helping relieve soreness caused by prolonged sitting or standing. While the vibration massage may be a matter of personal preference, it provides a unique feature that sets this footrest apart from more traditional models.

Additionally, the footrest doubles as an ideal solution for cold weather. It comes equipped with three levels of adjustable heating, easily controlled at the touch of a button. This fast-acting warmth can improve blood circulation, making it perfect for those who experience cold feet during work or relaxation.

The primary material of the foot mat is memory foam, conforming to the shape of your feet to provide optimal support and comfort. The versatility of this footrest extends to its suitability with various types of furniture, including home office chairs, gaming stools, and sofas.

A highlight of the Snailax Heated Footrest is its machine-washable cover, lined in sherpa for a cozy feel whether you’re wearing shoes or not. The non-slip underside ensures the footrest remains firmly in place, adding to its practicality.

While the heating function is highly effective and can be enhanced by slipping your feet under the cover for additional warmth, the vibrational massage may not appeal to everyone. Some users might find it a bit loud, which could detract from the overall relaxation experience.

In summary, the Snailax Heated Footrest is a great option for those seeking a multifunctional footrest that offers elevation, warmth, and a touch of luxury. It’s particularly suited for people who need a little extra height for their feet and those who suffer from cold feet. While the vibrational massage’s effectiveness may vary among users, this footrest still stands out as a unique and comfortable choice for a more luxurious footrest experience.

Ergonomic design with memory foam for comfort and support
Vibrating foot massager to stimulate tissues and relieve soreness
Three levels of adjustable heating for improved blood circulation
Machine-washable, sherpa-lined cover for comfort and ease of cleaning
The vibrational massage might not appeal to all users and can be loud
Limited to specific height adjustments, which may not cater to all needs

ErgoFoam XL Foot Rest

ErgoFoam XL Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work For Stools...

The ErgoFoam XL Foot Rest sets itself apart as one of the larger footrests available, specifically designed for use with stools and high chairs. Standing at 7.5 inches tall with the base and 5.5 inches without, it caters to those who require more elevation, making it a unique option in the market. Also available is a Large size, which stands at 5.9 inches with the base and 3.9 inches without.

Unlike many footrests that tend to flatten out over time, the ErgoFoam XL boasts high-density foam that maintains its shape and firmness. This resistance to compression under the weight of your legs and feet provides more substantial support than typical memory foam footrests. Additionally, the double-sided non-slip bottom ensures the footrest stays securely in place, preventing unwanted sliding on the floor.

In terms of design, the ErgoFoam XL’s rectangular block shape is a departure from the more common rounded or teardrop designs. This structure offers multiple height options; by flipping the block on its sides or removing the base, you can achieve different elevations to meet your specific needs. The velvet cover of the footrest adds a touch of luxury and is easy to clean, being machine washable.

One potential limitation of the ErgoFoam XL is that it requires your feet to be placed flat for effective use, offering no tilted angle options. This might be a drawback for those who prefer a more angled footrest.

Overall, the ErgoFoam XL Foot Rest is a well-made and sturdy option, ideal for anyone who needs a higher footrest with a flat surface. Its versatility in height adjustments and durable construction make it a suitable choice for those who are shorter or prefer a higher elevation for their feet during extended sitting periods.

Large size and adjustable height (7.5″ with base, 5.5″ without)
Endorsed by U.S. chiropractors for ergonomic support
High-density foam maintains shape and firmness over time
Multiple height options with a versatile rectangular block design
Velvet cover is soft and machine washable
Lacks tilted angle options, requiring feet to be placed flat
The rectangular block design may not suit all preferences

StrongTek Foot Rocker

StrongTek Ergonomic Wood Foot Rest for Enhanced...

The StrongTek Foot Rest offers a unique rocking feature that sets it apart from traditional footrests, focusing on movement and comfort. Its sturdy wooden construction can hold up to 350 lbs, making it a durable and long-lasting solution for office use.

This footrest stands out for its adjustability at various angles, easily controlled with a gentle push from your calves. Its design not only alleviates leg pressure and improves posture but also relieves the fatigue associated with prolonged sitting. The anti-slip surface ensures secure footing and maintains stability on different surfaces, including carpets, making it a versatile tool for relaxation as an under-desk footstool or as an anti-fatigue board.

Beyond its primary function, the StrongTek Foot Rest also serves as an excellent tool for stretching and balance exercises. You can stand on it during breaks to enhance core strength and balance, adding a dynamic aspect to your work routine.

YouTube video

The aesthetic appeal of the footrest is another significant advantage. Its sleek design and colour blend seamlessly with most office and home settings. Ready-to-use upon arrival, it’s suitable for the office, living room, or bedroom, enhancing both the usability and style of your workspace.

However, one notable flaw is the sandpaper-like material on its surface, intended to improve grip. While effective for users with shoes, it can create friction and potentially catch on socks, which might be a minor inconvenience for some users.

The StrongTek Foot Rest is an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish and functional addition to their workspace. Its simple, solid construction and wooden style add an elegant touch, while the rocking feature promotes movement and comfort. If you’re looking for a footrest that not only looks good but also offers the benefits of rocking, the StrongTek Foot Rest is a strong contender.

Unique rocking feature
Durable wooden construction can support up to 350 lbs
Adjustable angles for customized comfort
Versatile for use as a footrest, stretching, and balance tool
Stylish and well-made
Sandpaper-like material on the surface may catch on socks
Limited to rocking motion without stationary support options

Leermart Adjustable Footrest

Leermart Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work 4-Level...

The Leermart Adjustable Footrest is a versatile and multifunctional accessory that stands out for its adjustability and portability. This footrest is particularly beneficial for those who require higher elevation or a multipurpose tool that can double as an ottoman or a stool.

Boasting a robust construction, the Leermart footrest can support up to 120 pounds, distinguishing it from other products that typically handle about half that weight. Made of high-quality ABS and metal, it ensures durability and sturdiness. The footrest’s four-level height adjustability, reaching up to 11 inches, is a significant advantage, offering versatility that many other footrests lack.

The foldable design of this footrest adds to its appeal, making it easy to carry around for use in various settings, such as during travel or even outdoors as a makeshift stool. Its practicality is further enhanced by its ability to function as a car footrest or temporary maintenance cushion, showcasing its multifunctional nature.

In terms of comfort, the footrest includes a soft pad and massage beads on the surface, providing a gentle massage to the bottom of the feet. Additionally, the non-slip feet pad enhances its overall stability, making it safe and reliable.

However, despite its versatility and functionality, the Leermart Adjustable Footrest has some drawbacks. The quality of the surface padding, made from cheaper materials, and the overall build quality might raise concerns about long-term durability. These factors could be a deterrent for those seeking a more permanent and stationary under-desk footrest solution.

The Leermart Adjustable Footrest is ideal for those who value versatility and the need for a portable footrest that can accompany them in various scenarios. Its ability to adjust to a significant height and double as an ottoman or stool makes it a unique option. However, if you prioritize higher-quality materials and a more stable under-desk solution, you might want to consider other options. For those needing a footrest that travels with them and offers multifunctional use, the Leermart Adjustable Footrest could be worth considering.

Can support up to 120 pounds, doubling its utility as a stool
Four-level height adjustability up to 11 inches
Foldable and portable for versatile use in different settings
Can be used as an ottoman
May not provide the specialized comfort and adjustability of dedicated under-desk footrests
The quality of surface padding and overall build may not be as durable

VIVO Standing Foot Rest

VIVO Black Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Foot...

The VIVO Standing Foot Rest is a sleek and professionally designed footrest that excels in both aesthetics and functionality. Its premium build and quality make it a suitable addition to any office environment, particularly for those who alternate between sitting and standing at their workstations.

One of the key advantages of this footrest is its height adjustability, ranging from 5″ to 10-1/4″. This feature stands out as it allows the footrest to accommodate a wider range of heights than most other footrests. The easy adjustment mechanism, which involves simply unhooking the platform and moving it to a different notch, ensures that you can effortlessly find the most comfortable position for your feet.

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The frame of the VIVO footrest is both sturdy and compact, with dimensions of 9.8″ x 15.7″, providing ample room for your feet. The product requires minimal assembly, making it easy to set up and start using right away. Additionally, the product comes with a 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty and friendly tech support, adding to its value and reliability.

While the VIVO Standing Foot Rest offers many advantages, it’s important to note a couple of potential drawbacks. The absence of an adjustable tilt feature may limit some users who prefer varied foot positioning angles. Additionally, despite having rubber pads, the footrest tends to slide on hard or slippery surfaces, which could be a concern for those seeking a stationary solution.

In summary, the VIVO Standing Foot Rest stands out as a robust and flexible solution for anyone seeking to enhance their work setup, particularly for standing desk users. With its premium design, ease of height adjustment, and solid construction, it effectively meets the needs of a dynamic office environment, elevating both comfort and style in your workspace.

Adjustable height ranging from 5″ to 10-1/4″
Professional look with premium build and quality
Easy to change height with a simple unhooking mechanism
Sturdy and compact design, suitable for various work environments
Comes with a 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty and tech support
No adjustable tilt, limiting foot positioning options

Our Top Pick

HUANUO Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, Adjustable...

The HUANUO Foot Rest emerges as the best overall choice in our selection of footrests. Boasting high-density memory foam, it provides firm yet comfortable support, perfectly moulding to the shape of your feet for personalized comfort. The foam’s resilience ensures it retains its form over time, even under regular pressure. This footrest is not just about comfort; its adjustable design, featuring a detachable base, offers two height settings (4 inches or 6 inches), adding versatility to suit various needs.

Additionally, the footrest can be flipped for use as a rocker, enhancing circulation and comfort for those seated for extended periods. The inclusion of two interchangeable covers – microbead and mesh – caters to diverse preferences and seasons, making maintenance a breeze with their washable feature. While limited to two height adjustments and potentially too firm for some, its overall ergonomic design, durable build, and reasonable pricing make it a top contender for enhancing comfort and posture support.

Other recommended products:

  • Most Comfortable: Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest – Known for its cloud-like feel thanks to the premium comfort foam memory foam, this footrest is an ideal choice for ultimate comfort and ergonomic support.
  • Best for Cold Feet: Snailax Heated Footrest – A perfect blend of comfort and luxury, this footrest offers heating and a vibrating foot massager, ideal for those experiencing cold feet or needing a little extra relaxation.
  • Best Wide Option: Restology Labs Double Footrest – With its extra-wide design and customizable placement, this footrest is great for users seeking a wider area for foot placement and comfort.
  • Best for Height: ErgoFoam XL Foot Rest – Endorsed by chiropractors, this high-density foam footrest is an excellent choice for those needing a higher elevation, especially when used with stools or high chairs.
  • Best for Rocking: StrongTek Foot Rocker – Uniquely designed for movement, this sturdy wooden footrest encourages active sitting and can be used for stretching and balance exercises.
  • Best Premium: EUREKA ERGONOMIC Tilt Adjustable Footrest – A sleek and professional-looking footrest with a sturdy metal frame, adjustable tilt, and a massage-like surface, making it ideal for a more luxurious office setup.


Selecting the right footrest is essential for enhancing your daily comfort and supporting a healthy posture. With the varied options available, each tailored to meet different preferences and needs, finding your ideal footrest can make a significant difference in your work environment or relaxation space.

We hope this guide has provided valuable insights, helping you make an informed decision to elevate your daily comfort and support your posture effectively. Remember, the best choice is one that aligns seamlessly with your personal needs and lifestyle.

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