The Best Massage Pillows to Relax Your Back in 2023

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When obligations stretch us thin and we’re pulled in every which direction, it’s easy for our physiological and mental systems to get overwhelmed.

A quick detour to the masseur can fix it – but the process can be both expensive and time-consuming.

This is where massage cushions and pillow pads come in.

All you have to do is pay the price for a vibrating massage cushion and you’ll receive on-demand massage from the comforts of your home, whenever and wherever.

There are all kinds of massage cushions and pillow pads available for purchase.

The use of marketing buzzwords makes these products super ambiguous to the average person.

But don’t worry if you can’t make heads or tails of massage cushions and pillow pads, our in-depth buying guide has you covered as I will cover the best massage pillows currently on the market.

Top Ten Picks

Zyllion Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow

The Zyllion Shiatsu pillow boasts four heated nodes that independently rotate to treat tension and stress.

They go right into the knots in your shoulders and back.

To keep things interesting, the nodes switch directions every minute, much like a massage chair.

This prevents bruising and relieves muscle tension from all angles. You can turn the heating element off if you’re not comfortable with it.

YouTube video

The Shiatsu Massager is arguably the closest thing you’ll ever get to a professional massage at home, without the added expense of course.

I liked this pillow because of how simple it is to use as well as how compact and lightweight it is.

The only issue I had is that the nodes seem a little too flat and don’t stick out enough.

For anyone looking for a deep kneading massage, you’ll want to go for a model with nodes that aren’t so flat (in fact, if this is you, I recommend that a neck and back shoulder massager may be more your thing than a massage pillow).

However, for people looking for a light and gentle massage this model is a good option.

Four heating nodes for a satisfying experience
The nodes can move both clockwise and counterclockwise
Small, light and compact
The nodes are quite flat and maybe not deep enough to knead the muscles
This model has to be plugged into to use

Papillon Electric Back Massage Pillow

If you’re searching for a massage cushion that hits the sweet spot in terms of functionality and form, the Papillon Back Massager sits at the very top.

This is one of my favorite massage pillows due to its shape and its overall design.

It’s not flat like a lot of the other massage pillows but the area where the massage nodes are protrudes outwards.

This means the massage nodes can dig deeper into the areas of your back, which I find a lot of other massage pillows don’t do so well.

That being said because the nodes dig deeper the massage experience can be pretty intense especially if you are particularly sensitive around the back area.

Personally, I love a vigorous massage and don’t mind that there isn’t too much padding around the nodes.

For more sensitive people, you may have to put an extra towel over the nodes for this massage pillow to be comfortable.

The longer nodes on this massage pillow also have another benefit, which is that this pillow also works very well on your neck area.

You can use this pillow to lie flat on the ground and have it massage the back of your neck effectively.

Overall, this massage pillow is well-suited for someone who doesn’t mind a vigorous massage.

If you’re unsure whether this massage pillow is for you, it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to test it out.

Provides a vigorous massage
Heating function
Works well on the neck area as well
30-day money-back guarantee
May be too intense for sensitive people
Padding over the nodes is quite thin

Height Adjustable Massage Pillow

One of the biggest problems you’ll find when using a massage pillow on your office chair is that it never stays in place.

For instance, you may want to place it slightly higher on your back, however, every time you lean forward or leave your chair the pillow just drops down.

That’s where this massage pillow shines.

It comes with a sticky chair attachment that hooks onto the back of your chair. You then use the velcro on the massage pillow to stick it on at the right height.

This is the standout feature of this massage pillow and I wish other pillows had this feature.

This pillow is also simple to use. It has an on and off button and a heat button so anyone who wants something basic will like this pillow.

It also comes with flatter massage nodes rather than rounded-shaped nodes which means this gives off a far less intense massage. Perfect for someone who only wants a light massage.

While I feel the best thing about this massage pillow is the chair attachment, it must be pointed out that this may not fit all chairs as the hook at the top (that clips onto the chair) is on the narrow side.

In other words, you’re not going to be able to use this on a sofa or on chairs with thick padding.

To sum up, anyone who wants a massage that is on the lighter side and plans to use their massage pillow on a standard desk chair should take a closer look at this option.

Alternatively, a massage chair pad may be more up your alley.

Chair attachment keeps massage pillow in place
Flatter head node design for a gentler massage
Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
Heat function
Auto shutoff feature
Needs to be plugged in to use
Chair attachment doesn’t fit all chairs
You can’t control the direction of the nodes

Snailax Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat

This massager pillow by Snailax has vibrating massage, 4 massage nodes, and if you’d like, the shiatsu option with heat.

The nodes move in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion every 60 seconds and has a 15-minute auto shut-off function.

However, the feature that sets this pillow apart from the rest of the back pillows on this list is its soft adjustable flap.

The adjustable flap allows you to flip it over the nodes in case you find resting on the nodes too intense or painful.

Not only, that but the flap also prevents the mesh from wearing away as quickly as it rubs against your clothes.

We have a few other pillows that have this adjustable flap, however, they aren’t made for comfort like this one.

Also, this back massager gets bonus points because it is lightweight and very easy to carry around.

While it is ergonomically designed to fit around your neck, you can place the pillow on different areas of your body to release muscle tension and relieve pain, headaches, and backaches.

Optional soft flap to use over the nodes for a softer massage
Versatile deep tissue massage (nodes change directly automatically)
Not cordless like some other models

Homedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Massage Pillow

Engineered for precision, the shiatsu neck massage cushion by Homedics is an excellent way to provide instant relief to your neck and back.

You can use it anywhere including your home and office. The optional heat treatment is particularly effective because the temperature rises all the way up to 108 degrees F.

But that is to be expected because this device is corded and plugs directly into your electrical outlets.

Unfortunately, this massage pad by Homedics cannot be used in an airplane or a car because of the corded design.

But if that is not a problem for you, it earns our recommendation.

Shuts down after 15 minutes as a safety feature, but you can toggle it on or off manually
Is not loud and can be used in an office environment
Does not have a car adaptor

VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow

The massager pillow by Viktor Jurgen made it to our list because of its 4 deep-kneading nodes that target acupuncture points in the body, which helps stimulate blood flow and relieve stress.

One of the best features is the adaptor it comes with so that it can be used in your car.

More importantly, it comes with overheat protection that automatically turns off the device when it reaches a certain temperature.

Maintenance is super easy thanks to a removable soft dust guard that you can clean with ease.

The Viktor Jurgen comes with a cloth cover to protect your skin from heat buildup and friction
Fully portable and can be used anywhere including cars and airplanes
Fits just about anywhere to relieve shoulder, lower, thigh, and calf areas
You can control the flow of direction of the kneading technique
It may be just a little too intensive for sensitive people

WOQQW Massage Pillow

This deep kneading massage pillow by WOQQW features an ergonomic design that accommodates different body contours to deliver a cozy massage anywhere you want, including the neck, upper back, waist, leg, calf, foot, and so on.

The WOQQW pillow is flatter in shape which overcomes the issue of having to arch your back when using other bulkier massage pillows.

Not only is it flatter, but it covers a larger surface area than most of the other pillows featured on this list.

In addition, it comes with a detachable cover that keeps the pillow dust-free and also provides another protective layer if you happen to find the massage nodes too hard.

A cursory glance at its customer reviews will reveal that it is extremely favored by users, some of whom believe that it performs better than professional masseuses.

Comes with a car adaptor
Flatter and larger surface area than most pillows
Low price
90-day money-back guarantee

Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Rechargeable Massage Pillow

The Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow is a wire-free device that lets you massage on-the-go.

It can offer up to 120 minutes of continuous massage from a single charge. It is incredibly lightweight, making it a worthy travel companion.

Like most massager pillows, it comes with 4 flat shiatsu nodes that are engineered to deliver wider pressure that efficiently targets your body’s acupuncture points.  

The massager changes direction every minute for a professional, masseuse-style therapy, minus the $250 charge per session!

The cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow will fit any area of your body for best results. You can easily toggle the heat on and off to gain further relaxation and improve blood flow. 

4 flat nodes
120 minutes of continuous massage
The nodes are slightly flat which may not provide as deep a massage as some would like

Boriwat Massage Pillow

If you feel your back needs support as well as a massage, this pillow could be what you’re looking for.

It’s larger than other massage pillows meaning it covers your whole back and can be used to help straighten your back and prevent slouching.

You can also spin the pillow around and use it as a neck massager while lying down. Due to its shape (larger and flatter), it’s far better for the neck than the other options on this list.

One of the best features of this pillow, however, is that it comes with a corded remote.

In the past, I’ve had massage pillows (without remotes) set up in the perfect area on my back, only to have it move when I’ve tried to reach back to the pillow to control it. The corded remote helps alleviate this problem.

Other than the already mentioned features, this massage pillow has the same type of massage features as most other pillows.

You can control the direction of the nodes, and choose between 2 heat levels and 3 intensity levels.

Overall, this pillow is a good choice for someone who feels they want a bit of back support and a massage at the same time.

In addition, most massage pillows are quite small and have a ‘block’ like feeling to them when you put them behind your back which may feel uncomfortable for some people – with this massage pillow this shouldn’t be the case.

Larger size helps it double as a lumbar support
Wired remote – pillow can be controlled without having to reach for the panel on the pillow
Better shaped for the neck area than most other massage pillows
1-year guarantee included – you can get a free replacement should anything break down
Not as portable as other massage pillows due to its larger size
Must be plugged in to be used (not cordless)

ONLYCARE Neck and Back Massager

The ONLYCARE nack and back massager is noticeably a different shape from most of the other massage pillows on this list.

Personally, I can’t help seeing this pillow shaped like an extracted tooth, however, this unique shape (even if it doesn’t remind me of the best of times) has its advantages.

Most other massage pillows are quite chunky and oftentimes resemble a rectangle block. Because of their chunkiness and compact size, it can feel like putting a brick behind your back.

However, with this massage pillow, it does have a more natural shape that doesn’t feel so jarring against your back or neck.

Your neck should sink comfortably into the massage pillow when you lie back and when you sit with your back into the pillow it shouldn’t sink as deep as other pillows.

If there are any flaws to this pillow it’s that the heat isn’t very strong and the elastic strap that comes attached to the pillow may not stretch over the back of most chairs.

On the plus side, it’s a simple massage pillow and one of the more comfortable options on this list.

Better ergonomic design than most other pillows
Can be used in the car and comes with a car charger
If you’re particularly sensitive, this pillow is one of the more gentle pillows.
The chair strap won’t fit most chairs
Heat isn’t very strong


I’ve chosen the Zillion massage pillow as the best overall massage pillow. It’s the pillow that will be best suited for the majority of people looking for a reliable massage pillow.

It’s simple to use and has flatter nodes for a lighter massage.

The Zillion massage pillow is also on the smaller side, so it’s compact and light if you want to travel with it.

It also has a 1-year guarantee so you can be rest assured that you’ll get a replacement or your money back should something happen.

My second recommendation is the Papillon Electric Back Massage Pillow. I recommend this for anyone who doesn’t mind a stronger and deeper massage overall.

Similar Product Types

If you’re a big fan of massage therapy, you’ll want to explore all the different techniques of receiving a massage electronically.

Let’s take look at the different types of massage devices:

Chair Pads

For chair pads, you have the choice between choosing a bulky massage chair or a full-blown chair covered with massage nodes in mesh fabric.

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Percussion Massagers

Percussion massagers are fully portable electric devices that you can use to independently relieve muscle pain and tightness wherever you want.

They bear an uncanny resemblance to guns, which is why they’re sometimes referred to as ‘massage guns’.

Many athletes use percussion massagers to quickly recover from muscle pain and tension.

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Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are fully adjustable and often feature dozens of rollers that target different areas of the body simultaneously.

They follow the principles of Shiatsu Massage and feature rollers that move along your spine, neck, shoulders, feet, and more depending on the mode.

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Back Massagers

If you constantly complain about back pain and need a solution to accommodate your lifestyle, a back massager may be the way to go.

You can use one on a couch, in a car, at work, and at home.

They engage your neck, back (mostly the back), and even the buttocks (depending on the model).

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Back Massage Sticks

For those inaccessible regions of the body that your hands can’t reach, you can use a back massage cane to massage your trigger points.

Each massage stick is different, but the idea behind them is all the same.

They come with a hook that loops around your shoulder, back, or arm, depending on the target muscle, and you apply pressure on the other side of the stick.

If you do it right, you’ll quickly relieve the pressure and discomfort in your area as the tenderness begins to subside.

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So How Do Massage Cushions Work?

A massage cushion is a device that includes massage nodes that can be placed at the target area to provide instant relief.

It utilizes rollers or nodes that stimulate the muscles to improve circulation and provide pain relief.

Depending on the device type, you could adjust the position of the rollers to achieve your desired outcome.

Benefits of Getting a Massage Pillow

Massage pillows can provide life-changing benefits to the body, covering both mental and physiological therapy.

If used correctly, massage pillows can provide immediate relief to the body by not only stimulating the muscles but also alleviating stress and mental strain.

The vibrating pillows may boost the immune system and help the body fight against diseases and impurities.

Here are the most noteworthy benefits of massage pillows.

Sore Neck

High-quality massage cushions are designed to mimic the work of a professional masseur by stimulating the nerve endings and muscles.

Expert masseurs treat neck pain by using a firm, deep pressure to massage the pressure points that are currently in pain.

The end result is pain relief and an improved range of motion, especially if you use an efficient product.

Shoulder Pain

It doesn’t matter what causes the soreness and pain in your muscle, all you need is some shoulder massage to alleviate pain and increase your range of motion.

If done right, massage therapy can improve the supply of fresh blood and oxygen-rich nutrients to your muscles.

Muscle Tension

Massage cushions can relieve tightness to the muscles, allowing them to relax and reduce tension as a result.

The decrease in tension reduces muscular knots and restrictions, relieving muscle tightness.

The deep strokes offered by deep-kneading nodes further help to stretch your muscles, improving flexibility and elasticity, and ultimately allowing them to move freely again.


There could be a million different reasons behind headaches, due to hereditary, environmental, or lifestyle factors, but they all respond well to massage.

A short 30-minute session with your massage cushion can go a long way in improving your headache and pain.


Massage can treat different forms of arthritis in various ways. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, massage cushions can improve health circulation throughout the arthritic joints and reduce swelling.

However, you should consult with your doctor to treat certain forms of arthritis, as they may respond negatively to the treatment.

As a general rule, you should never use massage therapy in case of flare-ups.  

Back Pain

Simply tuck your massage cushion under your back to ease back pain, especially if it’s acute back pain.

Note: Discontinue massaging the area if you experience extreme pain or if the pain seems to be coming from a bone. Always consult with a medical professional if you plan to use massage cushions for treatment.

Why is a Massage Cushion So Useful?

A massage cushion is to massage what Netflix is to on-demand video.

On top of using deep-kneading nodes, massage cushions may also utilize air pressure to inflate and deflate around the target muscle.

This process improves circulation, which can relax your tense muscles.

You can get a professional massage whenever and wherever, so long as you’ve got the massage cushion close by.

Think of it this way, normally, you would have to book an appointment with a professional and wait until your big day arrives.

If you’re going after the really popular massage therapists, you’ll have to wait in long queues until you get your turn.

Who Should Get One and Why?

Anyone who just wants to relax or indulge in self-care should buy one. But, you should definitely use one if you belong to the following groups:

An expecting mom: Pregnancies can put a lot of stress on your joints, especially your lower back. A massage cushion can relieve that pressure and help you sleep and move easily.

If you suffer from insomnia: A massage cushion has the potential to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (that’s scientific speak for activating ‘rest’ mode). So if you’re a night owl, you should consider buying one.

If you work a 9-to-5 job: For all those who sit at their desk 40 hours per week, a massage cushion could help your neck, legs, and arms.

If you’ve got an injury: if you’re sidelined due to an exercise or yoga-related injury, we recommend massage therapy at least once a week so you can start healing.  

Pro Tip: You don’t need a reason to buy a massage cushion.

Buying Guide          

Most massage cushions have their own unique features, some of which may be useful, and some of which may be gimmicky.

It takes a trained eye to spot the useful ones over the gimmicky ones.

Before we explore our line-up of the best products, we should discuss the top 6 factors to consider before buying massage cushions.

i) Look at the number of nodes

Pay attention to the number of massage nodes. These components play a critical role in providing the required massage.

The more nodes you have, the merrier. Some models come with 2 nodes, others come with 8.

ii) Movement of Massage Nodes

Are the massage nodes locked in place? Do they move up and down? Do they rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise?

As a general rule, the more complex the movement, the better the massaging experience.

iii) Does it Provide Heated Massage

Not all massage cushions offer heat massage functionality.

But if the device happens to have this functionality, you’ll get an even better experience if you live in colder regions.

iv) Do you Get Different Massage Styles

A massage cushion can stimulate an incredible range of complex massage techniques to a reasonably accurate degree, in large part, thanks to programming.

Try to buy a massage cushion that integrates more massaging techniques. You will love the versatility.

v) Intensity and Speed Control

Does the massage cushion offer a versatile degree of intensity and speed controls?

This is one of the prerequisites of improving your massaging experience.

vi) Safety Features

The massage cushion should ideally feature overheating safety. Some models come built-in with this feature, while others don’t.

Some will turn off when the temperature rises too high. Others are timed to turn off at different times.  

Wrapping Up 

Technology has come a very long way since the early 2000s, and massage cushions are now a quality investment that provides a highly effective, quality massage that rivals that of a professional masseuse.

These quality devices have helped many people break free from stress, and pain affecting the neck, thigh, and back region.

A cushion massage is the best solution for anyone who seeks relief from the incessant pain that accompanies everyday stress and prolonged sitting.

More importantly, pillow pads come in a small-form design that you can fit anywhere. We hope this massage cushion review will help you select the best one.

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