The Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain in 2023

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This is our guide on the top 10 best inversion tables in 2023.

There are several contributing factors for back pain; improper poster, herniated disc, arthritis, sciatica, kidney infection, sprains, abnormal spine curvature and many more.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) reports that 80% of Americans will suffer from lower back pain in their lifetime, also noting it as the most popular cause of job-related disability. [1]

An effective solution to back pain is inversion therapy, which involves being suspended upside down by the ankles for a specified amount of time.

Now, voluntarily hanging upside down sounds like a very strange thing to do but it does work!

There are now various forms of equipment that help with inversion therapy and one of the most popular are inversion tables.

The best thing about inversion tables is that they can be easily bought online and used at home.

In this post, I’ll take a look at the top-rated inversion tables on the market, and show you how to choose the best inversion table for your needs.

What is an Inversion Table?

An inversion table looks like a large piece of exercise equipment, and in many regards, that’s exactly what it is.

You are strapped into the machine, via ankle straps and you then use your body weight to position the machine to the appropriate angle which can range from 20 to 180 degrees.

An inversion table can relieve back pain by shifting the body’s gravity thus taking pressure off the discs in your spine as well as the nerve roots.

With continued practice, it increases the space between the vertebrate eventually eliminating pain in the back. [2]

There are many other benefits of Inversion therapy such as increasing flexibility, reducing stress, and can combat improper posture.

It can also repair a herniated disc and help sufferers of sciatica, and scoliosis.

What to Look for When Buying an Inversion Table

If you’ve never purchased an inversion table before, I’ll share some important features that the best inversion tables usually possess.

Angle Adjustment

Some inversion tables allow you to position the device at different angles, usually ranging from a 20-degree angle up to 180 in some instances.

If you need to be inverted at a specific angle, then you’ll need to ensure that the device has the capabilities to do so.

Weight and Height Capacity

Heavier persons or those who are taller or shorter than average will need to pay special attention to these features.

The product will state the maximum and minimum height and weight capacity, so ensure that you fall within the specified range before purchase.

Easy Assembly and Storage

Some inversion tables are more complicated to assemble than others. 

Some devices are also foldable for easy storage.

So, if you’re tight on space this is a good feature to look out for.

Safety Addons

If you don’t have any experience with inversion therapy, extra safety straps, mats, and padded headrests will make using the inversion table less daunting.

Some even come with instructional DVD’s or a mobile app to guide you through the process.

Additional Therapy Modes

Inversion is not the only therapy that can aid with issues such as sciatica, back pain, and scoliosis.

Massage and heat therapy are known methods of pain alleviation and some inversion tables offer massage and heat therapy as well.

The 10 Best Inversion Tables in 2023

To give you a comparative look at what’s on the market today, I’ve selected 10 of the best inversion tables with varied features and capabilities.

Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table

The Teeter LX3 offers a high level of support and comfort due to the grip-and-stretch handholds which also helps with decompression and realignment.

It also boasts an 8-point floating suspension system designed for enhanced compression as it moves with you allowing a greater range of motion.

The machine has preset angles of 20, 40 and 60 degrees, along with aerospace-grade, stainless steel EZ-reach ankle lock system — and ergonomic, patented, ankle cups.

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You’ll also benefit from lumbar bridge support and trigger-point release due to the inclusion of the acupuncture nodes.

This FDA registered, safety certified device can accommodate 300 pounds and there is a 5-year warranty, plus an accompanying app to help you get the most out of your device.

Users found this inversion table heavy and hard to assemble, and some complained about the high price tag.

Despite these concerns, it is built to last and aids with issues such as sciatica, herniated disc, muscle tension and muscle spasms.

Includes acupuncture nodes for trigger point release
Stretch assist and traction handles for extra stretching options
Comes with an accompanying app
Heavy and hard to assemble

Innova ITX9600A Heavy Duty Inversion Table

This heavy-duty inversion table features 6 angle slots for varied positions, and a padded, adjustable headrest, soft foam handlebars and padded backrest.

It can accommodate up to 300 pounds in weight and has an ergonomic ankle holding system, which is also reversible.

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The Innova ITX9600 has three adjustable modes to ensure that you find the optimum centre of gravity for comfortable inversion.

You can also fold and store Innova ITX9600 if space is an issue.

Users were uncomfortable with the placement of the ankle cuffs in the front instead of the back, and some noted it was not ideal for persons of short stature despite the height adjustment option.

On the plus side, it can accommodate persons of large stature and the padded feature is ideal for older adults suffering from arthritis, sciatica and other backaches and pain.

Offers 6 angle slots
Padded adjustable headrest
Height-adjustable tube
Poorly designed ankle support
Lack of proper instructions

IRONMAN Gravity Inversion Table

The Ironman Gravity inversion table features Airsoft technology which allows the flow of air in different chambers to comfortably fit the ankles.

For added security, there is a double-lock, rachet tooth mechanism along with an easy to reach, palm activated, ankle locking system.

It has an extra-thick, oversized memory foam backrest and a removable lumbar pillow for extra lower back support. 

It can accommodate up to 350 pounds thanks to the extra-wide steel frame, and has non-skid floor stabilizers to prevent the device from moving during use.

Buyers aired their frustrations about the number of pieces required for setup, and some noted that many nuts and bolts were missing in their package.

Some users also found it hard to come out of the ankle straps after use.

Nonetheless, the Ironman Gravity inversion table can accommodate a heavier weight than other devices making it ideal for persons with taller, larger frames.

Full 180-degree vertical inversion
350-pound weight capacity
Non-skid floor stabilizers to prevent movement during use
Large and takes up a lot of space
Lots of pieces and parts are included in the setup
Ankle straps are hard to get out of

EXERPEUTIC 225SL Inversion Table with AIRSOFT

Similar to the Ironman Gravity inversion table, this inversion table from Exerpeutic uses patent-pending Airsoft technology as well.

Another similarity with the Ironman Gravity inversion table is the Sure lock ratchet system for added stability and safety.

The crossbar offers 3 angle adjustments and can position to a 165-degree vertical inversion.

Exerpeutic also boasts foam backrest and foam covered handlebars allowing for an easy upright position.

The device is UI certified and has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds and can accommodate a minimum height of 4 feet 9 inches and up to 6 feet 6 inches.

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At an added cost, you can also opt for the table with a vibration and heat pillow, which provides 2 massage options and 3 vibration levels.

This feature requires an electrical outlet for use.

This inversion table does not invert to 90 degrees and users noted that it does not fold in a way that makes it easy to store.

However, it comes at a good price and has lots of positive reviews from customers who experienced pain relief from using the device.

UI certified for safety
3 –angle adjustment
Foam-covered handlebars
Can only accommodate up to 250 pounds
Does not invert to 90 degrees

HARISON Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The Harison Inversion Table has many enviable features including a sponge foot cover, non-slip mat and protective pedal cover and cap.

Plus it has a high-quality safety belt that you can adjust to your body.

The heavy-duty, triangle steel frame can accommodate up to 350 pounds, and the 3D memory foam backrest helps to relieve pressure during use.

Harison’s ergonomic design makes for added sturdiness and conforms to the curve of your waist to relieve neck pain and pressure, as well as back pain.

YouTube video

The reversible ankle holding system eliminates heavy pressure on your ankles, and the foam-covered handlebars and non-slip lumbar support is for added safety.

Furthermore, the machine can be adjusted from 20 to 180-degree angle and the height can be adjusted from 4 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 5 inches.

The main complaint from users was that the company touts a 350-pound weight capacity, yet the product tag and manual lists the maximum weight as 220 pounds.

Adjustable height for different people
20 to 180-degree vertical inversion
High-quality safety belt
Discrepancy with stated weight capacity

Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table

The Body Vision IT9550 table can accommodate up to 250 pounds and users from 5’1″ all the way up to 6’6″.

For added comfort you can enjoy the adjustable headrest and detachable lumbar support pad.

It gives the option of 4 positions; the 20-degree angle is the easiest and is for beginners, the 40-degree and 60-degree options are for experienced users and experts can utilize the full 90-degree position.

The Body Vision IT9550 also boasts an ankle holding system with foam rollers in the back and front that offer padding for your shins while your feet hold you in place.

This inversion table also doubles as a piece of high-quality workout equipment — promising to help with spine compression, accelerating blood supply to the brain and enhancing your physical shape.

The best thing about the Body Vision IT9550 is its price as it’s generally a lot cheaper than the others on the list.

Given that it is lower-priced than the others, its parts are of lower quality, however, many users have said that despite this the Body Vision IT9550 is still relatively sturdy and effective.

It might be a little cumbersome to assemble, but if you want something cost-effective and a good ƒor beginners, this is a good pick.

Simple to use
Good value for money
Detachable lumbar support pad included
4 position options
Takes around 45 mins to an hour to assemble
Boxes often come damaged
Parts feel on the cheap side

Innova ITM5900 Heat and Massage Inversion Table

This inversion table doesn’t just offer inversion therapy, but provides heat and massage therapy, without the hefty price tag.

The patent-pending massage pad has an automatic and manual setting, as well as a multi-mode setting and is designed to cover the entire spine area.

It also comes equipped with a contour integrated lumbar pad to provide precise heat and massage therapy in your lower back.

YouTube video

The device boasts a True Balance system with adjustable headrest and height adjustment, also featuring an easy-to-adjust, six-angle pin system and protective cover.

It has an improved ergonomic ankle holding system, that has a larger holder in the front and a smaller holder in the rear, to alleviate the pressure on the ankle while you are inverted.

Innova can accommodate users of up to 300 pounds, with a minimum height of 4ft, 10 inches to 6ft, 6inches.

Some users were not impressed with the heat output or intensity level of the massage modes, plus the inversion table does not fold up so if you have a small space to work with, this is not the one for you.

Provides heat and massage therapy
Easy to assemble
Does not fold up
Ankle clamps are uncomfortable
Low output for the heat and massage modes

Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table

Much like the Innova, the inversion table from Health Gear also offers a vibrating massage and advanced heat therapy option.

The massage pad is operated via remote control and is also removable.

Another great feature is the Sure-lock ankle support system which has 4 large, high-density foam leg rollers to prevent your calf from pinching.

Furthermore, the extra-long locking arm means you won’t do too much bending when getting in and out of the inversion table.

Health Gear has 4 positions; 20, 40, 60 and 90 and users must range in height from 5ft 1 inch to 6ft 5 inches. 

The maximum user weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Buyers complained that the inversion table does not fully invert to 180 degrees, and they were not impressed with the massage pads.

Furthermore, if you are shorter than normal, you’ll need to opt for another device.

Nonetheless, you can also fold this up for easy storage, plus it has built-in wheels which makes it easy and convenient for transport.

Remote control vibrating massage pad
4 adjustable foam leg rollers
Foldable with transport wheels
Massage pads are weak
Does not fully invert to 180 degrees
Can only accommodate a minimum height of 5 feet 1 inch

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table

This is another FDA registered inversion table from Teeter. 

With its higher price tag over the Teeter Fitspine X3, the Teeter LX9 gives you a few more features and benefits over the X3.

The frame is thicker on the LX9 and you get a storage caddy built into the table to store your personal items such as a water bottle or your mobile.

However, the main reason you’d want to spend a few hundred more dollars on this model than the X3 is down to its greater accessibility.

It comes with a boarding platform to help make the process of getting onto the table easier.

Furthermore, the arch in the frame creates a more suitable angle for mounting the table.

Other than that the LX9 offers the same benefits as the X3.

There are acupuncture nodes for trigger point release, and focused traction for your lower back, thanks to the lumbar bridge support.

YouTube video

Offering precision rotation, Teeter allows you to use simple arm movements to shift your body into your desired angle.

There are 3 preset options; you can choose from 20, 40 or 60 degrees depending on your level of experience in using inversion tables.

The device also comes with traction handles and extra-long, stretch max handles for added assistance during use. 

The patented ankle cups are ergonomically designed and parts of the inversion chair is made with heavy-gauge steel parts to accommodate up to 300 pounds.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing that it boasts a UL 3rd-party safety certification.

Buyers found the ankle wraps uncomfortable and it also carries a hefty price tag.

But if you’re not on a budget and suffer from a herniated disc, muscle tension or back pain don’t let the price be a deterrent.

Easy 5-step assembly
UL 3rd-party safety certification
5-year warranty
Uncomfortable on the ankles

EXERPEUTIC 975SL Inversion Table

The Exerpeutic 075SL inversion table sells for almost half the price of the Teeter EP-960 and can accommodate 50 pounds more in weight, at a capacity of 350.

It also boasts a large, thick foam backrest and extra-wide tubular frame made from steel.

The patented control disk brake system allows you to select the inversion angle without getting off the table.

Plus, no need to worry about pinch or pain thanks to the Airsoft ankle holder.

YouTube video

Another familiar feature is the Surelock ankle locking system that is adjustable and palm activated.

For added security and safety during inversion there is the integration of a double-lock, ratchet tooth mechanism.

This heavy-duty inversion table also has non-skid floor stabilisers.

The device folds for easy storage and comes with a removable lumbar pillow for added support in the lower back.

On the downside, some users complained that their locking mechanism broke after a while, which is unfortunate given the high price tag.

On the plus side, if you have a small space this one folds for easy storage and you get added support from the lumbar pillow.

Folds for storage
Control disc brake system for easy angle selection during inversion
Removable lumbar pillow for added back support
Locking mechanism may break
Complicated instructions

Our Top Picks

I gave you a wide range of options to choose from but our top pick for the best all-rounder is the Ironman Gravity inversion table

It offers a full 180-degree vertical inversion and has a 350-pound weight capacity. Plus, it features the patent-pending Airsoft technology. 

If you’re on a budget, the Innova ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage inversion chair is low-cost and offers features that more expensive devices do not.

Boasting heat and massage therapy, it has an adjustable headrest and height adjustment option, plus an easy-to-adjust, six-angle pin system.

However, if money is no object Teeter FitSpine LX9 inversion table is one of the priciest on our list, but it offers a high level of support and comfort with its grip-and-stretch handholds, which helps with decompression and realignment.

It also boasts an 8-point floating suspension system for enhanced compression.

Other Types of Products for Back Pain Relief

Inversion tables are not the only option for back pain relief, so if you’re seeking a different mode of treatment, we have a few suggestions you can also try.

Low Back Stretchers

These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to improve your spine’s flexibility by loosening stiff, tight muscles around the spine.

They also boost circulation so that damaged muscles can heal, while helping to prevent sciatica, slipped disc, bulging disc, and chronic back problems.

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Tens Units

These are used to massage and relieve pain by soothing sore muscles.

Tens units are used to treat joint, neck and back pain, and post-operative pain.

If you suffer from pain due to arthritis, multiple sclerosis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia or sport-related injuries a tens unit can also prove helpful.

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Decompression Back Belts

These are great for back and spine health as they help to improve posture and decompress your spine.

They are simple to use devices and boast a vast range of benefits such as protecting spinal disc, helping with chronic back pain and preventing and relieving neck pain.

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Back Braces

If your pain is due to improper posture then a back brace is ideal for correcting this issue. 

Back braces help to lessen strain on the spine and reduces muscle tension and lower back pain.

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Shiatsu Massage Pillows

These pillows mimic the sensation/finger pressure of a traditional shiatsu massage and relieve a range of conditions including sciatica nerve pain, headache, joint aches as well as back pain.

It also offers several therapeutic benefits such as stress and fatigue relief.

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Chair Pads

These work quite similarly to a massage chair but sell at a fraction of the cost.

The pads are strapped to the chair and are then plugged in to deliver a massaging effect to the neck, and back—relieving pain and tension in these muscles.

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Inversion therapy is beneficial for a range of issues, but it’s not suitable for everyone.

If you are pregnant, or have pre-existing conditions such as extreme obesity, stroke, heart disease or high blood pressure, this is not recommended unless advised by a doctor.

Additionally, if you are new to inversion therapy it’s best to start at a low degree of gravity until you start to get more comfortable using the inversion table.

If you follow the instructions carefully and use the device within the recommended time frame, you’ll no doubt start to reap the benefits of inversion tables and be on your way to a pain-free life.

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