How to Stretch & Release Tight Calves

Calf muscles are often overlooked as a muscle that you would want to take care of as usually we focus more on the hamstrings and quads, and we assume that our calves are fine. But the calf muscles are just as important as these other parts and if we ignore them it can lead to a lot of problems. By making sure our calves don’t become tight we increase the flexibility of the ankle enabling us to have greater mobility and prevent possible injuries to our knees and the joints above it.

The two step process:

  1. Foam roll the calves on both legs making sure the whole calf has been rolled.
  2. Place the foam roller on the floor then place one heel on the floor and the top half of the same foot resting on the foam roller. Try to move your other standing foot as far forward as you can whilst maintaining balance. You should feel a stretch down the calf.

I personally have tried this and have seen a lot of relief in the calf muscles. What I like about it is the first step of loosening up the tight muscle and then stretching it. Over time the calves should become less tight as you train the calf muscle to become more stretched.

If you have tight calves, I recommend trying this process out. If there’s some other body part that you feel you need to foam roll out check out our post on how to foam roller exercises for the entire body.

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