The Best Massage Tools in 2024

By Kian
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The best massage tools will leave your muscles feeling more alive after using them.

With that comes better mobility, flexibility and a release of muscle tightness.

These simple massage tools are often overlooked but can make a huge difference to your mood in your daily life.

I’ve experienced the benefits first-hand, and now I’m hooked on trying out the latest and best massage tools on the market.

There isn’t one best massage tool that fits everyone.

There are a variety of things that determine which is the right massage tool for you from the part of the body you are massaging to how intense a massage you need, or if you want electric or manual control.

In this post, I will cover 27 of the best massage tools for self-massage and provide a comprehensive list so you can choose the best one for you.

Let’s get right into the list!

The Top Massage Tools

Given the overwhelming variety of massage tools on the market, you may wonder which is the best.

The truth is different massage therapy tools suit different people based on their unique needs and preferences.

Go through this list and see which one appeals to you most.

Theragun Pro

TheraGun Pro Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun -...

The Theragun is one of the most popular massage guns today.

A massage gun is a device that sends pulses of pressure that penetrate deep into muscle tissue.

They’re handheld electronic massagers that hammer away at your muscles, and most come with different attachment heads you can use to target different muscles in your body.

Unlike foam rollers and massage balls, massage guns don’t require the effort it takes to push into muscle tissue with your own body weight.

YouTube video

It’s also easier to get precise and pinpoint specific trigger points.

Massage guns are highly effective tools for releasing muscle tension and relieving pain, particularly post-workout.

Most massage guns are notably loud when operated, but they are a great option if you want to release tension quickly without getting on the floor, like with a foam roller.

Massage guns are also very versatile, with different intensity settings and interchangeable attachment heads.

That being said, the better massage guns can be quite expensive, however, there are plenty of lower-budget options to get started with.

Effective on virtually any muscle no matter where you’re experiencing pain and tension
Easy to use by holding it in your hand with no manual pressure required
Gives you the benefits of myofascial release and deep tissue massage
On the noisy side

Fitness Cryosphere

Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller - 6 Hours...

Sometimes, your muscles need ice to bring the inflammation down.

The Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller is a unique tool that works a lot like a massage ball, but it stays ice-cold for 6 hours to provide cold relief.

Besides the cooling aspect, another thing that makes it different from a regular massage ball is its holder that allows you to hold the ball and roll it.

YouTube video

You can roll the ball with accuracy along your muscles while holding it in your hand instead of using a wall or the floor to make the ball roll.

However, you can also remove the ball from the holder and use it like a massage ball.

If you feel like your muscles need a bit of a cool down to help relieve pain, this product is worth a shot.

Great for treating small trouble spots causing you pain
Reduces inflammation with ice
Hard material makes it easy to apply adequate pressure
The holder allows you to roll the ball using your hand easily
Not the ideal tool for a full-body massage or for kneading out stiff back muscles


PSO-RITE Psoas Muscle Release and Deep Tissue Massage...

The PRO-RITE mimics the hand and elbow of a masseuse and is designed to precisely target tense muscles in several areas of the body including the psoas.

Its patented design allows for deeper penetration than other massage tools, and it offers trigger point therapy, high-quality recovery, and deep-tissue massage at your convenience.

With this option, you have a masseuse at your service 24/7.

YouTube video

To use the PSO-RITE, you lay on it and manoeuvre your body until you find a tender spot. Once you find it, you hold on to it, and the tightness should release.

The PSO-RITE is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to apply a lot of pressure and target deep trigger points.

It works particularly well on fleshy areas of the body, such as the thighs, hamstrings and calves.

That being said the PSO-RITE is expensive for what it is, which is effectively a piece of plastic with ridges in it.

Despite its high cost, if you have areas of your body that you cannot release the PSO-RITE may be worth a try.

Portable and easy to use
Reaches deep trigger points
Able to target the PSOAS
Light and portable
Made from safe and recyclable ABS plastic
Relatively expensive for what it is

Roll Recovery R8 Plus

ROLL Recovery R8 Plus (Alpine White) - Deep Tissue...

The ROLL Recovery R8 Plus is a deep-tissue massage tool that clamps around your limbs, which you can then roll up and down to loosen up tight muscles.

I have to say that this device is fast becoming one of my favourite massage tools due to how aggressive it is.

The R8 Plus is designed to be used on the legs from the thigh down to the calves. And it’s the calves and Quads that I find this tool most effective.

YouTube video

In the past, I’ve used muscle roller sticks and foam rollers on my calves but never got the deep penetration that I needed.

However, the R8 Plus makes massaging your calves much more effortless as all the pressure is generated from the spring mechanism.

The intensity of the springs can be either increased or decreased using a dial on the frame of the R8 Plus.

Inserts can be switched out depending on how soft or intense you need

You also have the option of increasing or decreasing the intensity, as you can purchase either softer or harder roller inserts that can be swapped out.

If you’re looking for a deep massage in your legs and have found other massage tools to be lacking in their intensity, this could be the massage tool for you.

Overall the R8 Plus is a super alternative to a foam roller as you do not have to get on the floor to use it.

This makes the R8 Plus a great option for people who want a quick massage on the go.

Well-built and sturdy
Agressive and intense
The intensity of the clamp can be controlled via a dial
Rollers can be swapped out for a softer or a harder option
Can be used sitting or standing, unlike a foam roller
Some people may find the clamping style too strong and a little hard to get the tool in place

TP Foam Roller

TriggerPoint 13' Multi-Density Foam Roller - Relieves...

Foam rollers are cylinder-shaped manual tools that break up muscle knots and release fascia when you roll on them.

This tool is your bread and butter of self-massage and myofascial release.

It is the first tool you will likely use when starting out. The classic foam roller is extremely versatile and can be used on most body parts.

They’re widely used by athletes immediately before and immediately after workouts to support healthy fascia and muscle function.

They may sound like they’d be a soft object, but foam rollers are made with very high-density foam that compresses your muscles very firmly.

In fact, most people experience pain while using a foam roller, which lessens with regular use as the health of your fascia and muscle tissue improves.

Foam rollers are excellent for releasing the fascia of large muscles, particularly in your legs and back.

They’re great for muscle recovery in your legs after athletic activity, and for increasing blood flow in your upper back after long hours at a desk.

Good for beginners
Simple to use
Cheap and durable
First-timers will find it less intense than massage balls
Releases tension and fascia in large areas at a time
Not able to target small trigger points or “dig” into hard-to-target areas
In most cases, you need to be on the floor to use it effectively

Gideon™ Neck and Shoulder Self-Massage Tool

Gideon™ Neck and Shoulder Therapeutic Self-Massage...

The Gideon self-massage tool combines shiatsu massage with a massage stick, allowing you to knead muscles with two shiatsu massage balls when you leverage the stick.

This tool can accurately massage your neck muscles and apply direct pressure.

It’s easy to dig into your neck muscles with this tool, but you would get more versatility from a massage ball than the balls attached to the stick.

This massage tool isn’t going to give you a complete neck massage, as I found it only really works on the back of the neck.

That being said, if you find relief using a massage ball on your neck, this is an excellent option because your arms don’t get as tired of holding the ball in position.

This isn’t the best neck massager out there, but it’s cheap and does help loosen the back of the neck up.

Releases neck tension and pain
Great alternative to holding a massage ball against your neck
Simple to use
Not generally that relaxing
It only really works on the back of the neck
The balls don’t roll

RENPHO Handheld Massager

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for...

The RENPHO handheld massager emits rapid pulses of pressure that stimulate blood flow and relax your muscles.

Percussion therapy relieves pain and enhances muscle flexibility, range of motion, and performance by increasing circulation and breaking up tension.

The great thing about this type of massager is that it has a long handle so you can easily massage your back by reaching over your shoulder.

It comes with different attachment heads so you can target different muscle groups around the body like may of the other handheld massagers on the market.

These types of massagers are great options if you need to release tight muscles and tension but feel you are more on the sensitive side.

The massage guns that we’ve covered already (like the Theragun) tend to apply a lot of force that some people may find painful but these types of massagers are a lot gentler.

Percussion massagers offer comprehensive and versatile deep-tissue massage therapy and are often used by massage therapists.

These handheld electric devices provide the perfect combination of manual control over your massage and motorized percussion penetrating muscle tissue.

The RENPHO massager is a good handheld model to try, given its low price.

Easy to target any trigger point in any part of the body using different attachment heads on the device
Great for massaging your own back and shoulders given its long handles
Gentler option over massage guns
Doesn’t focus on myofascial release or provide techniques like rolling
Not intense enough to release deep knots

KOA Elite Trigger Point Massage Tool

KOAPRO Fascia Massage Tool Blaster for Cellulite,...

The KOA Elite is a massage stick unlike any other.

It has knobs and a grip handle which makes it easy to use with control and accuracy on your neck, arms, legs and other areas.

All you have to do is find a trigger point and apply pressure with the tool.

Given that the knobs aren’t that deep, this tool is best used around thin muscles like the forearms and pecs. It’s not really going to work on your calves and thighs, as these muscle groups are a lot thicker.

The KOA tool is small and light, making it a great option if you have to take it with you whilst travelling.

It also has a grip on the handle, making releasing trigger points on your body a lot more comfortable than some of the other manual release tools.

Easy to grip
Small and light
Great for myofascial release
Suitable for small trigger points that larger myofascial release tools cannot reach
Lacks the benefits motorized electronic devices provide, such as percussion and kneading
You have to provide your own pressure with your strength

RAD Atom Massage Ball

RAD Atom/Extra Firm Density Massage Ball/Larger size,...

Massage balls provide deep tissue massage and myofascial release.

They’re simple, durable and easily portable, but on the other hand, the massage you get from them depends on the work you put in since you have to roll them against a wall or the floor.

YouTube video

Most massage balls available on the market tend to be around the size of a tennis ball.

While this size is adequate enough for most muscles, sometimes you need something a little bigger.

I’ve searched for many large-sized massage balls in the past, and when I do manage to find one, they all seem to be quite soft in texture, often made of foam.

The RAD atom, however, is one of the first larger-sized balls that I have come across that is rock solid.

The hard density makes it perfect for upping the intensity, while its larger size helps in fleshier areas of the body.

The RAD atom is much larger than a normal massage ball

If you are looking for a large and very dense massage ball the RAD atom could be the one.

It’s worth noting that it is on the expensive side for a massage ball, however, the quality is high, and I am confident that it will last a lifetime.

Larger than more massage balls, making it perfect for fleshy areas
Very hard and aggressive
Well-made and high-quality build
On the expensive side
May be too intense for beginners

Rolflex PRO

Rolflex Arm & Leg Massager - Forearm & Calf Roller -...

The Rolflex PRO is a unique foam roller or “stability roller” that is designed to target more muscles throughout your body than you could with a regular foam roller.

YouTube video

What makes it different is that it has built-in rollers that penetrate muscle tissue, and you don’t need to use your body weight, the floor or a wall to roll them.

You adjust the tool to the desired compression level and use your hands to move it along muscles.

This tool is very similar to the Roll Recovery R8 plus. However, I’d say the Roflex Pro is better tailored to the upper body.

It has a soft pad at the bottom so you can rest it on your legs to get the leverage you need to work your arms and forearms.

The arms and forearms and notoriously hard to knead out the muscles on so the Roflex Pro is a good solution to this.

It will also help with ailments like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and tendinitis.

Provides the benefits of foam rolling with better ease of use
Effective on the forearms
Also effective on the thighs and calves
Can only be used on the legs and arms

CranioCradle Home Therapy System

Craniocradle Home Therapy System OPEN BOX

The CranioCradle massage tool is a simple fix for people working long hours at a desk, since it’s small, light and easily portable.

It’s designed to relieve tension from your upper and lower back, neck, head and shoulders.

YouTube video

If you suffer from tension headaches or neck and back tension, this could help.

It’s made of firm foam like a foam roller, but there’s no rolling necessary. All you have to do is lie on it and relax.

It uses pressure and compression to release trigger points when you place it in certain positions on your body.

The CranioCradle is great if you suffer from headaches, migraines, TMJ and insomnia.

However, if you’re looking to knead out tight muscles, then there are better options on this list.

Helps treat headaches and upper body tension
Relaxes your entire body by releasing critical trigger points on your neck and head
Easy to use without the need for physical activity – simply lay or sit still while using it
Not very versatile
Releases certain trigger points but it’s not a tool that can knead out any muscle

Dr. Berg’s Self-Massage Tool

Dr. Berg Self-Massage Tool - Handheld Neck and Lower...

Dr. Berg’s self-massage tool, developed by a chiropractor to assist with pain relief, massages your muscles with firm knobs that allow you to apply pressure easily.

YouTube video

Similar to the CranioCradle, it’s shaped so that it releases trigger points when placed in certain positions.

It has two prongs that you can apply to critical points that can relieve stress and tension throughout your entire body.

It works best on the chest, neck and back areas.

Much like the PSO-RITE already covered in this post, it is expensive for what it is, which is ultimately a piece of plastic.

That being said, many people do see results with this massage tool reporting positive results.

Dr. Berg’s self-massage tool comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you can try it out and get a refund if it doesn’t work.

Helps relieve chronic headaches, lower back pain, neck pain
Designed to stimulate circulation and relieve tension in your spine to improve back health
Can be used on a chair by leaning into it
Prone to slipping
Can be difficult to find the right position for relief
Requires you to apply your own pressure to knead and compress muscles
More of a tool to release knots rather than a general massage tool

Cupping Therapy Sets

Cupping Warehouse Advanced (Hard) Supreme 8 DEEP PRO...

Cupping therapy works by suctioning small portions of your body to draw blood and muscle tissue to the surface.

It’s like a “reverse massage” because it breaks up tension through suction instead of with pressure.

The suction created by vacuum cups breaks up stagnation, releasing the fascia and freeing tight muscles that are hugging onto the bone.

YouTube video

Fresh blood then enters the area and helps restore optimal cellular functioning.

I’ve tried these myself, and to be honest, I don’t think these are quite my thing. However, a lot of people swear by these devices.

Silicone cups like those in the Cupping Warehouse TM Supreme set are easy to apply and remove simply by squeezing them.

There’s no pumping or fire needed to remove air from the cups.

If you’re looking for a set to start with then they are a great lower-priced option to start off with.

Minimal work is required; you relax while the painless therapy is in progress
Helps with detoxification
Effectively relieves pain
The set is great for beginners
Not ideal for instant relief on the go
Can leave temporary marks on the body
Results vary depending on the person

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

addsfit Mini Massage Gun, Pocket-Sized Muscle Deep...

We’ve already covered one type of massage gun, the Theragun Pro, but I’ve added another one here.

This mini-massage gun uses the same percussion technology to massage muscles as the Theragun, except that it is much smaller and portable.

If you’re new to percussion massagers, this may be a great place to start, as it’s not only smaller than the Theragun but also much cheaper.

Its extra portability makes this ideal for taking with you on your travels and is ideal for those moments when you feel a slight tightness in your muscles.

Since it is on the smaller side, it won’t do much for you on the larger muscle groups as it simply doesn’t have that kind of power.

However, it does work well on smaller muscle groups.

I find it works well on the neck, forearm and hands.

Small, light and portable
Easy to use
Good beginner option
This massager is less powerful and therefore a massage ball may be more effective for myofascial release

Myofascial Releaser Ellipse Pro

Myofascial Releaser Ellipse Pro Muscle Scraper Tool -...

You may have never heard of scraper tools or scraping therapy, but if you have any fascia-related pain, you should consider this tool.

It’s a hand-held manual tool for myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization and muscle soreness relief.

Clinicians and massage therapists generally use these kinds of tools to help in instrument-assisted fascias mobilization (IAFM) and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), however, it is also possible to use these tools for self-myofascial release.

YouTube video

Scraper tools like the Myofascial Releaser Ellipse Pro are the ideal massage tool for myofascial release and is extremely popular among athletes.

If you have a muscle injury, you most likely experience pain related to fascia damage.

Scraper tools release the adhesions in your fascia caused by muscle tension and alignment problems.

The Myofascial Releaser Ellipse Pro is made of bevelled edges that are hard and narrow enough to apply pressure and “scrape” your muscles and fascia.

This action pushes blood out of the area, causing fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to enter the area and promote healing.

Scraper tools are made with different hard materials, such as hard plastic, jade, stone, copper or stainless steel.

Easy tool to control for an accurate pin-pointed trigger point release
Versatile – allowing you to massage virtually anywhere on your body
Thin edge allows you to “dig” into nooks and crannies like the muscles around your shins, shoulder blades and spine
It only scrapes muscles for myofascial release
Does not knead or provide percussion to loosen muscles
Will require assistance to use on your back

Rad Rod

RAD Rod/Myofascial Release Tool/Massage Stick/Self...

Massage roller sticks are a great tool to roll out your knots manually.

The small design makes this a more portable version of a foam roller.

Muscle roller sticks like the RAD Rod provide myofascial release, similar to the way a foam roller works.

Instead of rolling against the floor, however, you can simply roll the massage stick or glide it along your muscles using your hands.

The RAD Rod and other muscle roller sticks are popular massage tools among runners and athletes, due to how quick and easy it is to use after a run or workout session to prevent tight calves.

Massage muscle rollers are generally easier than foam rollers to use on the go, because you can target muscles in a seated or standing position and they’re more portable.

I find that muscle roller sticks work well for the legs, such as the quads and calves, but aren’t that much use elsewhere.

If you want to get started with a muscle roller stick, then the RAD Rod is one of the best on the market.

It is much more costly than other models, but the higher quality of the RAD Rod is noticeable.

The cheaper models I’ve tried tend to bend and squeak, but this is not the case with the RAD Rod.

Effective for self-myofascial release along smooth long muscle surfaces
Portable and easy to use, making this a great tool for runners
Good for the lower body such as the quads, hamstrings and calves
Not ideal for kneading and digging into muscles that are hard to reach like those around your shoulder blades and along your neck
Not as versatile as a ball or foam roller as it tends to only work well on the legs

Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

BED OF NAILS Original Acupressure Mat — 8,820...

An acupressure mat is a spiky chiropractic mat you lay on that stimulates pressure points on your back that are just below your skin.

Rather than massaging muscle tissue, these tiny spikes help correct imbalances in your body’s systems and physiological functions.

As a result, they relieve pain and provide other therapeutic benefits.

Acupressure mats are great for people who want to relieve tension at the end of the day before going to bed but don’t want to put a lot of effort into it.

These spiky mats are virtually maintenance-free; all you need to do is lay on them.

Most people with chronic back pain, neck pain and headaches who try an acupressure mat are surprised with how effectively it relieves pain, especially with regular use.

Bed of Nails is one of the best-recognized brands creating acupressure mats, and their mat comes with a carry case.

They also manufacture special pillows that can be used alongside your spikey mat.

Easy to adjust the intensity level by wearing a shirt or removing your shirt
No manual work involved to get results
Doesn’t manually break up muscle knots like a tool that kneads
Compresses or provides percussion
Can take some time of regular use to get relief from chronic pain

Kieba Massage Ball

Massage Lacrosse Balls for Myofascial Release, Trigger...

The standard small massage ball is a versatile, portable and effective massage device.

Massage balls work like foam rollers, but they help you massage the smaller areas foam rollers can’t reach.

You can use a massage ball on virtually any muscle by applying pressure against your sore muscles.

You can also use it against a wall, in your hand or on the floor by rolling on top of it.

You can use most massage balls on any part of the body which is why they are an essential massage tool.

They are particularly effective when used on the neck, biceps, forearms, back, chest, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and feet (practically any body part!).

They come in all different surfaces, densities and sizes meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect massage ball for your needs.

There’s nothing extraordinary about the Kieba massage balls and you can use any ball designed for massage and get results.

That being said, the Kieba massage balls have a rubbery texture to provide some grip so the balls don’t shoot out from underneath you or slip out of your hand.

And you get two for the price of one at a low price. They are cheap and, most important of all, they are effective.

Can be used on any part of the body
Can reach the smallest of trigger points
Easy to carry around
Easy to carry around
May be too intense for beginners depending on the ball

MOBOT Foam Roller

MOBOT Portable Travel Foam Roller Water Bottle with Sip...

Not sure if you should bring a foam roller to the gym?

What if it was your water bottle?

The MOBOT foam roller water bottle doubles as a high-quality foam roller.

It’s made with steep ridges and high-density foam and can withstand your body weight pressure without caving.

YouTube video

It’s easy to use as a regular foam roller and can hold up to 27 oz of liquids.

This is a great idea if you want to take a foam roller with you to the gym but want to save space.

Despite it being an efficient 2-in-1 massage tool it does suffer from being a little too small to use comfortably.

If you’re using it on your quads, you have to take extra care to make sure you stay on the bottle/foam roller.

If you have the time and space, you will definitely want to stick to a regular-sized foam roller.

Doubles as a foam roller and water bottle
Durable and high-quality
Smaller and easier to take with you than a regular foam roller
Not as long as regular foam rollers making it harder to stay on the foam roller

Body Back Buddy

Body Back Buddy Elite - Improved Design- Versatile...

Massage sticks are versatile myofascial release tools for self-massage.

Most of them have knobs that are designed to help you reach hard-to-reach trigger points on your back, neck and shoulders.

Massage canes are typically shaped like an “S” with strategically placed handles along the design for you to get a good grip.

Multiple knobs and each end of the “S” can be used for myofascial release by pressing the knobs into tender areas on the body.

You can also use the length of the stick for myofascial release on larger muscle groups when you push it along the muscle the way a foam roller would roll.

YouTube video

The Body Back Buddy is one of the most popular massage sticks around.

It is a one-of-a-kind S-shaped massage stick with 11 knobs designed to access every trigger point in the body.

This means if you have a trigger point on any part of your body, the Body Back Buddy should be able to reach it.

I find the Body Back Buddy works best on getting trigger points and knots that are located around the traps.

I still prefer to use a massage ball for the back because you can lean into a ball against the wall and use your own weight to apply pressure.

However, that’s the beauty of the Body Back Buddy, you don’t need a wall to use it.

Once you get over the initial learning curve, the Body Back Buddy can easily become your go-to tool when you have stiffness or pain, because it helps you accurately target hard to reach places with pressure you can control.

Plus, it lets you release more points at a time than you could with a small handheld tool.

Perfect for trigger point and knot release
Lightweight and portable
Easy to adjust the amount of pressure you need
Allows you to compress and release virtually any trigger point from your neck to the soles of your feet
Doesn’t massage large muscle groups or release large areas of fascia the way a foam

The Davinci Tool

DaVinci Tool (Blue) -USA Made- Extra Firm Neck Tension...

The Davinci tool is similar to the CranioCradle, but with its unique shape.

It’s made of plastic and utilizes gravity and your body weight to dig into trigger points when you position it properly.

You can use any of the sides for self-massage, each having its own unique shape and purpose.

It has a round, pointed and scalloped edge, so this massage tool has a lot of versatility.

If you benefit from a foam roller, but you wish it could release muscles and fascia in delicate, hard-to-reach areas like your shoulder blades, neck and shoulders, you may like it.

You can use it virtually anywhere from head to toe, and there’s no rolling necessary.

Like with a foam roller, it can be painful. However, the pain lessens with regular use as your muscles and fascia heal.

If you’re looking for a generalised knot release, then you may be better off with something like the Body Back Buddy or some other massage tool on this list.

However, if you are more focused on migraine and headache relief, then this is a tool that may be worth trying out.

Digs into crevices like your scapula with its edges
Suitable for knot relief
Can be used for migraine relief
Versatile for head-to-toe use
Lightweight and portable
Very firm and may be too intense for some people
Too hard and painful for some
Can be hard to keep it in place while using

Thumb Saver Massager

HealPT Deep Tissue Massage Tool and Thumb Saver...

The Thumb Saver tool is named after its main purpose: saving your thumb.

Specifically the pain your thumb would experience if it were used as the primary method of applying a massage.

The Thumb Saver massage tool provides an ergonomic grip with a thumb-shaped knob you can use to dig into tight muscles the way you would use your thumb.

Of course, it applies much more pressure than you could achieve with your fingers, and it saves your joints from the wear and tear of self-massage.

The Thumb Saver is made of plastic and is great to use with massage oils. It’s also very cheap, which makes it a relatively risk-free try.

This tool would be most recommended to anyone who uses their own thumb a lot to apply a massage, whether that be on yourself or someone else.

Easy and intuitive to use as it’s designed to mimic your own hand
Low priced
Still requires a lot of manual effort to perform a self-massage
Only targets small trigger points at a time

Beastie Ball

RUMBLE ROLLER RumbleRoller BXA Xtra Firm Beastie...

The RumbleRoller beastie ball gives you the benefit of foam rolling, but with deeper and more targeted penetration.

Unlike a regular massage ball, it has ultra-deep ridges with bumps that dig deep into your muscles and open up the fascia.

YouTube video

The other thing that makes it unique is the base it comes with.

The Beastie Ball can be detached from the base

When you place the ball on the floor using the base, it won’t roll away while you compress a muscle onto it.

It should be noted that the Beastie ball is very intense and is best for knot release, as there’s no real benefit to rolling on top of this ball.

I found that even with a base, the Beastie ball is quite difficult to place directly on top of specific knots you are targetting.

Instead, I found it’s far better at targetting knotted-up areas rather than a specific trigger point.

Compact and portable
Small enough to target knotted-up areas on your body
Intense and aggressive
Low cost
Two density options
Can be difficult to target specific trigger points
Too painful for some

Neck Track Massager Tool

Deep Recovery Neck Track for Trigger Point Massage &...

The neck massager tool uses a foam block, massage balls, and gravity to release sensitive trigger points in the neck gently.

This multi-tasker can also be used for other body parts besides the neck.

YouTube video

The main selling point of this tool is that it holds your massage ball still rather than having it roll around everywhere.

It also raises the massage ball off the floor, which can help it dig into fleshy areas more easily.

This raised platform is particularly useful for sinking the massage ball into the back of your neck, which can help with migraines and headaches.

This massage tool is a little expensive, especially considering it doesn’t come with any massage balls; however, it can help create new angles for your massage ball to get into new muscle areas that it couldn’t before.

Holds massage balls in place to prevent them from rolling
Raises the balls off the ground to allow more pressure into the neck
Good solution to help with headaches and migraines
Have to lie down on the floor to use it
A tad expensive for what it is

Peanut Massage Ball

RAD Roller Original/Myofascial Release Tool/Eco...

The peanut massage ball (or double lacrosse ball) has a double ball design that provides stability and accuracy for myofascial release all over the body.

The miniature design is great for people who travel and need a lightweight, portable massager.

The peanut massage ball is often one of the most underrated massage tools.

Most will have come across this tool for running down either side of the spine, which it works well for, but it also works well for other body parts.

For example, it is great for running down the length of your quads, calves and even around the hip area.

It provides a different type of two-pronged pressure rather than the standard one-pressure spot from a normal massage ball.

If you like regular massage balls and haven’t tried a peanut massage ball, you’re missing out!

Cheap and effective
More stable to use than a single massage ball
Great for rolling down the spine and back of the neck
You are bound to find new trigger points when using this kind of massage tool
May take time to get used to
Can be uncomfortable at first

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis Relief by...

The Theraflow foot massager is an example of a ‘foot roller’ massager, which is a wooden roller with small pegs for a deep-tissue massage.

This model is designed to help with plantar fasciitis and trigger points in the feet.

Foot rollers are designed to be placed on the ground.

You then, sit down and gently roll feet back and forth over the massager, stopping for several seconds on any trigger points.

This massager has no give because it is made of wood, so “tread” gently.

If you need to loosen up the muscles on the soles of your feet and suffer from plantar fasciitis, this massage tool is worth a shot.

It’s low-cost, effective and simple to use.

Provides a deep tissue massage for the foot
Can help with plantar fasciitis
Can reduce foot pain
Low cost
Simple to use
Specific to the feet only
Can’t stand up on it and apply a lot of pressure if you need it

Jacknobber Tool

Pressure Positive Co. The Jacknobber II (Blue)

Various tools don’t fit into a specific category other than looking ‘weird.’

These tools come with pointy ends of different lengths, shapes and sizes designed to reach deep trigger points around the body.

Funny name aside, the Jacknobber tool is a handy little massager for myofascial release.

This is discreet enough to keep it at your desk at work.

As handheld massagers go, this does not require much grip strength and can be pressed down using your hand rather than having to lie on it.

This tool is best used for the less fleshy areas of the body, such as the neck, arms and forearms.

If you find releasing knots and tight spots with your finger effective, then the Jacknobber tool can be used in place of your fingers and prevent them from tiring out.

Can release the smallest and deepest trigger points
Small and easy to carry
Low price
Different-sized heads for different pressures
First-time massagers will find this tool too intense
Not useful for large muscle areas
Not as versatile as a trigger point stick


And there you have it, our curated list of the 27 best massage tools designed to cater to a variety of needs and preferences. When choosing the right tool for yourself, remember that patience is key. Each individual’s body is unique, with different trigger points and areas of tension. Sometimes, the most basic tool can have a profound impact on your daily comfort and wellness, proving that effective relief doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag.

However, it’s important to approach this journey with caution. Take things slow, listen to your body, and be open to experimentation. Finding the perfect massage tool might take some time, but when you do, the relief and relaxation it brings can be a game changer in managing muscle tension and enhancing your overall well-being. Choose wisely, and let the quest for the ideal massage tool be a step towards a more relaxed and pain-free lifestyle.

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