Top 10 Peanut Massage Balls of 2024

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Massage therapy offers many tools for muscle recovery, with peanut massage balls, also known as double lacrosse balls, emerging as a standout choice. Unlike traditional round massage balls, their unique peanut shape specifically targets spinal areas, providing precise relief without exerting pressure on sensitive bones. Ideal for a diverse range of users, from athletes to those with desk jobs, peanut massage balls offer deep muscle relief and enhanced flexibility.

In this guide, we’re excited to showcase some of the best peanut massage balls available today. Whether you’re seeking a tool to assist in post-workout recovery, ease chronic back pain, or simply to relax tense muscles after a long day, these carefully selected products are sure to meet your needs.

The Best Double Lacrosse Balls

Dive into our curated selection of top peanut massage balls, each meticulously reviewed to guide you in finding the perfect fit for your muscle relief needs.

5BILLION FITNESS Peanut Massage Ball

5BILLION FITNESS Peanut Massage Ball - Double Lacrosse...

The 5BILLION FITNESS Peanut Massage Ball is a classic example of a straightforward, no-nonsense massage tool. Its simplistic design and practical functionality make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a basic, yet effective, massage solution.

This massage ball, measuring 5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter, is tailored to reach stabilizing muscles around the spine and vertebrae. The peanut shape is especially designed to avoid direct pressure on the spine, making it safe and comfortable for use. The natural rubber material offers a firm yet forgiving texture, providing the right balance between hardness and flexibility. Unlike hard plastic balls that can be uncomfortably rigid, this ball’s rubber composition ensures a firm massage without being too harsh.

Included with the massage ball is a convenient carry bag, enhancing its portability and making it a suitable companion for gym-goers or those constantly on the move. Whether it’s for a quick session at the gym or a post-workout routine, this massage ball is versatile enough to be pressed against various body parts, including the neck, back, legs, and shoulders.

However, the size of the 5BILLION FITNESS Peanut Massage Ball might not be ideal for everyone. While its compact dimensions benefit most, some users might find it a bit small, especially when used on the floor. This could require getting uncomfortably close to the ground to achieve the desired pressure and effect.

Despite this minor limitation, the massage ball is a standout option for those unsure about which peanut massage ball to choose. It’s durable, well-made, and effective in delivering deep-tissue massages. Plus, its affordability and the assurance of a lifetime guarantee make it an excellent, risk-free investment for anyone in need of a reliable massage tool.

Perfectly sized for reaching stabilizing muscles around the spine
Made of natural rubber, offering a firm yet comfortable massage
Affordable with a lifetime guarantee
Some users may find the size a bit small for floor use, requiring close proximity to the ground.
May be too intense for beginners

LifePro Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball

LifePro Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball, Double Lacrosse...

The LifePro Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball offers a unique approach to muscle recovery and relaxation, distinguishing itself with a vibrating feature that enhances its effectiveness. This peanut-shaped massage tool is designed for deep myofascial release and trigger point therapy, making it particularly beneficial for speeding up recovery. It’s especially useful for alleviating tightness, soreness, and various types of pain, including fibromyalgia, sciatica, and neuropathy.

This massage ball’s high and firm nodules, combined with its contoured, ridged silicone design, efficiently work to soothe away pain. Users can choose from four vibration intensity levels—pulse, low, medium, and high—to tailor their massage experience according to personal preferences.

A notable advantage of the LifePro Massage Ball is its size. Being larger than many standard peanut massage balls, it is well-suited for individuals who find smaller balls less effective. Its ample size enables it to cover a broader area, providing a more extensive massage experience.

However, the design of the LifePro Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball includes a minor flaw: its power button is quite large and easily pressed accidentally. This can lead to unintentional shutdowns during use, which might be a source of annoyance for some users.

Despite this small inconvenience, the LifePro Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball is an excellent choice for those looking for a larger, vibration-enabled massage tool. The added vibration feature, along with the ball’s size and effective design, makes it a valuable tool for those seeking enhanced muscle recovery and relaxation. While the power button design might require some getting used to, the overall quality and functionality of the massage ball make it a worthwhile investment.

Unique vibrating feature for enhanced massage
Four adjustable vibration intensity levels
Larger size for more comprehensive coverage
Ridged design for effective pain and soreness relief
The large power button may be accidentally pressed during use, causing interruptions

The TriggerPoint MB2 Double Massage Ball


The TriggerPoint MB2 Double Massage Ball stands out in the massage tool market with its unique adjustable width feature. This innovative design allows users to switch between a closed setting for a narrower massage and an expanded setting for a wider reach. This versatility makes it a highly adaptable tool for targeting different muscle groups, particularly around the spine and back.

One of the key advantages of the MB2 massage ball is its construction. The patented, layered EVA foam surface is both firm and padded, offering a comfortable yet effective massage experience. This foam surface is particularly beneficial as it minimizes clothing bunching, a common issue with rubber-surfaced massage balls.

The adjustability of the MB2 is a major selling point, allowing it to lock for use on smaller muscles or extend for larger muscle groups. This feature enhances its ability to stimulate circulation, increase mobility in the spine, and support better posture. Its foam construction provides optimal compression and pressure for safe and targeted self-massage.

However, while the adjustable settings of the MB2 are useful, there’s room for improvement in terms of customization. The two settings, while helpful, may not cater perfectly to every individual’s size and needs. A fully adjustable width to allow personalized settings would enhance this tool’s appeal significantly.

Another consideration is the price point. The MB2 is somewhat expensive compared to other massage balls in the market, which might deter some potential users.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the TriggerPoint MB2 is well-constructed, durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, making it a long-lasting option for self-massage and recovery. Its lightweight and compact design make it ideal for on-the-go mobility and travel use.

Unique adjustable width for versatile massage options
Firm yet padded EVA foam surface for comfortable use
Ideal for stimulating circulation and increasing spinal mobility
Foam surface reduces clothing bunching
Durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean
Limited to only two width settings, lacking fully customizable adjustability
Slightly expensive for its feature set

FitBeast Peanut Massage Ball

FitBeast Peanut Massage Ball, Trigger Point Massage...

The FitBeast Peanut Massage Ball distinguishes itself with its multifunctional design, making it an excellent tool for those seeking both the benefits of a lacrosse ball and a peanut massage ball. Its versatility is a key highlight, offering users a practical solution for various massage needs in one compact device.

This massage ball’s unique design allows it to be divided into two separate lacrosse balls, each with different pressure levels. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer a customized massage experience, as they can choose between a softer or harder ball depending on their sensitivity and muscle soreness levels. Additionally, the ability to detach and use the balls individually adds to the product’s versatility, making it suitable for targeting a wide range of body areas, from smaller muscles in the forearms and feet to larger groups like the back and legs.

Another advantage of the FitBeast Peanut Massage Ball is its medium size. It strikes a balance between smaller and larger massage balls, making it an ideal choice for those who need something that is neither too small nor too large. This size is perfect for providing effective muscle relief while still being convenient for travel.

Despite its numerous benefits, the FitBeast Peanut Massage Ball may present a challenge for beginners or those with heightened sensitivity due to its intensity. However, this aspect also contributes to its effectiveness in providing deep muscle relief and trigger point therapy.

Overall, the FitBeast Peanut Massage Ball is a standout choice for its multifunctionality, affordability, and clever design. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for a versatile, effective, and cost-efficient massage tool that caters to a range of massage needs.

Multifunctional design, serving as both a peanut and lacrosse ball massager
Detachable into two balls with different pressure levels
Medium size, ideal for both travel and home use
Effective for a variety of muscle groups
Affordable, offering great value for its versatility
The intensity may be too much for beginners or those sensitive to deep pressure

Tiger Tail Tiger Ball 4.4 Peanut Foam Roller

Tiger Tail Tiger Ball 4.4 Peanut Foam Roller: Self-Help...

The Tiger Tail Tiger Ball 4.4 stands out in the peanut massage ball market, primarily due to its unique size and ergonomic design. It’s specially crafted to cater to those who need a larger-sized massage tool, particularly for the back and neck areas.

This manual massage ball’s most notable feature is its substantial size, which makes it ideal for effectively reaching and massaging the back and neck. Unlike smaller massage balls that might struggle to cover these areas adequately, the Tiger Ball 4.4’s dimensions allow for a more comprehensive and satisfying massage experience, especially when used on the floor.

The ball’s surface strikes a balance between softness and firmness. It has a padded feel, offering a comfortable massage experience, yet it remains firm enough to provide substantial pressure and deep muscle relief. This combination of softness and firmness makes it versatile for various muscle groups.

However, its larger size may be a double-edged sword. While it’s excellent for broader back and neck areas, it might not be as effective for sinking deep into smaller muscle groups like the quads, where a more intense, focused pressure is often desired.

Regarding pricing, the Tiger Ball 4.4 is on the higher end compared to some other options in the market. While this might be a consideration for those on a tight budget, its quality and effectiveness could justify the investment for many users.

In summary, the Tiger Tail Tiger Ball 4.4 Peanut Foam Roller is an excellent option for those seeking a larger, quality massage tool for effective back and neck relief. Its unique size and balanced texture make it a standout choice, particularly for individuals who find smaller massage balls insufficient for their needs.

Ideal size for back and neck massage
Ergonomic design facilitates deep, comfortable massages
Balanced texture: soft yet firm for effective pressure
Well-suited for use on the floor, wall, or while lying down
May not be ideal for smaller muscle groups needing deeper, more focused pressure
Slightly higher price point compared to some other massage balls

Therabody Wave Duo

Therabody Wave Series Wave Duo - Ergonomically...

The Therabody Wave Duo stands out as a premium vibrating muscle relief device designed with a focus on the back, spine, and neck. This ergonomically contoured tool targets specific muscle groups, making it highly effective for releasing soreness, reducing tension, and increasing range of motion.

Key features of the Wave Duo include five powerful vibration intensity settings, which can be adjusted for comfort via the Therabody App. This smart connectivity allows users to tailor their massage experience precisely to their needs. The device’s innovative wave texture, made from hypo-allergenic EVA high-density foam, adds an extra dimension of pressure to the muscles while ensuring advanced sound insulation.

One of the distinguishing aspects of the Wave Duo is its shape, which is specifically calibrated to target the areas around the spine and neck efficiently. The duo’s high points focus on either side of the spine, and the concave centre avoids putting extra stress on the spinal column. This design is ideal for people who need focused relief in these areas.

While the Wave Duo excels in performance and design, it does come with a higher price tag, which is characteristic of Therabody’s premium range of products. This might be a consideration for those on a tighter budget.

However, for those willing to invest in a high-quality, brand-name product, the Therabody Wave Duo is a superb choice. Its combination of ergonomic design, customizable vibration settings, and smart connectivity make it a standout option for targeted muscle relief. The device’s premium build quality and the reputation of the Therabody brand add to its appeal, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-tier vibrating peanut massage ball.

Ergonomic contouring for effective targeting of back, spine, and neck
Five adjustable vibration intensity settings for customized massage
Smart connectivity with the Therabody app for personalized control
Innovative wave texture for added pressure and traction control
Premium build quality from a reputable brand
Higher price point compared to other vibrating peanut massage balls

Double Lacrosse Ball Set

Peanut Massage Ball Roller, Double Lacrosse Ball,...

The Double Lacrosse Ball Set offers a simple yet effective solution for self-massage, catering to anyone in need of muscle relief. With a design that prioritizes ease of use and practicality, this set stands out as an affordable option for those seeking basic muscle therapy.

One of the key features of this set is its size and design. The balls measure 5.5 inches in length and have a slightly wider gap than traditional peanut massage balls. This added width can be beneficial for users who prefer a bit more space to target their massage more effectively.

Lightweight yet durable, these peanut balls are made using a special production technique that makes them half the weight of similar products on the market. This feature, combined with the strategic placement of the balls, ensures a smooth massage experience that surpasses many other rollers.

While effective and versatile, one potential drawback is their firmness. Beginners or those with sensitive muscles might initially find the hardness challenging. However, for those accustomed to deep tissue massage, this feature enhances the product’s effectiveness.

What sets this Double Lacrosse Ball Set apart is its exceptional value. The set includes two massage balls for the price of one, making it the most cost-effective option available. This deal is particularly appealing for anyone looking for a straightforward, no-frills approach to muscle relaxation and therapy.

Slightly wider gap between balls for more targeted massage
Lightweight and sturdy construction
Odorless, eco-friendly thermoplastic rubber material
Dense and effective
Great value with two balls for the price of one
Firmness may be challenging for beginners or those with sensitive muscles

TriggerPoint Universal Double Massage Ball

Trigger Point Performance TriggerPoint Universal Double...

The TriggerPoint Universal Double Massage Ball stands out in the massage tool market due to its unique size and design, making it an ideal choice for those who require a more extensive reach in their self-massage routine. This peanut-shaped, textured 8-inch roller is specifically designed to target large muscle groups like the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, setting it apart from smaller massage balls.

A notable feature of the TriggerPoint massage ball is its textured surface pattern, which is engineered to enhance mobility and aid in recovery after workouts. The ergonomic design of the ball also facilitates targeting those hard-to-reach muscle areas, making it particularly effective for relieving tension, releasing tightness, and soothing pain in the back and neck.

One of the key benefits of this product is its shape, which is perfectly contoured for massaging along the spinal column. This design ensures that users can enjoy a deep massage without experiencing uncomfortable pressure on the spine. The compact and portable size of the roller, measuring 8 x 5 inches and weighing just 0.90 pounds, makes it travel-friendly and a convenient addition to any gym or work bag.

The EVA foam construction of the TriggerPoint massage ball is another significant advantage. It is durable and designed to withstand repeated use without losing shape or breaking down. Additionally, the roller is water-resistant and easy to clean, adding to its practicality.

However, it’s worth noting that the TriggerPoint Universal Double Massage Ball is slightly more expensive compared to other options in the market. While this may be a consideration for some, the roller’s effectiveness and suitability for targeting larger muscle groups justify the price.

Ideal for large muscle groups due to its size
Textured surface pattern enhances mobility and recovery
Ergonomic design for targeting hard-to-reach muscles
Durable EVA foam construction
Slightly higher price point than similar products

Zyllion Peanut Massage Ball Roller

Zyllion Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball - Rechargeable...

Unlike typical peanut massage balls with a flat surface, the Zyllion features raised ridges that effectively relieve muscle aches and improve circulation by digging deep into muscle tissues. These ridges are particularly beneficial for users seeking a more intense massage experience to release tension.

One of the standout features of this massage ball is its use of vibration technology, which elevates it above traditional peanut balls and foam rollers. The vibration aids faster recovery by enhancing blood flow and muscle relaxation, making it a go-to tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Ergonomically designed, the Zyllion Peanut Massage Ball Roller contours to the body’s natural curves, allowing for comfortable and efficient use on various body parts. This feature makes it especially effective at targeting hard-to-reach muscle groups, including the arms, feet, hips, calves, mid-upper back, glutes, and hamstrings.

With four different intensity levels to choose from, users can tailor the massage experience to their specific needs, enhancing mobility, reducing stress, and relieving chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and sciatica.

The Zyllion Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball Roller also stands out for its convenience and customer service. It comes with a lifetime customer service support and a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for users. The product’s durability and ease of use are complemented by its rechargeable battery and portable design, making it an ideal self-care tool for use at home, in the office, or on the go.

Overall, the Zyllion ZMA-30 Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball Roller is a top choice for anyone seeking a massage ball with the added benefits of vibration and ridges. While it might be on the larger side, its effectiveness and robust build make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking deep muscle relief.

Raised ridges for deep muscle massage
Vibration technology for effective muscle recovery
Contours to body curves for versatile use
Four intensity levels for customized massage
May be too intense for beginners or those sensitive to pressure
Larger size may not suit those looking for a smaller, more compact tool

Cork Peanut Massage Ball

KITWILD Cork Peanut Massage Ball, Peanut Double...

The Cork Peanut Massage Ball offers a unique approach to muscle relief with its eco-friendly, high-density oak cork construction. This renewable and sustainable material is non-toxic, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize environmentally friendly products in their wellness routine.

The use of cork as the primary material in this massage ball sets it apart from traditional options. Cork is machine-pressed and polished, ensuring a firmer and more comfortable texture suitable for effective massage therapy. Despite being made of cork, this massage ball is surprisingly firm, providing an effective deep-tissue massage experience.

One of the standout features of the Cork Peanut Massage Ball is its density, which does not compromise its weight. Weighing only 0.3 lb (4.8 oz), it is one of the lightest peanut massage balls available, making it exceptionally portable. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move, this massage ball is easy to carry and use in various settings.

While this cork massage ball is firm and effective, its intensity might be a bit much for beginners or those with sensitive muscles. Some users might find the pressure too strong if they apply their full body weight onto the ball.

Despite this potential issue, the Cork Peanut Massage Ball stands out for its eco-friendliness and affordability. It’s an excellent option for anyone seeking an effective, lightweight, and environmentally conscious tool for deep tissue massage. Its durability, ease of cleaning, and non-toxic nature add to its appeal, making it a valuable addition to any muscle relief toolkit.

Eco-friendly, made of sustainable high-density oak cork
Firm and effective for deep tissue massage
Lightweight and portable, ideal for use on the go
Easy to use with body weight and gravity
Durable, easy to clean, and one of the most affordable options
May be too intense for beginners or those with sensitive muscles


5BILLION FITNESS Peanut Massage Ball - Double Lacrosse...

The 5BILLION FITNESS Peanut Massage Ball is the epitome of a no-frills, effective massage tool. Its natural rubber material strikes the right balance between firmness and flexibility, providing a deep tissue massage without being overly harsh.

Compact in size, it is particularly effective for stabilizing muscles around the spine and vertebrae, with a design that avoids direct pressure on the spine for safety and comfort. Despite its compact size, which might be a bit small for floor use, its effectiveness and affordability make it an excellent choice for a wide range of users.

  • Best Adjustable: Offering unique adjustability, the TriggerPoint MB2 Double Massage Ball allows users to tailor the width for different muscle groups, enhancing the massage experience with its versatility.
  • Best for Neck: Tailored to effectively massage the back and neck, the Tiger Tail Tiger Ball 4.4 Peanut Foam Roller’s substantial size covers broader areas for a comprehensive and satisfying massage.
  • Best Multifunctional: The FitBeast Peanut Massage Ball stands out for its all-in-one functionality, serving both as a peanut and a lacrosse ball massager. This multifunctional tool caters to a wide range of massage needs.
  • Best Budget Option: Affordable yet effective, the Double Lacrosse Ball Set is a practical solution for muscle therapy, making it a top choice for those seeking value without compromising on quality.
  • Best Large Peanut Massage Ball: The TriggerPoint Universal Double Massage Ball is designed for those who need a wider reach, targeting extensive muscle groups like the glutes, hamstrings, and quads with its large size.
  • Best Vibrating: The Therabody Wave Duo is renowned for its premium vibrating capabilities, offering adjustable settings and smart connectivity for a sophisticated, customizable massage experience.
  • Best Eco-Friendly: Committed to environmental sustainability, the Cork Peanut Massage Ball is made from high-density oak cork, offering a firm yet comfortable massage while being eco-conscious.


In concluding our exploration of peanut massage balls, it’s clear these tools play a crucial role in enhancing muscle recovery and overall physical well-being. Each option we’ve examined offers distinct benefits, catering to a range of needs from intensive athletic recovery to everyday stress relief.

Selecting an appropriate peanut massage ball can profoundly impact your muscle health, ensuring you receive the targeted care necessary for optimal physical function. Integrating one of these specialized tools into your wellness routine promises notable benefits in flexibility, muscle recovery, and relief from everyday aches, fostering a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle.

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