The Best Knee Pillows for Peaceful Sleep 2024

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While popular for its comfort, side sleeping can often lead to discomfort in the hips and back. A strategically placed knee pillow might just be the solution to your restless nights, aligning your spine and alleviating pressure points for a deeper, pain-free slumber.

In this article, we delve into some of the best knee pillow options available, guiding you through each to help you make the most informed decision for peaceful nights ahead.

The Top 10 Picks

Here’s a curated list of the best knee pillows, each designed to enhance your sleep comfort and alignment:

Contour Legacy Support Pillow

Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow -...

The Contour Legacy Support Pillow is an orthopaedic leg pillow designed to alleviate back, hip, leg, knee, and sciatica nerve discomfort, especially for side sleepers. Its ergonomic design aims to provide a comfortable night’s sleep by supporting both the legs and knees, ensuring proper sleeping alignment and positioning to eliminate painful pressure points. The ventilated memory foam used in this pillow not only offers support but also ensures a cooler night’s sleep by allowing air to circulate and pushing heat away from the body. The absence of circulation-restricting straps and its true ergonomic design with soft curves and crescent shape makes it suitable for men and women, allowing for free movement throughout the night.

One of the notable features is the centre incline that accommodates the natural sloping of thighs to keep the pillow in place throughout the night, coupled with the tapered edges that allow full range of mobility for the knees. This design ensures that the pillow stays effective and comfortable over prolonged periods. The larger size cushions both knees and thighs, helping to alleviate pain points in back, hips, and knees for all-night comfort. Its breathable, removable, and washable quilted cover adds to the convenience, although it has been noted to fray and wear out with time, suggesting a need for better durability.

While the shape and density of the pillow are generally effective and will satisfy many users looking for a less bulky option, those requiring more space between their knees may find it too narrow. Thus, while it is a very effective knee pillow that helps improve sleep and offers pain relief with its excellent contouring, individuals with wider gaps between their knees might want to explore other options.

Overall, the Contour Legacy Support Pillow is a commendable choice for those seeking orthopaedic support. Its innovative design and materials cater to a night of comfortable and aligned sleep, addressing various discomforts. However, attention should be given to the cover’s durability, and users with specific space needs between their knees should consider their options. The pillow has a one-year manufacturer warranty, offering some assurance and product protection.

Supports legs and knees, promoting proper sleeping alignment and positioning
Ventilated memory foam provides cooler sleep and comfort
Ergonomic design fits naturally and allows for free movement
Larger size cushions both knees and thighs for all-night comfort
Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty for product protection
Some users may find the space between the knees too narrow
The cover is prone to fraying and wearing away with use

Omloon Knee Pillow

Omloon Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow for Side Sleepers...

The Omloon Knee Pillow is an orthopaedic leg pillow designed to alleviate discomfort and pain, especially during sleep. It offers comfortable support to your legs and knees, ensuring proper sleeping alignment and positioning to eliminate painful pressure points. Suitable for all posture sleepers (side, back, and stomach), its innovative ergonomic support design is geared towards improving sleep quality. This knee pillow stands out because of its unique tiny butterfly-shaped design and middle airflow hollow hole, which provide proper support and a cooling effect for a whole night’s sleep.

The Omloon Knee Pillow is made from premium quality memory foam that is firm but not too hard, ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation for your hips, joints, back, legs, knees, and ankles. The size of 10.63×8.5×5.5/3 inches makes it smaller than most knee pillows, catering to those who prefer a more compact and non-bulky option. The slow rebound safe material of the pillow ensures that it will return to its original shape within 3-5 seconds when not pressed, maintaining its form all year round.

Each pillow comes with a skin-friendly and breathable pillowcase that is easily removable and washable, ensuring that you sleep comfortably all night long. Additionally, the Omloon Knee Pillow includes an elastic strap to keep the pillow in place, making it hassle-free and ensuring that it doesn’t move around as you sleep or rest.

However, while this pillow works effectively to keep the knees apart with its firm density, some users might find it a bit too firm. If you are looking for a soft and cushy feel, this might not be the right pillow for you.

In conclusion, the Omloon Knee Pillow is an excellent option for anyone seeking a smaller, less cumbersome pillow that provides firm support and aids in pain relief. It is especially suitable for individuals who prioritize a firmer pillow and value the added feature of the elastic strap for a secure fit. Furthermore, it’s one of the lower-priced pillows on the market, offering great value for money.

Ergonomic design with unique tiny butterfly shape and airflow hole for cooling
Compact size ideal for those looking for a non-bulky pillow
Firm-density memory foam maintains knee separation effectively
Skin-friendly, washable cover with an elastic strap for a secure fit
Great value for money with a 24-month product warranty
Some may find the pillow too firm
Might not suit those looking for a soft and cushy feel

Half Moon Bolster

5 STARS UNITED Knee Pillow for Back Sleeping - Memory...

The Half Moon Bolster is an effective positional body support pillow, designed in a versatile semi-circular shape that makes it more adaptable compared to the typical knee pillow. Its unique half-moon shape allows for multiple uses: placed under the knees, it helps offload the spine; behind the back, it provides lumbar support; under the ankles, it elevates them to improve blood flow and reduce varicose veins. This multifunctionality extends its use beyond just a knee pillow, making it an asset for back sleepers looking for relief, as well as those needing support for the back, ankles, feet, or neck.

Measuring 20.4” long, 7.8” wide, and 4.8” tall, the bolster is crafted from high-quality materials. It features a two-layer design with a top layer of premium memory foam infused with a light lemon aroma for comfortable body contouring. The base layer is made from resilient foam, providing the necessary stiffness to maintain your chosen pose. The bolster comes with a washable, breathable, and anti-pilling cover that’s not sensitive to temperature changes.

While the Half Moon Bolster is a quality pillow offering good firmness and support, its extra length and versatile design mean it’s not dedicated solely as a knee pillow, which may not suit those looking for a more specific solution. However, its strength lies in its versatility, providing support in various positions and settings. The pillow also conveniently comes with a case, allowing for easy storage when not in use. With its overall quality and functionality, the Half Moon Bolster is a commendable choice for anyone looking for a multi-use pillow to enhance their comfort and alignment during sleep or relaxation.

Versatile half-moon shape suitable for various body support needs
Made from high-quality, two-layer design materials with a comfortable memory foam top
Comes with a washable, breathable, and anti-pilling cover
Includes a handy case for easy storage and transport
Not a dedicated knee pillow, so may not be as comfy as other pillows designed for the knees

Circa Air Inflatable Knee Pillow

Circa Air Inflatable Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers,...

The Circa Air Inflatable Knee Pillow is an innovative solution for those seeking comfort and proper alignment during sleep. Its ergonomic design targets support for your knees, ensuring the alignment of your legs, hips, and spine, ultimately providing a comfortable good night’s rest. One of the key features of this pillow is its customizable comfort. Thanks to its unique inflatable design, you can adjust the firmness to suit your individual needs, making sleep a priority with the perfect level of support.

Lightweight and ultra-compact, the Circa Air Inflatable Knee Pillow is the ideal travel companion. Weighing just 1.98 ounces and folding down to 4×2 inches, it’s more compact than a soda can. The convenience doesn’t end with its size; made from soft TPU fabric, the pillow is not only durable but also soft to the touch. It’s equipped with easy-to-use push button valve technology, allowing it to fully inflate in just a few breaths of air.

While the Circa Air Inflatable Knee Pillow provides excellent portability and is surprisingly more comfortable than it looks, it might not match the plushness of traditional foam knee pillows. However, its strength lies in its travel-friendliness and adjustable firmness, making it an ideal choice for occasional use during trips or in situations where space-saving is crucial. This knee pillow strikes a balance between convenience, comfort, and quality, offering great value for money with the assurance of a replacement guarantee.

Ergonomic design provides targeted support for knees, aligning legs, hips, and spine
Customizable firmness to suit individual comfort needs
Ultra-light and compact, perfect for travel
Made from soft, durable TPU fabric
Comes with a 100% money-back or replacement guarantee for customer satisfaction
May not be as comfortable as traditional foam knee pillows
Ideal mainly for travel or temporary use due to its inflatable nature

Sleep Yoga Pillow

Sleep Yoga Leg Back Side Sleepers, Ergonomically...

The Sleep Yoga Pillow is a uniquely designed knee pillow that goes beyond just providing knee support. Made in the USA with an 80% cotton and 20% polyester blend, it offers extensive support not only for the knees but also for the thighs, calves, and ankles. It’s an excellent option for both back and side sleepers, providing comfort and support throughout the night. Designed with the help of chiropractors and orthopaedic experts, the pillow’s angles and contours are specifically crafted to help improve posture, relieve back pain, and provide sciatica pain relief.

The pillow’s breathable cotton blend cover is both soft and absorbent, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience. It’s also easy to clean, being machine washable for simple care. The hypoallergenic down alternative pillow fill is a patented blend, providing comfort and support while being kind to those with allergies.

One of the most distinctive features of the Sleep Yoga Pillow is its extra-long and wide size, measuring 26 inches in length. This extended size ensures that it supports both knees and ankles, staying in place throughout the night. Despite its larger size, it remains light and comfortable, ensuring that it doesn’t become too bulky or intrusive during sleep.

While this pillow works well for those who need comprehensive leg support during the night, offering relief for hips and legs as well as knees, some may find it lacking in thickness. For individuals who prefer a thicker pillow to create a more significant separation between the knees, this might not be the ideal choice.

However, for those looking for a light, comfortable option that covers more than just the knees, the Sleep Yoga Pillow is an excellent choice. Its ergonomic design, combined with its hypoallergenic and easy-care features, make it a valuable addition to anyone’s sleep routine.

Ergonomic design provides extensive support for knees, thighs, calves, and ankles
Made from a soft and breathable cotton blend
Extra long and wide size for comprehensive support
Light and comfortable, even with its larger size
Some may prefer a thicker pillow for more significant knee separation
Its larger size may not suit those looking for a more compact knee pillow

AUVON Contoured Leg Knee Pillow

AUVON Contoured Leg Knee Pillow for Sleeping, Cooling...

The AUVON Contoured Leg Knee Pillow is designed specifically for side sleepers, addressing the common issue of spinal distortion during sleep. Its high-density memory foam provides the right amount of cushioning and support, promoting spinal alignment and relieving pain in the lower back, hips, knee joints, and sciatica.

Unique to the AUVON knee wedge pillow is its double-width surface that allows calf-free movement, deeper curvature for thighs and knees, and extended calf support. The pillow is not just about support but also ensures cooling and breathability throughout the night, thanks to its 16 ventilated air holes and side-stitched mesh with lightweight, soft fabric that dissipates heat.

For those who tend to move a lot during sleep, the pillow includes an adjustable and removable strap ensuring the knee pillow stays in place and providing continual support. However, this strap can be a double-edged sword. While it helps keep the pillow steady, improper placement of the Velcro can leave parts of it exposed, leading to occasional scratches. Users need to be careful with its placement to ensure a comfortable and scratch-free experience.

Despite this minor flaw, the AUVON Contoured Leg Knee Pillow is well-made, featuring a soft, cushy fabric that is comfortable to use. Its compact and non-bulky nature makes it an easy addition to any bedding arrangement. Maintenance is also convenient with a sterile and washable cover for daily cleaning.

Overall, the AUVON Contoured Leg Knee Pillow is a great choice for those looking for a well-made, effective knee pillow. Its design is thoughtful, addressing both the need for comfort and the necessity of spinal alignment. While there might be a small issue with the Velcro strap, the benefits of this pillow, coupled with a 2-year warranty and hassle-free return policy, make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality and reduce pain.

High-density memory foam offers excellent cushioning and support
Designed specifically for the American body with a double-width surface and deeper curvature
Adjustable and removable strap ensures pillow stays in place
Easy maintenance with a washable cover
2-year warranty and hassle-free return policy for peace of mind
Low priced, offering good value for money
The Velcro strap may leave some parts exposed, leading to occasional scratches

NATUMAX Knee Pillow

NATUMAX Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers - Relief from...

The NATUMAX Knee Pillow is an ergonomically designed memory foam cushion, ideal for anyone suffering from sciatica, back pain, leg pain, pregnancy discomfort, hip and joint pain. It fits comfortably between your legs, providing alignment for your hips, knees, and back. This pillow is particularly beneficial for side sleepers and during pregnancy, as it can be positioned in multiple locations around the knee to improve blood circulation and prevent aches and pains.

One of the standout features of the NATUMAX Knee Pillow is its leg strap, which ensures the pillow stays aligned between your legs, even as you roll over while sleeping. This adds a level of convenience and ensures consistent support throughout the night. The pillow also includes a breathable zippered cover that is easy to remove and machine washable, making maintenance simple and hassle-free.

While the NATUMAX Knee Pillow is praised for its comfort and simple, effective design, it may be a little too soft for some users. Although it measures at a middle height of 3.5 inches, the gap between the knees might significantly decrease when pressure is applied due to the softness of the memory foam. This could be a downside for those requiring firmer support or a more significant separation between the knees.

In summary, the NATUMAX Knee Pillow is a well-made, comfortable, and straightforward solution for those seeking a super soft, hassle-free knee pillow. Its easy-to-clean cover, comfortable strap, and ergonomic design make it a user-friendly option for improved sleep and pain relief. However, its softness might not cater to everyone’s support needs, but it could be the perfect fit for those looking for plush comfort.

Ergonomically designed for ideal spinal alignment and support
Can be used in multiple positions to alleviate various pains
Includes a comfortable and adjustable leg strap to keep the pillow in place
Breathable, easy-to-clean, and soft zippered cover
Simple and hassle-free, offering great comfort and softness
May be too soft for those requiring firmer support or more separation between knees

Coop Home Goods Knee Pillow

Coop Home Goods Leg Support & Knee Pillow for Side...

The Coop Home Goods Knee Pillow is a vital accessory for every side sleeper, designed to offer unbeatable support between the knees and aid in proper alignment while providing total comfort. This knee pillow is particularly noted for its unique adjustability feature; it includes four removable foam inserts, allowing you to customize the thickness and firmness according to your personal preference and needs. This adaptability makes it great for back, hip, and joint support or even as a leg elevation pillow for sleeping.

In terms of design, the orthopedic structure of the Coop knee pillow is tailored to meet diverse needs. Its ergonomic, contoured construction maintains your entire body — including legs, hips, and spine — in ideal alignment while sleeping, revolutionizing your rest and potentially reducing pain in the process. This is complemented by the high-quality Lulltra fabric, known for its naturally thermoregulating properties to ensure a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep, and a removable and washable cover for easy maintenance.

Sleep with peace of mind knowing that the Coop Home Goods Knee Pillow is both CertiPUR-US & Greenguard Gold certified, signifying its compliance with rigorous international quality standards. This certification is an assurance of the pillow’s comfort, sensitivity to skin, and overall high quality.

While this knee pillow offers significant benefits, it’s important to note that it is one of the bulkier options on the market due to its multiple inserts. Although the inserts are intended to allow for customization, they can shift and slide, which may require occasional readjustment. Additionally, its larger size might feel overwhelming, especially for smaller individuals, even when some inserts are removed.

In conclusion, the Coop Home Goods Knee Pillow is a well-made, adjustable option that may appeal to those who want to experiment with different levels of thickness and firmness. Its quality materials, along with its certification, assure a good night’s sleep. Despite its slight bulkiness and the propensity for the inserts to move, its overall design and adjustability make it a worthy consideration for side sleepers looking for customizable support and comfort.

Customizable with four removable foam inserts for adjustable thickness and firmness
Ergonomic, contoured design keeps the body in ideal alignment
Made from high-quality, thermoregulating Lulltra fabric
CertiPUR-US & Greenguard Gold certified for quality and safety
Removable and washable cover for easy maintenance
Inserts may shift or slide, requiring readjustment
May feel too large for individuals who are smaller or prefer a more compact pillow

Everlasting Comfort Knee Wedge Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers -...

The Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow is a top-notch choice for side sleepers, pregnant women, and anyone seeking improved comfort and relief from waking pains. This soft and plush leg wedge pillow enhances sleep posture, spinal alignment, and hip pain relief, contributing to improved blood circulation, which is especially crucial during pregnancy.

One of the distinctive features of the Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow is its 100% premium memory foam composition, renowned for its body heat-responsive technology that adjusts to each individual’s contours. This results in a customized comfort experience. The dual ergonomic contours ensure that each of your legs fits snugly into the pillow, maintaining stability throughout your sleep. The included adjustable and removable strap is a thoughtful addition, preventing the cushion from moving even as you toss and turn, catering to sleepers of all sizes.

For longevity and hygiene, the knee pillow comes with an easy-to-remove, machine-washable, and dryer-safe cover. Its maintenance is straightforward, ensuring that your knee pillow remains fresh night after night.

Despite its many benefits, a potential drawback of this knee pillow is the adjustable strap’s fastening system. The velcro ends may not provide as robust a hold as some might prefer, particularly for those who move a lot in their sleep. This could lead to the strap coming off during the night.

Overall, the Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow stands out for its comfort, quality fabric, and sustainable features that hold trusted certifications. This makes it an attractive option for those who value these aspects in their sleep aids.

Moreover, the Lifetime Replacement Policy provides an exceptional value proposition, ensuring that your purchase is protected for years to come. This pillow is ideal for those who prioritize comfort, quality, and peace of mind in their sleep accessories.

100% premium memory foam adjusts for customized comfort
Has an adjustable and removable strap
Machine washable and dryer-safe cover for easy maintenance
Lifetime Replacement Policy for added assurance
Holds trusted sustainability certifications
The strap’s velcro fastening may not provide a strong hold for active sleepers

KAAMOS Leg Pillow

Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers Leg Pillows Side Sleeping...

The KAAMOS Leg Pillow represents a unique take on traditional knee pillows, offering a dynamic solution for those in need of joint support during sleep. Designed with side sleepers in mind, this leg pillow maintains the spine’s alignment, improves blood circulation, and prevents pain in the knee, leg, or waist. Its circular shape and high elasticity allow for multi-directional use and adjustability, ensuring optimal fit and comfort throughout the night.

One of the standout features of this leg support pillow is its hook and loop straps design, allowing users to adjust the tightness and positioning according to their specific needs. The high elastic pp cotton filling provides a soft and fluffy texture, offering effective support without compromising comfort. Additionally, the skin-friendly flannelette covering is smooth to the touch, protecting the skin from friction and irritation.

To cater to varying preferences and requirements, the KAAMOS Leg Pillow comes with an additional heightening pad. This removable pad can be inserted at the end of the main pillow, allowing users to customize the height and support level. This versatility makes the pillow suitable not only for sleeping in bed but also for use on sofas, in offices, recliners, airplanes, or during long-distance travel.

While the KAAMOS Leg Pillow brings innovative design and flexibility to the table, it’s important to note that the padding provided may not be as thick or firm as traditional memory foam knee pillows. This could be a drawback for those accustomed to or in need of more substantial support between the knees.

In summary, the KAAMOS Leg Pillow is a compelling option for those seeking a versatile and non-bulky knee pillow that can be adjusted and positioned to suit various needs. Its multipurpose nature and adjustable design cater to a wide range of users, from the elderly with fragile joints to pregnant women requiring extra sleep support. Although it may not offer the same thickness as memory foam alternatives, it’s a practical solution for anyone who values flexibility, comfort, and the ability to use the pillow in multiple settings.

Circular shape and high elasticity for multi-directional use and adjustability
Hook and loop straps for customizable tightness
Soft and skin-friendly flannelette covering
Includes a removable heightening pad for additional support
Suitable for various settings and positions
Padding may not be as thick as traditional memory foam knee pillows
May not provide sufficient support for those accustomed to firmer pillows

Our Picks

Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers -...

For a comprehensive and restful sleep, the Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow emerges as the best overall choice. Its orthopaedic design and memory foam construction ensure optimal support and comfort for side sleepers, pregnant women, and anyone needing improved alignment and relief from waking pains.

The pillow’s heat-responsive technology conforms to individual body contours, enhancing the custom fit and providing therapeutic support. With its adjustable strap, it stays in place throughout the night, making it both practical and effective. Despite a minor concern with the strap’s fastening system, its overall quality, along with a Lifetime Replacement Policy, makes it an excellent investment for enhanced sleep comfort and alignment.

Other recommended products:

  • Most Compact: For those looking for a less bulky solution, the Omloon Knee Pillow is ideal. Despite its smaller size, it offers firm support and an ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable alignment and positioning.
  • Most Versatile: The Half Moon Bolster is more than just a knee pillow; it’s a versatile positional body support suitable for various needs, from under-knee support to lumbar and ankle elevation. Its adaptability makes it a great multi-use option.
  • Best for Travel: Circa Air Inflatable Knee Pillow is lightweight, ultra-compact, and customizable in firmness, making it a travel-friendly choice for maintaining comfort and alignment on the go.
  • Best for Comprehensive Leg Support: Sleep Yoga Pillow’s extra-long and wide design ensures support not only for the knees but also for thighs and ankles, providing a comfortable sleep experience for those needing more extensive support.
  • Best for Adjustability: Coop Home Goods Knee Pillow stands out for its unique adjustability with four removable foam inserts, allowing users to customize the thickness and firmness to their liking for an ideal sleep posture.


Selecting the right knee pillow can transform your sleep quality, turning restless nights into serene slumber. With the right choice, you can say goodbye to discomfort and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Remember, the best fit depends on your unique needs and preferences.

Here’s to finding your perfect night’s companion and embracing a future of comfortable, restful sleep.

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