The Best Ball Chairs for Your Home in 2024

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Spending long hours seated can take a toll on your health, contributing to issues like back pain and poor posture. However, the innovative active seating chairs, also known as balance chairs, offer an engaging alternative. Incorporating instability and movement elements, these chairs can help strengthen your core and enhance posture while you work or rest.

This guide is here to help you navigate an array of balance chairs, each tailored for different needs and lifestyles. Whether you’re searching for a multi-purpose fitness chair or a compact solution for classroom focus, our thorough reviews will steer you towards your perfect active seating solution.

The Top 10 List

Before investing in a balance ball chair, let’s look at 10 of the best on the market, each at different price points and defining features.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam 610-6002RTL Balance Ball Chair - Classic Yoga...

The Gaiam Classic stands out due to its compact size, distinguishing it from most balance ball chairs. The compact 52-centimetre ball, fitting perfectly within the base, is an attractive feature for those seeking a smaller chair, optimising space without compromising its core functions.

Further enhancing the chair’s practicality is an adjustable metal support bar, four easy-glide caster wheels (two lockable) for easy mobility, and a removable exercise ball. The ball doubles as a fitness tool, broadening the product’s usability. The chair comes with an air pump and an instructive desktop exercise guide, easing your journey towards an active sitting lifestyle.

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Though being compact is a clear advantage for some, the smaller stature may not suit all users. Notably, the height of the ball could result in a seating position lower than some might prefer. To counter this, Gaiam offers Leg Extenders, available separately, which can add an extra 2 inches to the chair height, customising it to your comfort.

In conclusion, the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is a valuable addition to your workspace if you seek a compact and efficient solution promoting an active sitting experience. However, it would be wise for prospective buyers to consider their comfort with the chair’s height and the additional cost of leg extenders if needed.

Instigates micro-movements, promoting focus and productivity
Compact size, ideal for those seeking a smaller chair or with limited space
Features a removable exercise ball for versatile use
Includes an air pump and a desktop exercise guide
Equipped with lockable caster wheels for stability
The chair’s compact size may not suit all users’ height preferences
Additional cost for Leg Extenders to adjust chair height
The chair is optimised for users between 5′ – 5’11”

ProBody Ball Chair

ProBody Pilates Yoga Ball Chair, Exercise Ball Chair...

More than just a pleasing sight, this yoga ball chair is designed to enhance your posture and core strength. As it’s primed to keep your abs and core muscles engaged, the ProBody chair promises active sitting, a welcome upgrade from our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

The chair, boasting a sturdy 60-centimetre diameter, can withstand weights up to 400 pounds, which is impressive. The fabric cover is not only an aesthetic enhancer, but it also mitigates the uncomfortable sweating that can occur when sitting directly on a yoga ball. Adding to its convenience, the cover is machine washable, and the chair can be quickly set up with a provided pump.

While the ProBody Ball Chair brings multiple benefits, a few points need considering. The chair is certainly pricier than most of its competitors, and although the quality of the design is high, the fabric cover might be susceptible to tears if not treated with care. This, and the higher cost, might make potential buyers question its value for money.

Additionally, the chair is available only in one size, which might not accommodate everyone’s comfort needs. Therefore, potential users must ensure that the size matches their requirements before purchasing.

In summary, the ProBody Ball Chair is a commendable choice for those seeking a stylish, fabric-covered yoga ball chair, without an enclosing frame. Despite being slightly more expensive, it offers an elegant solution to active sitting. Just bear in mind the single-size availability and potential wear-and-tear of the fabric could be determining factors.

Stylish fabric cover, enhancing the look of a traditional yoga ball chair
Engages core muscles for better posture
Can support weights up to 400 pounds
Quick and easy to set up
Machine-washable cover
Higher cost compared to other yoga ball chairs
Fabric may be prone to tears if not cared for properly
Only available in one size

Enovi Starfish Ball Chair

ENOVI Starfish Ball Chair, Yoga Ball Chair Exercise...

The ENOVI Starfish Balance Ball Chair offers an enticing combination of comfort, style, and durability. With its unique starfish design and a range of vibrant colour choices, this chair makes a distinctive statement in any modern or classic decor.

Equipped with an anti-burst yoga ball and a robust CFS Steel Frame, the chair demonstrates impressive durability. These components ensure the chair’s longevity and enable it to support an impressive weight of up to 600 lbs, making it a versatile option for individuals of various sizes.

Covering the ball and the chair’s four fixed legs is a durable, soft-touch fabric that enhances the chair’s comfort while giving it an aesthetically pleasing appeal. The fabric is easily removable and machine-washable, allowing effortless maintenance to keep your chair clean and fresh.

The Starfish chair offers three size options—55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm—making it an inclusive choice for people of different heights. The smallest size caters to individuals between 4’5″ and 5″, the medium size to those between 5′ and 5’10”, and the larger size accommodates users between 5’11” and 6’5″.

While the chair’s fixed legs provide a stable and bouncy seating experience, they also limit its versatility as an exercise tool. Detaching the ball from its base for yoga, stretching, or other exercises can be cumbersome. This makes the Starfish Ball Chair less suitable for those looking to incorporate fitness activities into their seated time. Moreover, the chair is priced higher than other models in the market, making it a significant investment.

In conclusion, the ENOVI Starfish Balance Ball Chair excels in its unique design, stability, durability, and comfort. It is a highly suitable choice for those who value aesthetics and don’t plan to use the ball for additional fitness activities. Its robust construction and high weight capacity are commendable, although the higher price point may be worth considering.

Unique and colourful design
Durable, equipped with a gym-grade yoga ball and a robust steel frame
High weight capacity (up to 600 lbs)
Comes in three sizes to cater to a range of heights
Fabric cover is removable and machine washable
The ball is not easy to detach for exercise purposes
Priced higher than other ball chairs on the market

Gaiam Ultimate Ball Chair

Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair with Swivel Base -...

The Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair brings an intriguing twist to the traditional concept of a balance ball chair. It fuses the benefits of active sitting with the freedom of motion found in conventional swivel chairs. This unique hybrid design sets it apart from its competitors, allowing for a more versatile and dynamic seating experience.

The swivel base of the chair is a standout feature. It allows users to move around their workspace easily, thus enhancing the chair’s appeal for those who find standard ball chairs restrictive. This swivelling capacity allows users to engage their core muscles while also enjoying the added mobility that comes with traditional office chairs.

It features a 52cm anti-burst balance ball that provides superior cushioning for extended periods of sitting. An easy-inflation air pump is included to maintain the ball’s optimal comfort level. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs, the chair is designed to accommodate users from 5′ to 5’11” tall.

However, the chair does come with a few notable drawbacks. Despite its impressive features, its durability has been a concern. There have been instances of the greasy ball bearings breaking or coming loose, impacting the chair’s overall performance and longevity. Additionally, the chair’s price point is on the higher end, making it a substantial investment.

Moreover, the chair comes in only one size, limiting its suitability to a range of user heights. This could be a factor to consider when deciding on the right balance ball chair for your needs.

In summary, the Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair is an innovative option that combines the benefits of a swivel chair and a balance ball chair. While it may have a few durability issues and a higher price point, it could be a worthy investment for those who value the swivel feature and are ready to pay a premium.

Unique swivel base feature
300lb weight capacity
Comfortable 52cm anti-burst balance ball
Includes an easy-inflation air pump and a desktop exercise guide
Fits into an office setting
Susceptible to durability issues, specifically with the ball bearings
Comes in only one size

Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Balance Ball

Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children's Balance Ball -...

The Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Balance Ball Chair provides an engaging and dynamic seating option designed specifically for children. Not only does it offer the benefits of a balance ball chair, but it also adds a dash of fun and playfulness with an array of vibrant colours and patterns to choose from.

The standout feature of this balance ball chair is its five soft stabilizing legs, providing added stability and ensuring the ball stays in place when not in use. This feature alleviates concerns about the ball chair rolling around, offering parents peace of mind and children a consistent seating experience. However, potential buyers should be aware that these legs are designed to collapse under the child’s weight for the actual sitting experience to mimic that of a traditional balance ball chair.

Available in three sizes – 45 cm, 52 cm, and 65 cm – the Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play caters to various age groups, accommodating children from ages 5 to 12. This flexibility makes it a versatile option for growing kids.

However, despite its unique appeal and benefits, durability is an area where this balance ball chair falls a bit short. Some parents may find this chair’s longevity lacking, particularly if it’s subjected to excessive or rough use.

Yet, considering its affordable price point relative to other balance ball chairs, the Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play could be a worthwhile trial for parents looking to introduce their kids to active sitting. Plus, it offers a fun and unique seating alternative that can keep children engaged, active, and focused.

Kid-friendly design with colourful options
Five soft stabilizing legs for added stability
Comes in three different sizes, catering to various age groups
Promotes healthy posture and improves focus
Affordable price point
Not the most durable
Legs collapse under weight (but this is part of the design)

Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

Safco Zenergy Ball Chair, Active Seating, Anti-Burst,...

The Safco Zenergy Ball Chair is a stylish and modern take on the traditional balance ball chair. It boasts a sleek, elegant design that doesn’t immediately scream “balance ball chair,” but don’t be fooled – it still offers all the fun and bounce of a regular ball chair.

One of its main features is the option to choose between two different heights. You can choose to install just the round feet for a lower seat height of 20 inches, or if you prefer an elevated view, add both the legs and the feet for a sitting height of 23 inches. This adaptability ensures you can tailor the chair to your specific needs.

The Zenergy Ball Chair stands out with its design quality and durability. Constructed with an anti-burst exercise ball at its centre and four sturdy, powder-coated steel legs, this chair promises stability and longevity.

However, this high-quality design and robustness come with a rather hefty price tag. The Safco Zenergy Ball Chair is quite an investment, which might be a considerable factor for some potential buyers.

Another aspect to consider is the fabric used on the chair. While durable and available in a range of vibrant colours, some users have reported that the fabric tends to retain heat, which can lead to discomfort, particularly in hotter climates or seasons.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Safco Zenergy Ball Chair could be an excellent choice for individuals looking for a modern, high-quality, and durable seating option. Its unique design and health benefits make it a standout addition to any home or office setting.

Modern and elegant design
Two adjustable height options
Promotes active sitting and good posture
High-quality construction and durability
Wide range of colour options
High price point
Fabric may retain heat

Safco Swivel Ball Chair

Safco Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair, Anti-Burst, Vinyl...

The Safco Swivel Ball Chair adds another dimension to the conventional ball chair design with its swivelling feature. Unlike its larger, bulkier counterparts, the Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair presents a more streamlined design that rotates on an invisible axis, bringing a blend of simplicity and dynamism into your workspace.

The chair is available in various vibrant colours, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to infuse their workspace with a touch of modern style and colour. It is meticulously crafted, and its high-quality construction ensures durability and longevity.

However, this chair isn’t without its limitations. It is available in only one height – 23 inches (approximately 58 cm) – and does not offer adjustability, which may inconvenience some users.

In terms of pricing, the Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair leans towards the higher end. Despite this, this product is a compelling choice for those who appreciate modern design and are looking for a simple yet functional chair that swivels.

Swivelling feature promotes movement and enhances user engagement
Vibrant design complements modern decor
High-quality construction assures durability
Ideal for a variety of environments, from offices to yoga studios
One-size, non-adjustable height may not suit all users
High price point could deter potential buyers

Trideer Ball Chair

Trideer Ball Chair Yoga Ball Chair Exercise Ball Chair...

The Trideer Ball Chair is a straightforward yet practical option for anyone looking for both a ball chair and an exercise tool. Built with a standard exercise ball design, the chair also includes a ringed base that ensures the ball doesn’t roll around when used as a seat, adding an extra layer of stability.

The chair is made from eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic material and can support weights of up to 330 lbs. Its 65cm size is recommended for users ranging from 5′ 3″ to 5′ 10″ in height.

A standout feature of the Trideer Ball Chair is its dual functionality. The chair is easily converted from a seating option to an exercise tool, offering users the best of both worlds interested in active sitting and fitness. You simply need to remove the ball from the ringed base and voila! – it’s ready for your workout session.

The Trideer Ball Chair also has an impressive safety feature in its anti-burst and slow deflation design. Built with a honeycomb structure, it is made to slowly deflate over 3-5 seconds if punctured, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

However, a drawback to consider is the included pump, which some users have found to be inefficient. It might take longer to inflate the ball fully with the provided pump, so you might want to use your own if you have one handy.

Priced reasonably, the Trideer Ball Chair also comes with the added assurance of a 30-day hassle-free return policy and a 12-month warranty. All things considered, this is a solid option for those seeking a dual-purpose balance ball chair.

Basic but practical design
Dual-purpose functionality for seating and exercise
Anti-burst and slow deflation safety feature
Reasonably priced with a good return policy and warranty
Included pump might be inefficient and time-consuming

Gaiam Balance Disc

Gaiam Balance Disc Wobble Cushion Stability Core...

The Gaiam Balance Disc is an innovative alternative to traditional ball chairs, offering all the benefits of active sitting without needing a complete chair replacement. This unique product is a small inflatable cushion that you place on any chair to transform it into an active seat, encouraging core strength and improving posture.

One of the biggest draws of this balance disc is its versatility. It doesn’t just function as a dynamic seat but can also be utilized for various strength and balance exercises on and off the chair. Furthermore, it can serve as an effective meditation seat, providing extra cushioning where needed.

This product will appeal to individuals who appreciate the active sitting benefits of a ball chair but want to retain their current seating. The Gaiam Balance Disc’s compact, non-bulky design makes it ideal for those with limited space or who value aesthetic flexibility.

Indeed, the disc does an excellent job of engaging your core muscles as you work to maintain balance. However, while it shines as a dynamic seat, it doesn’t offer the same versatility as a ball chair for exercise purposes. Furthermore, it does not include a pump, meaning users must source one separately.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Gaiam Balance Disc is an excellent choice for those curious about the benefits of active sitting but who aren’t ready to commit to a full ball chair. It’s an affordable, accessible way to experience the core-strengthening and posture-enhancing benefits of active sitting without breaking the bank.

Innovative active seating solution without needing a full ball chair
Portable and non-bulky, fitting on almost any chair
Can be used for a variety of strength and balance exercises
Doubles as a meditation cushion for added comfort
Affordable compared to a full ball chair
Not as versatile as a ball chair for exercise
Does not include an air pump for inflation

Vivora Luno Leatherette Ball Chair

Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Chair, Lacewood Cover,...

The Vivora Luno Leatherette Ball Chair is a perfect blend of luxury and functionality. With a design reminiscent of traditional yoga balls, the Luno stands out for its premium look and feel, courtesy of its elegantly crafted leatherette cover. This sitting ball chair is ideal for those who appreciate leather furniture and seek a stylish seating alternative to incorporate into their decor.

Available in variations of beachwood, wenge, and the lacewood look we are reviewing, the Luno is customizable to blend in with various aesthetic preferences. The chair comes in two sizes: the standard Luno inflates to between 22 and 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) and is recommended for users between 5’6″ and 6 feet tall. The Max Luno, on the other hand, inflates to between 25 and 26 inches (64 to 66 cm) and is designed for users who are 6 feet or taller.

The core feature of this chair is the premium anti-burst PVC inner ball, contained by a meticulously crafted, tightly fitting cover that provides a comfortable sitting experience. This design not only assures durability but also enhances the chair’s aesthetics.

Despite its impressive features, the Vivora Luno Leatherette Ball Chair comes with a premium price tag. However, given the quality and design, it represents good value for money, especially considering the 6-month money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the chair for any reason, you can return it within this period, adding an extra layer of buyer protection.

Premium, stylish leatherette design
Activates core muscles for a dynamic sitting experience
Available in two sizes to accommodate a range of user heights
6-month money-back guarantee
Premium price point might not fit everyone’s budget

Our Recommendations

Trideer Ball Chair Yoga Ball Chair Exercise Ball Chair...

We’ve identified the Trideer Ball Chair as the best overall choice. Combining functionality with simplicity, this chair truly shines in its ability to offer you the benefits of both comfortable seating and effective exercise. The design is straightforward, featuring an exercise ball and a stability ring that helps keep the chair in place when in use.

The Trideer Ball Chair enables quick and easy transitions between work and workout modes, making it a versatile addition to your space. On top of its performance, the chair comes at a fair price, making it a great investment for those looking to improve their posture, strengthen their core, and increase their daily activity levels.

However, depending on your specific needs and circumstances, other products in our review might appeal to you. We’ve highlighted some of these below:

  • Best for Space Saving: The Gaiam Balance Disc transforms your regular chair into an active seating solution. It’s compact, portable, and ideal for those with space constraints or who aren’t ready for a full ball chair.
  • Best Design Conscious: The Safco Zenergy Ball Chair strikes the perfect balance between form and function with its sleek, modern design well-suited to a contemporary space.
  • Best for Kids: If you’re shopping for children, the Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Balance Ball keeps youngsters engaged and active, ideal for home and classroom use.
  • Best Small Ball Chair: The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair comes with a smaller 52 cm ball, offering a great choice for those who prefer a smaller seat. Additionally, its height can be extended with separately sold leg extenders.
  • Best Swivel Ball Chair: The Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair provides the benefits of active seating with the added feature of a swivel base, bringing an extra element of flexibility to your seating arrangements.


Here are some frequently asked questions that potential buyers and first-time users of active seating solutions might have, along with their answers.

An active seating or balance chair is a special kind of chair that encourages movement and helps strengthen your core and improve posture. They often come in the form of a fitness ball placed on a stand, though there are various designs available.

Almost anyone can benefit from using a balance chair. They’re especially useful for people who spend a lot of time sitting, such as office workers or students, as they promote active sitting and help improve posture, core strength, and overall health.

As a beginner, it is advisable to start with short periods of time, such as 15 to 30 minutes, and gradually increase as your body adapts. Listening to your body is key – if you feel any discomfort, take a break.

While balance chairs are designed to be safe and beneficial, it’s important to vary your posture and take regular breaks to move around. Using the chair all day might result in discomfort or fatigue.

It can take a bit of time to get used to balancing on these chairs. However, most of them are designed to be stable and safe, and with regular use, you will get the hang of it.

Yes, many users report that balance chairs can help alleviate back pain by promoting better posture and activating core muscles. However, if you have severe back pain or other health issues, it’s best to consult with a healthcare provider before using a balance chair.

Yes, there are balance chairs designed specifically for children. They can help children focus better and promote better posture from an early age. Always ensure children use them under adult supervision.

Cleaning and maintaining a balance chair is relatively straightforward. Usually, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will do. If your chair has a removable cover, check the care instructions. As for maintenance, make sure to check the chair’s inflation regularly.


As we conclude our comprehensive guide on balance chairs, we hope you’ve gained valuable insight to make an informed decision. Remember, the best balance chair for you will align with your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. It’s about creating a healthier and more dynamic environment, whether at work, home, or in the classroom.

With an array of innovative designs and functionalities, balance chairs have truly revolutionised the way we perceive sitting. Make your move towards active sitting today, and you’ll likely wonder how you ever did without it!

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