iReliev TENS + EMS Unit Pain Relief & Recovery System Review

A TENS unit is designed to provide a safe, natural, drug-free method of pain management and pain relief. It is often used to treat symptoms such as neck and back pain, joint pain, and post-operative pain. Furthermore, it can relieve pain related to multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, spinal cord injury, sports related injuries, and endometriosis. … Read more

ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer Review

The Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer is a spin on the traditional elliptical, with its motion that mimics stair-climbing more than running. It gives you a 10-inch vertical climb, with just a 5-inch horizontal stride length. This actually works your leg muscles harder and maximizes calories burned in the time you exercise. It’s still low-impact and … Read more

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Review

The SOLE E95 Elliptical is a solid elliptical for fitness enthusiasts who want the real thing at home. While it’s not the most compact home elliptical, it gives you all the intensity and customization you need, and it’s ergonomically comfortable. You’re paying more for getting all the high-tech bells and whistles with this trainer, which … Read more

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Review

The Teeter FreeStep Elliptical is a new take on the elliptical, letting you perform the same arm and leg movements from a seated position. If you’re concerned about putting stress on your knees during exercise, this device will put even less impact on your knees and hips than a traditional elliptical. Plus, it recruits more … Read more

Hypervolt Percussion Massager Review: Is it Really Worth All the Hype?

The use of massage guns has increased over the past few years, thanks to their convenience and effectiveness in deeply penetrating muscle tissues. These devices are designed to promote proper circulation, accelerate recovery and warmup as well as relieve sore, tight muscles. One such device is the Hypervolt massage gun by Hyperice, which boasts such … Read more

PSO-RITE: Hands-on Review of the PSO Rite Massager Tool

Tension in the muscles can result from bad posture, muscle strain, or even stress, and if not addressed quickly and efficiently it can lead to trigger points developing.  I know, I have got a lot of them! If you engage in frequent physical activity you may also experience muscle tension due to overuse or injury, … Read more

PlayMakar MVP Wireless Percussion Massager Gun Review

The PlayMakar MVP percussion massager is a hand-held electric self-massage device. Also called a massage gun, it delivers a powerful, high-intensity massage through deep-penetrating pulses that hammer into your muscle tissue wherever you apply the device. With 6 speeds and 6 interchangeable massage heads, plus a lightweight feel and low noise level, the PlayMakar MVP … Read more

PureWave CM-07 Percussion Massager By Pado Review: Tried & Tested

Percussion massagers are electric self-massage devices that can help take the place of a massage therapist when you need to release pain from trigger points or improve conditions like plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, arthritis, sciatica and chronic back pain. There are a plethora of these kinds of devices that are available for home use however … Read more