Seek Silence & Solitude: The Benefits of Silence in a Noisy World

In 2011, the World Health Organisation called noise pollution ‘the modern plague’. Noise can have several detrimental effects on our body – physically as well as mentally. This is why these days, more and more scientists are endorsing silence as a way to soothe our brains. In a world filled with vehicles and convenient music … Read more

How Washing the Dishes May Relieve Stress & Help You Relax

When you’re stressed out and need a way of relief what usually comes to mind are things such as going to a spa, getting a massage or perhaps lying on a beach, but do you ever think about washing dishes? No, not really. According to a recent study, washing dishes can be a great stress … Read more

Cultivate Mindfulness and Relieve Stress with Adult Colouring Books

Long gone are the days where people considered children to be the primary target audience of colouring books. Colouring books for adults have taken social media by storm and with famous comic artists like ‘The Oatmeal’ jumping on this bandwagon, you might be thinking, why buy colouring books anyway? The Benefits of Adult Colouring Books Following … Read more