Foam Rolling 101: What it is & The Best Foam Rollers Worth Trying

Foam rolling is the new and upcoming term in health and fitness. It seems that everyone is now doing it. Foam rollers are exercise and massage tools that enable you to massage and release tight, sore trigger points. This practice is known as “myofascial release,” and “foam rolling” with a foam roller allows you to … Read more

Tight Calves: Causes, Symptoms & Stretches to Release Them 

Long hours of sitting day in and day out can cause chronic tightness in your calf muscles.  The consequence is less strength, flexibility and overall functionality of these critical muscles.  When your calf muscles can’t perform the way your body needs them too, you end up with misaligned and imbalanced muscles.  This leads to aches … Read more

How to Foam Roll the Commonly Tight Parts of Your Body

Foam rolling, also known as myofascial release, is becoming a popular way of releasing muscle tightness and trigger point through self-massage. The most popular method is by using a foam roller, however, you can use a number of different tools such as massage balls, muscle stick rollers and trigger point massage sticks but for this … Read more