Could Your Hip Pain and Hip Popping Be Caused By This?

Clicking and popping hips is becoming particularly common especially as we spend more and more time sitting. Sitting has been deemed the ‘new smoking’ and it’s clear to see why. Not only does it contribute to the chances of developing such conditions as forward head posture and rounded shoulders, but it also causes a whole … Read more

7 Surprising Reasons You Should Be Doing Plank Exercises Everyday

Lately, calisthenics or bodyweight exercises have gained a lot of popularity because they are a great way to increase strength and your ability to move functionally. The best part is that they can be performed almost anywhere, and without any equipment. The plank is a great exercise regardless of whether you have experience in bodyweight … Read more

The Donkey Kick: Learn This Exercise to Strengthen Your Glutes

It’s common knowledge that most women (and men) dream of having a firmly toned buttocks. Well with the donkey kick workout you can literally turn your dreams into a reality. This is an age old exercise designed to target all of your gluteal muscles. Your gluteal muscles also known as your buttocks muscles are made … Read more