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Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review

The Nautilus T614 is a good alternative for those who want a treadmill that offers more quality and functions than a budget treadmill yet does not mind spending a little bit more.

With a powerful motor, top high speeds and numerous inclines the Nautilus T614 treadmill will more than challenge the high-intensity runner.

With a price tag comfortably under a $1,000, the Nautilus T614 Treadmill has a lot of features that make it a treadmill you may want to consider.

What is the Nautilus T614 Treadmill?

The T614 treadmill is the first entry-level model by Nautilus in their treadmill range, the others being the T616 and T618 which come at a higher price range.

Despite being an entry-level machine, the T614 has a powerful 2.75 CHP motor, a decent sized running area, top speeds of up to 12 MPH and an incline of up to 12 degrees. This is more than enough to ensure you a can get a high-intensity level of running as you progress upwards.

Overall Treadmill Rating: 4/5


  • Powerful motor
  • 12 MPH top speed for fast runners
  • Built-in incline
  • Soft drop folding design
  • Decent sized running area
  • Lots of features


  • Reported cases of machines not working on delivery
  • No lifetime warranty on the motor
  • Speakers aren’t loud at high speeds
  • Fan not powerful enough
  • Assembly may require two people

Nautilus T614 Treadmill Video Overview

Key Features

  • 2.75 CHP motor
  • 22 workout programs: 1 manual, 3 quick goals, 5 training, 3 weight control, 5 heart health; 3 intervals and 2 custom
  • Speed ranging from 0 – 12 MPH
  • Incline up to 12 degrees
  • USB charging port and data exchange
  • 20 Inch x 55 Inch belt

Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review

In this section, we’ll review the Nautilus T614 Treadmill against important criteria when choosing a treadmill for your home.

Price: 4/5

The Nautilus T614 is well priced considering it’s build quality and the number of features it has. The T614 has a motor that can cope with someone who wants intensity in their cardio workouts which aren’t always present on mid-priced running machines.

Whilst more expensive than budget treadmill machines, the quality is notably much higher.

Reliability & Warranty: 2.5/5

Regarding reliability, there seem to be quite a few cases of the treadmill not working on delivery. Whilst the LCD screen lights up, the belt sometimes doesn’t appear to move. It also seems to be a reoccurring problem that has not been rectified over the years by Nautilus.

User reviews on Amazon have reported that they have had to call Nautilus support to get technicians to fix the issues. Personally, I think that discovering a product does not work right out of the box is a huge disappointment.

Furthermore, the warranty that Nautilus offers on its machines doesn’t stack up to other brands such as LifeSpan and Horizon. The motor and frame have a 10-year warranty, contrast this with the previously mentioned brands who offer a lifetime warranty on their motors and frames.

That being said, users who did get a working machine on delivery, don’t seem to be making complaints on long-term reliability.

Stability and Quality: 4/5

The build quality is good and is very stable. There should be no issues with it wobbling about even if you want to run at high speeds.

Power & Noise: 4/5

The 2.75 CHP motor is definitely one of the more powerful motors at this price range and gives off a medium level noise.

Able to reach top speeds of 12 MPH, the T614 can provide a notably faster run than most other treadmills which usually have a maximum of 10 MPH.

Size: 4/5

Although it’s not mentioned a lot, the T614 is capable of being folded away to save space. It also has a good-sized running belt at 20 x 55 inches. This makes it suitable for walking, jogging and also running.

The T614 is pretty heavy and it’s recommended that you get a free assembly deal thrown in. Assembly will be difficult for one person so you will need at least two people to make the assembly go smoothly.

Features: 4/5

Feature-wise you’ll get most of the expected perks for a mid-priced machine.

There are 22 inbuilt workout programs to keep you busy which you can keep track of the heart rate monitor built into the handlebars. There is an option to monitor your heart rate hands free, however wireless chest straps must be purchased to do this.

The panel contains a fan, speakers and tablet holder

You’ll also find more features built into the panel such as a fan, speakers to listen to music, and a media stand to hold your iPad or magazine.

It could be argued, however, that the fan isn’t powerful enough for people who require a strong breeze. In addition, the speakers have been described as being extremely ‘tinny’ sounding with some opting to go with headphones rather than use the speakers that come with the treadmill.

The T614 also offers soft drop folding. This is a feature that we feel is important as it minimises risking injury when lowering the deck from a folded position, which on this treadmill is very heavy.

Should You Buy The Nautilus T614 Treadmill?

The Nautilus T614 Treadmill is a decent mid-level machine and has a powerful motor to keep a whole range of people challenged. It has a quality build and a lot of good features. A treadmill user who is looking to buy a machine that they can build up fitness on, and not be too worried about going past the capabilities of it, should be interested in this treadmill.

The only real gripe is the length of the warranty, with many of the other brands in this price range offering a lifetime warranty on the motor, whereas the Nautilus warranty only goes up to 10 years.

In addition, these other brands can match the T614 in the number of features it offers, and remain in the same price range.

If you feel a warranty length of 10 years is sufficient then there’s no reason why this treadmill should be overlooked. It is a quality machine that is great value for money.

The Nautilus T614 treadmill is available to buy on Amazon.com and Nautilus.com.