The Best Forearm Workouts and Exercises You Can Do Without Going to The Gym

As the new saying goes, “Summer bodies are made in the winter.” Now that holiday season is in full swing, it is best for everyone to start thinking about how they will shred those extra pounds. After all, it is perfectly normal to get a little carried away with the holiday dinners.

While it is easy to think mostly about having those flat abs and killer legs, you should not forget other parts of your body. One of the most (debatably) neglected parts of your body is the forearm. While it is perfectly okay to want sculpted biceps, triceps and shoulders, your forearms are equally important. (No one wants lopsided body parts, right?)

Therefore, here’s a list of simple and easy forearm exercises to get the sculpted arms for the summer. Although the title emphasizes that going to the gym isn’t necessary, you may need some equipment at home such as dumbbells, barbells and a bench, however they are extremely simple.

Best Forearm Exercises

Check out the forearm workout video above. The workout includes:

  1. Standing barbell wrist curls
  2. Reverse grip EZ-Bar curls
  3. Reverse wrist curls
  4. Standard wrist curls
  5. Seated dumbbell curls
  6. Standing dumbbell extensions

Full Force Forearm Workout

The above video gives you a great forearm workout for you to try. The forearm exercises include:

  1. Tubing 50/50
  2. Pilate squeeze farmers walk
  3. Gravity wrist curls
  4. Olympic bar rolls

Forearms Workout for Mass

This workout includes:

  1. Forearm curls
  2. Reverse forearm curls
  3. Barbell behind the back
  4. Rotation with bar
  5. Wrist bar lifts

6 Tips for Bigger Forearms

The above video not only gives you a full forearm workout plan, but also six tips to working out your forearms.

Forearm Exercises Using Bodyweight

If you want something different for working out your forearms other than using weights this video shows you how to work the forearms by simply learning to hang and use your bodyweight.

If you already have a forearm workout but you are looking for single exercises to include, here is a selection of some of the most popular forearm workouts.

Behind the Back Wrist Curl

Taking a barbell behind your back, stand up straight with your hands grasping the barbell shoulder-width apart. In slow, controlled movements, raise your hands towards your back. Hold for one second and release. This makes one rep. Repeat for up to twenty reps.

Take care to feel the contraction on each rep, ensuring that you are working the muscle properly.

Front Wrist Curls

Similar to the last exercise, all this requires is a barbell. Sitting on a bench, hold the barbell about hip-width apart with your wrists slightly dangled over your knees. With controlled motions, roll your wrists up slowly. Contract your muscles for a second, then release. Repeat for up to twenty reps.

The contraction is crucial in forming and strengthening the muscles.

Overhand Reverse Curl

Like the other two, this requires a barbell. Wrapping your thumb over your other fingers as you grip the barbell, hold the barbell about shoulder-width apart. Lock your wrists. Lift your forearms, so that your hands are parallel with your elbows. Slowly release. Repeat for about fifteen reps. Gripping your thumb over your fingers allows for a full range of motion as well as more emphasis upon your forearms.

Dumbbell Curls

This exercise, like the last, is also great if you cannot make it to the gym. Get a pair of ten- to twenty-pound weights. Grab the tops of the dumbbells in your palm. Slowly, rotate your wrists upward towards the ceiling. Contract and hold for about one second. In a controlled manner, lower your wrists back down. Repeat for fifteen reps.

Lateral Wrists Extensions

This exercise requires one dumbbell, weighing anywhere from five to twenty pounds. Sitting down, rest your forearm on your thigh. Hold the dumbbell vertically. Your wrist should be a couple of inches away from your knee. Lower your wrist downward towards your foot, then upwards towards your shoulder. Repeat this motion for about twenty reps. Not only with this strengthen your forearm, it will also prevent injuries to that muscle area.

Finger Curls

This exercise can be done at home if you own a pair of dumbbells or a barbell. You can use five to twenty-pound weights. Again sitting down with your forearm resting on your thigh, angle your wrist a couple of inches away from your knee. Holding the dumbbell horizontally, allow the dumbbell to roll down to the tips of your fingers. Slowly roll the dumbbell back up. Repeat this exercise for twenty reps.

This exercise will strengthen your flexors and extensors.

Dumbbell Lying Pronation

Lie sideways on a bench, your wrist a few inches away from the bench. Holding the dumbbell vertically, curl the dumbbell upwards toward the ceiling. Contract and hold for a couple of seconds. Release. Switch sides and repeat the process. Repeat this for about fifteen repetitions. To avoid injury, it is best to have lighter dumbbells, possibly no more than fifteen pounds.

Do the recommended amount of reps for about three sets each. Never forget to breathe through each exercise. Doing so will prevent injury, increase blood flow to your muscle and stabilize your stamina.

The following exercises are geared for women. While there is less of a need to build muscles and more of a demand to tone, these exercises will help you get the lovely toned look you could ever desire.

Hopefully, these series of exercises and stretches will help you in getting all of the muscle you want in your forearms.