Foam Roller Exercises for the Entire Body

Foam rolling, also known as self-myofascial release, is becoming a popular way of releasing muscle tightness and trigger point through self-massage. The most popular method is by using a foam roller, however you can use a theracane, lacrosse ball or your own hands.

1) Quads/Thighs

Roll from the top of the hip to the top on the knee. Keep belly in and core tight. Roll with the feet facing out. Roll with the feet facing inwards. If you feel any tight spots bend and extend the knee.

2) IT bands

The IT bands stretch from the top of the hip down to the knee. Start at the middle of the leg and balancing on your forearm keeping your core tight. When you feel a knot bend and extend the leg. Repeat on the other side.

3) TFL

The TFL is a muscle near the top of the hip. Balance your quads on the foam roller then twist your body slightly to one side. Angle your body then roll up and down and repeat on the other side.

4) Inner Thigh

The position of the roller is important. Bring your roller to chest level then turn it away and throw your leg over. Then roll from side to side.

5) Piriformis

Sit on the foam roller and cross one of your legs over the other, then drop the knee down and start rolling.

6) Hamstrings

Sit on the foam roller supporting yourself with your hands and start rolling from the butt then stop before the back of the knee. For some you may require further pressure in which case you can use a lacrosse ball.

7) Calves

Place one ankle on your foam roller then cross the other on top for added pressure. Roll your foot from side to side. Any pressure points stop rolling and circle your ankle in both directions.

8) Shins

Cross one leg over and place shins on roller. Roll up and down. Rotate foot when any pressure points are felt.

9) Upper Back

Place the foam roller near the top of the shoulders. Rest your head in your hands and roll up and down. Bring your elbows in for a deeper message.

10) Lats

Start at armpit, rest head in hands and rotate forward and back across the roller. Move the roller down, then start rotating again. Then move roller down one more notch and again rotate across the roller. Repeat on the other side.

11) Triceps

Place your tricep on your roller and make sure your palm is facing up. Begin rollin up and down. If you feel any sticking points bend your arm.

When to Foam Roll?

You can roll before a workout or after a workout. Rolling can also be done on days you do not exercise. So if you do have to watch TV get out your roller and do it at the same time. Once you’ve done you’re entire body I am sure you’ll feel the difference!

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