Could Your Hip Pain and Hip Popping Be Caused By This?

Clicking and popping hips is becoming particularly common especially as we spend more and more time sitting.

Sitting has been deemed the ‘new smoking’ and it’s clear to see why. Not only does it contribute to the chances of developing such conditions as forward head posture and rounded shoulders, but it also causes a whole host of other problems in the lower body too.

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Too much sitting is often correlated with weak glute muscles.

When you are in a seated position the glutes don’t need to work, even to a point where they stop activating in everyday activity when they should.

But it isn’t just the main butt muscle (glute Maximus) that turns off, there’s another butt muscle called the Glute Medius which is even more underdeveloped and not worked.

This muscle attaches to the side of the hip and acts to stabilise the hip and also helps in abducting the leg.

So How Does this Cause Clicking Hips?

The rear part of the Glute Medius attaches to the Greater Trochanter on your leg, which pulls the femoral head back into its socket.

If the glute medius is too weak it could become too long and stretched meaning the femoral head is not in the correct place. This could result in hip pain or clicking hips.

Of course, there could be many other reasons why your hips may click, but a weak glute medius muscle could be one of the main reasons.

If you’re interested to explore this notion further, see this article on Glute Medius Exercises that you can try out.

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