What Is Myofascial Release? The Benefits, Uses and How to Release a Trigger Point

Musculoskeletal disorders are the leading cause of disability among working-age adults, accounting for 34 per cent of all workdays missed due to job-related injuries. One of the most common of these disorders is myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), also known simply as muscle pain. There are several treatment options available for those suffering from MPS, including … Read more

The Benefits of Good Posture & Why You Should Fix it Right Away

Good posture does more than just bring your body into proper alignment, it can also bring a whole host of other benefits such as improving confidence, flexibility, athletic performance and overall well-being. When we practice good posture, the muscles, ligaments, joints, and skeleton are in balance; that is, no one part of the musculoskeletal system … Read more

How to Stretch & Release Your Tight Adductor Muscles

I’ve always had tight adductor muscles throughout my life. However, it’s only up until recently that I’ve decided to take the time to tackle this issue seriously. The adductors simply aren’t as glamorous to stretch as the hamstrings, calves or quads, and some of us may not even know what the adductors are! For this … Read more

Improve Your Shoulder Posture: Subscapularis Muscle Tendon Stretch and Release

The Subscapularis is a relatively unknown muscle among many people, however not knowing of its existence is likely to become problematic for an individual (trust me I know!). This is because the Subscapularis is very prone to becoming tight and shortened. When the Subscapularis, which is situated near the shoulder blade, becomes chronically tight it … Read more