Treat Tightness & Muscle Pain by Scraping: The Best Steel (IASTM & IAFM) Myofascial Release Tools

Numerous studies show that myofascial release can be effective in releasing constricted muscles, alleviating musculoskeletal pain, and restoring flexibility to the joints, ligaments, and tendons of the body. Myofascial Release is thought to be even more effective when performed using myofascial release tools. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll explain what myofascial release tools are, how … Read more

Foam Rolling 101: What it is & The Best Foam Rollers Worth Trying

Foam rolling is the new and upcoming term in health and fitness. It seems that everyone is now doing it. Foam rollers are exercise and massage tools that enable you to massage and release tight, sore trigger points. This practice is known as “myofascial release,” and “foam rolling” with a foam roller allows you to … Read more