The Best Elbow Compression Sleeves for Support and Pain Relief

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Sometimes our bodies can reel from the effects of our work conditions, our involvement in sports, recreational activities or age and family history.

Some of these conditions include pain, swelling, improper blood circulation, tendinitis, muscle soreness, and arthritis just to name a few.

Thankfully, elbow compression sleeves were created to address these and other related issues.

The consistent use of elbow compression sleeves has been known to help alleviate many of the symptoms previously mentioned.

In this article, I’ll review 7 of the best elbow compression sleeves on the market today, and then choose our top pick from the list.

Benefits of Using an Elbow Compression Sleeve

An elbow compression sleeve is a close-fitting, compressive covering that is usually made from nylon, elastic or other stretchable fabric.

It is worn on the elbow and parts of the arm to help with elbow pain, swelling, muscle tightness and soreness, blood circulation, and to treat and/or prevent other elbow-related injuries and conditions.

Elbow compression sleeves can be used to treat certain medical conditions, the most common being arthritis, tendinitis, tennis and golfers’ elbow, and bursitis. 

Elbow compression sleeves can aid in reducing the symptoms of lymphedema [1].

Moreover, elbow compression sleeves are popularly used by athletes, both professionals and amateurs, to not only aid in preventing and alleviating muscle pain but also regulate blood flow and circulation in the arms.

Elbow compression sleeves can also keep your muscle at the ideal temperate, some are known to keep the area cool during hot temperatures and warm during cold temperatures.

They also aid in muscle recovery after or during strenuous activities so if your job involves heavy lifting or puts strain on your arm, this might be a solution.

Elbow compression sleeves can also lessen the risk of sports-related injuries since they are known for reducing muscle movement during sports, thus limiting the swelling of your muscles and joints.

Types of Elbow Compression Sleeves

If you play sports like basketball golf, or volleyball, or you’re involved in weightlifting or physical activities that put a strain on the elbow, you might need to invest in some type of support sleeve.

There are many variations available to suit a range of conditions or needs.

They include:

Elbow Braces

An elbow brace is often used for medical conditions and not usually for playing sports since some of them can restrict movement (however there are some made for sports use).

Elbow braces can be used as a treatment option for tennis elbow, and they are used for numerous clinical situations and objectives [2,3].

These can be ready-made or customizable depending on your condition; if you are unsure about the type of elbow brace you need to consult your physician first.

Elbow Straps

These are straps designed to wrap around the elbow or arm with adjustable bands and fasteners for targeted compression.

Elbow straps are small and flexible and, in most cases, they offer more versatility since they only cover a small section of the arm or elbow.

Persons who play sports often opt for this due to the mobility and range of motion that it allows.

Elbow Sleeves

These are often made from softer, thinner and more flexible materials than elbow straps and they wrap around the elbow joint and parts of the arm, offering more coverage.

Elbow sleeves serve multi-purposes and can be used during sports to prevent injuries or to help with other elbow-related conditions.

What to Look for When Choosing an Elbow Compression Sleeve

Although there are varied support sleeve options on the market, today our main focus is on the elbow sleeve.

If you’ve never purchased an elbow sleeve before, the process might be overwhelming so here are some helpful factors to consider.


If you are on a budget there are some moderately priced compression sleeves on the market, but some can also be costly.

There are different factors that account for the price such as special features, fabric, quality, etc.

You will need to figure out which features are most important for you based on your specific condition or need.


The size of your elbow sleeve will play an essential role in the comfort level, and ultimately the effectiveness of the product.

Your elbow compression sleeve must be fitted enough to offer the right amount of compression around your elbow joint but not so tight that it hurts or restricts your range of motion.

Most are available in different sizes, so follow the size chart to ensure correct sizing.


The fabric of your elbow compression sleeve is especially important if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

Some products are made from hypoallergenic material, while others are might be odour-resistant, anti-bacterial or non-irritating.

If you are hypersensitive ensure that the product explicitly states these features in its description before you make a purchase.

The 7 Best Elbow Compression Sleeves in 2023

Now that I’ve explained the benefits and what to look for, I will now compare some of the best elbow compression sleeves on the market today.

Durability, price, effectiveness and customer feedback factored into our list.

Crucial Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

Whether you have a physically demanding job or you’re actively involved in sports, this elbow sleeve by Crucial Compression has a lot to offer.

It is designed to aid in reducing fatigue, injuries, swelling, and provides elbow pain relief thanks to its vascular support.

Available in nude and black, this elbow compression sleeve comes as a pair.

It boasts the company’s Premium ComfortfFlex design which promises a comfortable, ergonomic fit around your elbow without cutting off blood circulation to your hands and fingers.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about it losing compression over time since it boasts top-quality double stitching and long-lasting construction.

The moisture-wicking fabric is not only breathable and lightweight, but you can wear it underneath your clothes without the worry of restriction or heat.

Some complaints were made about the sizing of this elbow compression sleeve being too small or too loose despite following the sizing guide.

While others with sensitive skin and/or eczema complained about the itchiness of the fabric.

However, this elbow compression sleeve is well-made and is one of the most cost-friendly options on the market, so if your job involves strenuous labour or lots of heavy lifting, this might be the best fit for your needs.

Great quality
Moisture-wicking and breathable fabric
Comes as a pair
Imperfect sizing
Not for sensitive skin

DonJoy Performance Trizone Elbow Compression Sleeve

This elbow compression sleeve by DonJoy Performance is equipped with three zones of compression that are strategically placed around the elbow joint to deliver ultimate performance.

If you suffer from weak elbows or if you have strained tendons and ligaments this was designed to address those issues, thanks to the silicone banding injected directly onto the elbow sleeve to offer medial/lateral support.  

This banding also supports the bicep and triceps muscles and stabilizes the joints.

This elbow compression sleeve ranges in size from small to x-large but the universal fit allows it to be worn on either the left or right arm.

Whether you chose black, slime green, or orange this option is thermal regulating and anti-bacterial – made from all-natural carbonized bamboo which helps to eliminate odours.

This elbow compression sleeve is made with reflective materials for enhanced visibility at night.

Some complaints were that the product fits large, while others found it difficult to put on.

However, the Trizone Elbow Compression Sleeve offers great compression and the silicone banding targets pain from golf or tennis elbow, so if you suffer from these conditions, this one might be the solution for you.

Universal fit for left or right arm
Silicone banding stabilizes joints
Good for targeting elbow pain
Fits larger than expected
Difficult to put on

Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeve

This cost-effective option from Sparthos is designed to provide relief from a wide range of issues, from blood circulation, tendinitis and joint inflammation, to tennis elbow, golf elbow and other elbow related problems.

Available in a range of beautiful colours including desert beige, cobalt blue, flamingo pink and midnight black, this elbow compression sleeve can be worn day or night.

It is made from non-irritating yarn which is also breathable, allowing moisture to rapidly dissolve from your skin.

This slim-fitting elbow compression sleeve can be seamlessly worn underneath your clothing without restricting your movement.  

Some users complained that their elbow sleeves constantly rolled down, while others noted that it runs large in size.

Nonetheless, if you work in a strenuous environment or you are actively involved in athletic activities this non-irritating, slim-fitting, moderately priced elbow compression sleeve is a good choice to consider.

Made from non-irritating yarn
Moderately priced
Many colour options available
Elbow sleeves may roll down
Runs large for some users

Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve

This unique elbow compression sleeve doesn’t just harness the power of copper, it promises the highest copper content in its elbow sleeves, to ensure proper support and recovery. 

These lightweight elbow sleeves are available from small to 2XL and offers support while still allowing you to retain full range of motion – thus permitting the muscles and joints to work and strengthen even during movement.

It is ideal for all ages and fitness levels and can be worn on both the right or left arm.

Made from breathable fabric, this Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve does not itch or irritate the skin, so if you suffer from eczema or sensitive skin there is no need to worry.

Plus, the company offers a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase.

Some of the most popular customer complaints were about inconsistent sizing, while others had issues with the quality of the material.

On the other hand, this elbow sleeve offers a wide range of sizes, and it does not irritate, plus the money-back guarantee means you have nothing to lose.

So, whether it’s weightlifting, golfing, playing sports or battling elbow-related conditions you can’t go wrong with this one.

Copper-infused elbow sleeves
No itchiness or skin irritation
Money-back guarantee
Ideal for all ages and fitness levels
A wide range of sizes
Inconsistent size
Delicate material

Bauerfeind Elbow Support

This German company has over 80 years of experience with products that set the standard for comfort, performance, support and fit, and the Bauerfeind Elbow Support stays true to that.

Offering advanced protection for the elbow, this product is made to stabilize the joints, reduce pain and reduce swelling.

It also activates the surrounding elbow muscles thanks to the compression massage effect that it has on the soft tissue during movement.

It is made with breathable, non-irritable knit material that has a cooling effect and helps to keep moisture away from your skin.

YouTube video

The material at the edge of the elbow compression sleeve is softer and has more elasticity at the edge of the support so that it can adapt to your movement. 

It ranges in size from 0-6 and is available in black, nature (nude) and titanium.

One of the downsides noted by users is the high price tag of this support sleeve; it is the most expensive on our list.

Some users have also noticed that the elasticity of the product wore out quicker than expected.

The pros, however, are that this support sleeve is available in more sizes than most elbow sleeves, plus it is non-irritable and the moisture free fabric has a cooling effect on the skin.

So, if you’re recovering from an injury or elbow surgery, suffering from arthritis, golfer’s or tennis elbow or if you simply want to prevent elbow-related injuries, this might be the one for you.

Not irritable on the skin
Fabric has a cooling effect
Available in 6 sizes
Wears out quickly

ABYON Compression Brace

The ABYON brace is unique in that it’s the only brand on our list that pairs a tennis elbow brace with the elbow sleeve, and for a moderate price at that.

This elbow sleeve is breathable, comfortable, and effective in relieving elbow pain and stress from tennis elbow, golfers’ elbow and similar conditions.

The elbow sleeve offers gentle compression for all-day support and can be worn on the left or right arm.

Meanwhile, the fully adjustable elbow brace can provide light to very strong support as is needed.

The elbow sleeve and brace can be worn together or separately.

The high-performance fabric of the sleeve and brace is designed to keep your elbow secure, yet at the same time feel airy and comfortable.

The breathable fabric is also able to absorb sweat and prevent odour.

Both the sleeve and brace are available in black, blue or pink, with sizes ranging from small to x-large.

Some users noted that the sizing chart seems to be slightly off.

However, this is a two-for-one deal with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you find that this brace isn’t for you, you can return the product within 60 days for a full refund.

So, if you are an athlete or engage in sporting or other physical activities this is a great pick; it works as both a preventative method and a solution for elbow-related issues.

Sleeve is paired with 2 elbow braces
Value for money
60-day no-questions-asked guarantee
Users have reported that the sizing chart is slightly off

McDavid Elbow Compression Sleeve

With this inexpensive elbow compression sleeve by McDavid you’ll get enhanced compression and fit without heat retention, thanks to the four-way stretch elastic material.

This is ideal for persons with neoprene allergies.

This elbow compression sleeve is designed for excellent function in managing olecranon bursitis and also offers relief from golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow, tendonitis and arthritis.

Additionally, the bilateral gel packs included in the design of the elbow sleeve provides soothing targeted compression.

It is the only one on our list with this feature.

Furthermore, this elbow sleeve fits the right or left hand and is available from sizes small to x-large in black.

Most complaints were about the small sizing of the product along with the fact that the company does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Nonetheless, this is a budget-friendly alternative and the inclusion of a gel pack is a unique element, especially for the price.

If you suffer from bursitis, tendonitis, golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow, or if you are allergic to neoprene this is a good one to consider.

Gels packs included
Ideal for persons with neoprene allergies
Fits small
Does not offer a money-back guarantee

The Best Elbow Compression Sleeve: Recommendations

It’s not surprising that the Copper compression elbow sleeve is our recommendation as the best elbow compression sleeve.

This lightweight elbow compression sleeve promises the highest copper content to ensure proper support and recovery. 

It is ideal for all ages and fitness levels and can be worn on both the right or left arm.

The elbow sleeve is made from breathable fabric, that does not itch or irritate the skin, and if you are unhappy with your purchase there is the added comfort of a money-back guarantee.

This multi-purpose copper compression sleeve is ideal for sufferers of multiple elbow-related conditions, and a perfect pick for athletes as well –since it allows for a full range of motion and allows your muscles to work and strengthen while being worn.

It is very inexpensive and comes in a range of sizes, so if you are serious about getting an elbow sleeve this copper compression option is your best bet.

Before this article ends it’s important to remind you to take the necessary precautions and consult your physician if you have an injury or medical condition, to ensure that you are cleared to use these products.

If all is well and you decide to invest in an elbow compression sleeve, you must read the instructions for use carefully to ensure that you get the best outcome.

Also, give the product enough time to work; you may not experience a change overnight but with consistent use, you’ll start to see the benefits of using an elbow sleeve.

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