The Benefits of Drinking Water: What Happens If You Didn’t Drink Water?

Water in the Body

Water is the foundation which life is built upon. The average human body is made up of 55-60% water and even more amazingly babies have a water body composition of 75%.

Major organs such as your heart are 75% water whereas the lungs are 83% water which is the same ratio as water in an apple. You’ve heard the saying ‘as dry as a bone’ or ‘bone dry.’ Well our bones are 31% water. Not as dry as you thought!

Water benefits us in many ways including:

  • Lubricating our joints
  • Regulating temperature
  • Helping our brain function properly
  • Preventing stroke
  • Preventing cancer
  • Keeps our skin from drying out
  • Helps keep a positive mood
  • Keeps our energy high

Be careful however not to drink too much as this has implications too. Drinking too much can cause the kidneys to become flooded leading to headaches, vomiting and seizures. In very extreme cases over drinking can even lead to death.

How Much Should You Drink?

You may have heard the same recommendation over and over again which is 8 glasses a day. But this isn’t all that helpful for instance how big or how small is the glass? This figure then got changed to 2 litres a day. But calculating how much water you should be drinking daily depends on a variety of things such as gender, size, age, and your overall health and activity levels.

As a very rough guide women should be looking at between 2-2.7 litres a day, whilst men need a little more at 2.5-3.7 litres a day.

While these figures may sound a lot, you have to remember that our food also contain a lot of water particularly fruit and vegetables.

Drink Away!

After looking at all these facts and benefits you can see how beneficial it is to drink plenty of water. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water everyday. You can usually tell whether you are drinking enough by looking at the colour of your urine. Try to drink enough so that it is clear and not overly concentrated.

Keep a water bottle with you where ever you go so you are continually hydrated throughout the day.

Quick Tip: If you think plain water is too boring try adding a slice of lemon to make lemon water. Not only does it your water more refreshing, but it you can get the additional benefits of lemon water too.

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