Welcome to Dr. Body Gadget

Hi there, my name is Kian and I’ve been working on my own health and fitness for about 5 years now. Before that, however, things were very different. Like most people I worked a 9-5 job sitting at a desk all day long for years. My shoulders ached, my shoulders and upper back were becoming more rounded and my head started to move forward.

It was only up to a few years ago that I started taking small steps to taking better care of myself.

I was spending more and more time at the computer not just during the day, but also in the evenings.  I started taking short walks which led into longer walks. I felt better, so I started learning how I can develop better posture, flexibility and strength and reverse the effects of all those years of inactivity.

I knew taking better care of my body was the answer, but I always put it off saying someday I’ll become more active and start exercising properly.

Since then, I’ve managed to fix almost all my issues through stretching, exercising, massaging and trying out a lot of ‘body gadgets.’ And on this site, I will share my learnings with you.

My Mission On This Site is to help you combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and get you feeling great again

How I Create Content

There is a lot of content on this site that has been written by me personally. Content written by myself is easy to spot as I share my own experiences, personal stories and opinions in them.

Writing content for this site is very time consuming so I have begun to use freelance writers to help me construct articles more frequently. But rest assured, all these articles have been planned, checked and edited by myself before being put live on this site.

So you can be safe knowing that you are not simply reading the opinions of someone else. This is the same for the reviews on this site.

I do own many of the products that are reviewed on this site, but it is not always possible or feasible to do so. In this case, we read and summarise customer feedback for the products and present them back so you can digest the pros and cons of a product quickly in order to make a purchase decision.

When buying products to try out for myself I do spend a lot of time researching the options and therefore build up knowledge along the way and what to look out for.

How this Site Stays Up and Running

As you browse content on this site you will notice that there are a number of advertisements on this site. Placing ads on this site helps pay for the administration costs of running this site. 

The ads help enable me to post more regularly, maintain the payments to keep this site up, pay for images and other miscellaneous costs.

You also help raise more funds when you purchase through my links that lead to Every time you make a purchase I get a small commission on those purchases.

The presence of display ads, and you purchasing through my affiliate links helps keep this site alive in the long run for which I am very grateful.

What Beliefs and Ideas are Behind this Site regarding Health?

There are several beliefs and ideas that run in all content published on this site.

  • As technology (screens, mobiles, computers) becomes more prevalent in our lives, it is having drastic negative effects on our body. More time is spent sitting, being inactive and holding our bodies in sub-optimal positions.
  • There are a lot of people who go about their day in a tight, weak, achy and inflexible body, and the worst thing of all is that they aren’t aware of how these things are affecting their day to day mood and productivity.
  • When your body is not in a good state it affects everything, particularly how much joy you can get out of everyday work, activities and life in general. If you want to improve your productivity, mood, optimism and joy in life then one simple way to do so is by working on your body.
  • By ‘working on your body’ I do not mean getting a six pack so you can feel good about yourself in front of people on the beach, but instead improving a number of things with a particular focus on:
    • Improving posture
    • Increasing flexibility by stretching and movement
    • Releasing tight muscles that are storing a lot of tension and pulling your body into uncomfortable and unnatural positions
    • Strengthening and/or activating muscles that are too weak and effecting proper functioning of the body
  • We believe that by focusing on these things you can dramatically change your body and mood for the better. Best of all these improvements can be done from your home without breaking the bank, nor necessarily having to join a gym or getting a personal trainer.
  • There are of course many other extremely important facets that contribute to good health and mood such as diet, nutrition, sleep, rest and proper self-care (both physical and mental), and from time to time you may come across these type of articles.
  • Using products and tools (or what we call ‘Body Gadgets’) can help make the process of improving your posture and flexibility easier. We focus on reviewing the best tools to help you find the tools you need in order to meet these goals.

Our goal is to make Dr. Body Gadget as helpful a resource as possible and help your body reach its potential.

What’s In It For You?

So why should you read Dr. Body Gadget? I would say the main reason is because the content is not created from an expert point of view. 

I know that may sound strange, but not many experts, personal trainers and fitness professionals know what it is like to come from a sedentary background. While they do have great knowledge many of them have always been healthy their whole life.

This site comes from the perspective of someone who is on the same journey as you.

That being said since I am not a medical professional, before trying anything on this site proceed with caution and evaluate for yourself if it is safe to do so.

However, you’ll find this site is what you are looking for if you agree with the following statements,

  • You want to feel good in the body but currently feel tight and achy in the body due to too much inactivity.
  • You want better posture.
  • You want to strengthen weak muscles that have become ‘shut off’ because of underuse.
  • You are willing to get off your butt and do some exercise.
  • You are open to using tools, gears and gadgets to help your body feel less stressed, more flexible and healthier.

If you like the sound of these things, you are in the perfect place!


Founder and Editor at Dr. BodyGadget